Thalia's Lieutenant

Creature — Human Soldier

When Thalia's Lieutenant enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each other Human you control.

Whenever another Human enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Thalia's Lieutenant.

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Thalia's Lieutenant Discussion

Snickeroni on Falconic Humanoids

2 hours ago

Have you thought about Metallic Mimic so every human would come into play with a +1/+1 counter. So you are not depending on Thalia's Lieutenant to get your creatures flying.

Lordeh on Thalia's and friends (Naya Edition)

6 hours ago

Ok so after game day I found the weaknesses and strengths of the deck as far as play testing against my local meta.

Round 1 Vs R/G Energy won 2-1

This went quite well with the exception that Lathnu Hellion cause dome issues early game. However a Thalia, Heretic Cathar with a Metallic Mimic or Always Watching proved effective.

Round 2 vs W/B Zombies 0-2

This was just awful draws and stuck on 2 lands by myself with the opponent curving out each time so it was just brutally quick. I did not trust in the heart of the cards.

Round 3 W/B Zombies 2-0

Complete reversal in how the deck played with just an additional land. Rhonas the Indomitable with Always Watching out meant that as long as i has a creature they had to deal with him and couldn't.

Round 4 U/G Rashmi/Eldrazi 1-2

Lost game 1 because I was unable to deal with Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and he ramped into Elder Deep-Fiend and Conduit of Ruin and go Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and blew out the board state.

Game 2 was a turn 5 kill by myself by just dropping Thraben Inspector, Metallic Mimic and 3 Thalia's Lieutenant

Game 3 was close but came down to missing a crucial land drop turn 3. Getting down Thalia, Heretic Cathar a turn early would have made the difference.

Recap. The deck went fairly well but I have made some changes by cutting the Khenra Charioteer for more Always Watching and putting in 2 Declaration in Stone in the sideboard for zombies.

DubiousDanish on Bant Humans(Needs Help)

16 hours ago

If you're all in on Thalia's Lieutenant you may want to consider dropping a Cloudblazer and a Panharmonicon for two copies of Heroic Intervention. The removal that is available right now makes it hard to bank on a creature under cmc 3 surviving beyond turn three. So having a cmc 2 spell that you can use to protect it and then allow it to see combat seems like a good addition. I realize you have a counter-spell suite, but there are other targets that NEED countering. Not to mention they will also not have the upside of giving your creature indestructible. Additionally, four copies of a cmc 5 creature that doesn't outright win you the game is hard to justify. I see why you would want Panharmonicon in this deck, but it has little to no impact when you cast it. You may find this to be a weakness during playtesting and instead add other cards to fill all six slots.

godzilla080 on Soul's Sister Budget (20$)

1 day ago

I would go with Honor of the Pure > Path of Bravery. I understand the extra life-gain on attack but I like the idea of it dropping a turn earlier (and potentially be able to blow out affinity's 1 toughness creatures ;p). i would also look into Return to the Ranks > Immortal Servitude. While I do like Immortal Servitude you can get thinks like your Mentor of the Meek or Ajani's Pridemate back with Return to the Ranks. Not to mention you get to stack how they enter so Pridemade can become MASSIVE upon entry.There's another way you can go with the deck as well. If you get Thalia's Lieutenant, Champion of the Parish and Thraben Inspector with Ajani's Pridemate, Mentor of the Meek and Doomed Traveler you have a cool human synergy Soul Sisters deck for very little $$$$. Sorry for the novel, I just LOVE the Soul Sisters deck. A really good person to watch on youtube is The Rouge Deckbuilder. He plays SS competitively and has like 4 different builds of the deck. Good Luck and have fun!

dontjudgemyusername on Victorious Crop-Captain

6 days ago

I've been on the fence about The Mage... I'll move him to sideboard for now 'cause Gods, Avacyn, and others are running around.

Can Town Gossipmonger  Flip force another creature to tap with it's ability? (a la Springleaf Drum). That definitely feels like an include if it does.

Gorger is played simply because a one mana 2/1 fits the game plan. I've always felt good about playing it, even if the ability isn't relevant here.

Mimic is neat. I playtested with Thalia's Lieutenant some time ago. I wasn't a fan. I'm super tempted to play Lone Rider  Flip, but then I have to include some lifegain/tricks like Tandem Tactics. If I do include him, do you have any mainboard suggestions?

Wyrmweird on Victorious Crop-Captain

6 days ago

Heya, nice to see a deck that isn't copy//pasted, but there's some non-synergy that cards that you can swap.

Soul-Scar Mage can be replaced by Thraben Inspector or Town Gossipmonger  Flip. There aren't enough spells to make prowess worth it, and there isn't enough non-combat damage for the ability to have much impact. If you keep it in, add more spells that do damage; Magma Spray and other red spells.

The Human synergy can't be over looked and should probably be exploited by playing cards like Metallic Mimic and Thalia's Lieutenant. If you run 31 creatures they should interact with each other by being tribal. Falkenrath Gorger is the only Vampire. Probably cut it. Bloodlust Inciter is super cheap and a decent 1 drop. It's human. It gives haste. It's a budget add that has to be considered.

Another notable budget human is Lone Rider  Flip. It plays well with Blessed Alliance and Authority of the Consuls.

And the most obvious add for exert and white is Always Watching .

Because you have Hazoret you're looking to empty your hand so Needle Spires is a good land to run. It's a land. It's a double strike creature when you need one. Also, Hanweir Battlements is totally worth it for the haste ability. If you stick in the battlement, stick in the Hanweir Garrison. It adds tokens when it attacks and flips late game to finish with style.

Hopefully these ideas help. There should be enough variety to suit your play style and you won't have to copy//paste your FNM deck. GL-HF

Ghosty on Sigarda's Army [GW Humans]

1 week ago

@Darsul nice combo. I only have Thraben Inspector, Metallic Mimic and Thalia's Lieutenant with CMC or less. gotta test it

Firebones675 on Don't Over-Exert Yourself!!!

1 week ago

While I like always watching a bit better, if you want more than just the 4 of them to give all your creatures vigilance so you can safely exert them, you could run Trial of Solidarity

Also you have so many humans that having a human subtheme with Thalia's Lieutenant could work but i think that still might be a tad iffy. Also it's not from amonkhet.

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