Kabira Evangel

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Kabira Evangel

Creature — Human Cleric Ally

Whenever Kabira Evangel or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, you may choose a color. If you do, Allies you control gain protection from the chosen color until end of turn.

to_regatha_and_beyond on Busted Ally Deck

1 year ago

Good synergies you're establishing!

A few cards I would cut:

  • Maskwood Nexus, you can't really use its first ability for much since every creature in the deck is an ally, and its activated ability isn't really powerful enough to bring it to the same level as the rest of your cards.
  • Halimar Excavator isn't going to be super useful since you aren't really running enough mill to make it particularly viable as a strategy.

A few additions I would make:

  • Tajuru Warcaller can often give your creatures +4/+4 each turn, with Panharmonicon that number goes up even more. Super helpful.
  • Beastcaller Savant can provide some mana-fixing and ramp, which is quite useful in a 5-color deck, while also being an ally.
  • Hada Freeblade is a great play for turn 1, as it will likely be a 2/3 by the time it attacks and will be huge by the late game.
  • City of Brass instead of some of those vivid lands, it's faster as it enters untapped and it can profuce any color later in the game as well. If you're willing to spend a lot more money, you could use Mana Confluence instead because it's techically better, but in my opinion the price difference isn't really worth it.

If you're going to add a sideboard, I would include these cards:

  • Kabira Evangel, it can be very helpful when you're playing against monocolored decks or removal-heavy / burn decks.
  • Drana's Chosen can help by generating extra tokens in case your opponent runs a lot of spells that make you sacrifice creatures, or they can be used as chump-blockers.

lagotripha on HA

2 years ago

Allies is far from solved. Most competitive lists I've seen have tended towards 3-5 colour aggro, but it is an open field. Go wide with +1+1 counters will do good.

You can pretty much run Champion of the Parish as 'extra allies' since allies are humans in most lists.

Harabaz Druid opens up infinite mana with an untap effect. Turntimber Ranger goes infinite with 'all creature type' granting effects. Both jank out wins but I've never seen it be really great.

Kabira Evangel is amazing for pushing through damage with 'pseudo unblockable' and offers protection in vial lists. You might want the 'blank' 1 mana allies (equipment guy, the 2/1 and the other one I forget) to even out a curve.

+1+1 synergy is probably the best bet - I've tried to get three colour with Oona's Blackguard working as a grindy list, but it was a little too clunky, but might still be worth a sideboard slot in some matchups.

brosephur23 on Allies Shine

3 years ago

if you wanna make it more competitive, a card that i think would be good but not like oppressive for a casual environment might be Aether Vial. since you have effects like Kabira Evangel, dropping a creature on your opponents turn to protect from removal would be really good. and since you're mostly 2 drops it could work really well, but foil aether vials sounds like a nightmare to get a hold of.

you might also consider going into a third color since you have ally encampment. if you add Unclaimed Territory you'll have 8 any color land, so you might be able to add some other good allies like Jwari Shapeshifter or Akoum Battlesinger.

Hope you have fun getting back into the game!

SlushyJones on General Tazri-Ally Commander Deck

3 years ago

I have an ally deck that uses Leyline of Anticipation. It's a great way to trigger Ally enter the battlefield effects during other players' combat. My best example is playing Kabira Evangel with flash to give all of my allies protection from the color that they need

Kalo_Wen on Super Budget Allies ($15 Ally Tribal)

3 years ago

I won several FNM’s with almost this exact deck when it was in standard. It was one of the most fun decks I’ve ever played. Felidar Sovereign was a HOUSE alternate win con when a good control deck would try to stall out and Brave the Elements doubled as protection or to steal wins against pesky blockers. Budget being a concern, I can’t recommend Join the Ranks highly enough. It seems high CMC but being able to trigger your Allies, especially Kabira Evangel, at instant speed will win you games. Not sure how all of this plays into the Modern meta, as I do not play Modern, but I hope these comments help with your deck building!

azfire on BW Allies

3 years ago

Have you considered Kabira Evangel, Ondu Cleric, and Lantern Scout?

xander11 on Ally Strike

4 years ago

This deck looks great, I would say add in Kabira Evangel even if your allies don't have flash this will let them swing unblockable to the color you choose which is a great finisher against most decks

KongMing on Card creation challenge

4 years ago

Love the card TypicalTimmy. The flavor text goes great with the Pyromancer's Trap too, lol.

Phoenix-Flame Dragon

Flying, Lifelink

At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may pay . If you do, return ~ from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped and attacking.


Incubated in the cinders of a dying phoenix, these dragons rebirth themselves regularly.

Make a Commander that hates colors. Either selecting color(s) as it enters, or fixed color hate. i.e. Progenitus or Kabira Evangel .

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