Thalia's Lieutenant

Creature — Human Soldier

When Thalia's Lieutenant enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each other Human you control.

Whenever another Human enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Thalia's Lieutenant.

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Thalia's Lieutenant Discussion

tschiller on Silly little humans

3 hours ago

Hi xyr0s, ty for your input!I built this deck primarily to play against friends, and with the decks they are playing, Grand Abolisher and Aegis of the Gods are quite a must-have. They mostly play Legacy or even banned stuff (we don't go to harsh on playing a specific format, I'm the only moron who pays attention to it :D). As you can imagine, there are tons of Counterspell, Swords to Plowshares and stuff.

Loyal Sentry sure is "only" a 1-1 trade, but with it I try to keep an opponent with stronger creatures away from attacking me till my humans hit in. I also considered Avacyn's Pilgrim as a substitute, but regarding the low CMC cost of this deck I kinda stayed with the decision.

Regarding Gather the Townsfolk: Was also thinking about it, but was not happy with the sorc-speed. All the humans in there fulfill a role, two 1/1 tokens wouldn't be that much of a help, I imagine. Had a look at Mayor of Avabruck  Flip also, but the constant flipping of it wouldn't be that much beneficial.

Metallic Mimic was in there in a early version, but made room for Thalia's Lieutenant.

Anyway, I kinda see the direction of your suggestions, but would appreciate some more inputs towards what you would take out and what you would take in there :) Stay gathering!

BioProfDude on R/W Aggro (The fastest one)

2 days ago

Dave_Icaria, I played the card in standard (which is the format I play, so modern is not my thing), and I played it in a human deck where I used Thalia's Lieutenant and it worked very well to play a human every turn, and it's not like it's the only creature I ever played, particularly in my aggro (note-- not burn) deck of 30 creatures. So yes, I do think it's good value in those circumstances, and the deck did very, very well in standard.

Clearly I'm an idiot in modern. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll shut up and stick with my standard format where I have more knowledge. Sorry to all for bothering here on a modern deck.

xyr0s on R/W Aggro (The fastest one)

4 days ago

In terms of cost-efficiency, Lightning Berserker is not too great for a fast deck. Compare to Goblin Guide or Monastery Swiftspear. All three creatures comes down for 1 mana, and hits in the first turn. Berserker goes back to hand, if you have dashed it or it doesn't attack (undashed it doesn't have haste).

Turn 2, you have to play the berserker again, costing one of your two mana in turn 2, and now it can attack for 2 (if you pump it) or 1 (if you play another spell, say a Lava Spike). First case you've dealt 2 damage in the turn. Second, 4 damage. Whereas the Monastery Swiftspear allows up to 9 damage turn 2 (you spend both mana on Lightning Bolts!/Lava Spikes, both triggering prowess). A total lifeloss of 10 by your turn 2 is devastating in modern, in particular for an opponent who is on the draw. Fetch-shock is suddenly a luxury, you can't just do after that kind of start, and Thoughtseize becomes unplayable. Eidolon of the Great Revel is good here, not just because it deals damage, but it deals damage without further mana, and without attacking (this is covering corners, but in some games, it's relevant that it is still dangerous even if your opponent plays Ensnaring Bridge). Even if your opponent goes straight for a removal spell, it still deals damage.

I don't think Lightning Berserker is a particularly great combo with Thalia's Lieutenant in this deck (but could be in a more human-centric deck) - it takes a while to build up, and this is not a "let's take a while"-deck.

BioProfDude on R/W Aggro (The fastest one)

4 days ago

Dave_Icaria, I'm not sure what you mean? Lightning Berserker can be cast as a regular creature for only , OR it can be cast for dash for only . Either way, that's only 1 mana. The beauty of casting for the dash mechanic is that it gets haste and you return it safely to your hand at the end of turn to do it again on your next turn, and again, and again, and again. It's exceptionally annoying to opponents.

It's even better when coupled with Thalia's Lieutenant, which could also be a good card for this deck. After Thalia's Lieutenant is played (and each turn thereafter) Lightning Berserker can help buff Thalia's Lieutenant. Very good combo.

The buff ability of Lightning Berserker is optional. That would indeed tie up two mana (one to cast, one for the +1/+0 ability). Dash, however, is not an extra cost, it's an alternative cost. The extra mana-cost ability I personally rarely use because it does tie up mana early game. It's the dash mechanic that makes the card so great.

I agree that Eidolon of the Great Revel is also a good card, but it costs an extra mana (for a 2/2 with a great ability, very admittedly), but a speed deck looks for as many 1 mana creatures as possible. That choice is entirely dependent on the play style of the individual. I look to empty my hand and get creatures out as fast as my mana allows. Others look to preserve cards in hand, and slow the play a bit. That's just a different play style. A recurring creature (like Lightning Berserker) is quite nice, in some instances, as it protects the creature for at least the opponent's turn.

Just my opinion, for what little it's worth. :-) I get where you're coming from with Eidolon of the Great Revel, but I think you have undervalued Lightning Berserker. I could be wrong, but I think the card is worth a try in play testing to see. Cheers!

Tomslipknot1 on Oh Captain, My Captain! [Modern Soldier Stompy]

4 days ago

Yeah that's true, i am testing it myself and stacks up nicely from the playstesting i've done but all comes down to personal preference and took Precinct Captain out for the time being. I included Thalia's Lieutenant too, it's too good not to pass up. I went down to three Preeminent Captain as it doesn't feel as important and trying to keep the 'Human Solider' theme in there as much as possible.

As for Benalish Commander it's more for very casual builds but if you get it down with Preeminent Captain on turn four it's such a good feeling but i definately like the diversity in Soldier builds because there's many more options than say Knights.

No problem. :)

Happymaster19 on Oh Captain, My Captain! [Modern Soldier Stompy]

5 days ago

@Tomslipknot1 My concern with Mimic is that we already have Thalia's Lieutenant which does something similar in the early game, better in the late game, and it's a soldier in hand to slam for free with Preeminent Captain as well as trigger Champion of the Parish more reliably. Precinct Captain is also somewhat similar but the bodies can get buffed.

I've wanted to put Benalish Commander in here but he's a 1/1 on his own and we want our opponent dead before he would ever come off of suspend.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ragham on AKH Weenies

1 week ago

Hy ! oh dear my favourite deck. Happy of that build, very interesting. Here is my questions :

You play weenie, why do you play 22 lands so ? just for 3 cards at 4 manas ?

I am sceptic about cycled lands, especially in weenie deck. You draw that in opening hand you put yourself out of tempo and auto-loose game.

Stitcher's graft instead of Gryff's Boon ? It seems that fly ability might be more relevant in future months, dodging Rhonas' deathtouch, chump blocks of tokens.. What do you think about that ?

Declaration in stone may back as top removal of weewie white in your opinion ? As you play 22 lands, Stasis snare is easy to include. I think Cast out is too expensive, even it is very interesting card.

.... What ?! I even not see that you didn't include Thalia's Lieutenant :D Big omission or why won't you play her ?

Yahenni's expertise or baral's staying arround, blink ability can save your creatures AND gideon. Repel the abominable is great side card, with more sweeper cards like the new in red. Why not include Eerie Interlude, or even weaker card Long Road Home ?

There are still Selfless Spirit that can be efficient, more if you won't play Thalia's lieutenant. Any opinion about this card ?

I enjoyed to play pure weenie, with less than 20 lands and Stern Constable. It works very well with Always watching. Did you consider it ? But maybe it is an other strategy, without Gideons. Key of city might be better or even none of both cards. This question joins that one about stitcher's graft.

weter123 on Amonkhet G/W Aggro

1 week ago

have you thought of playing Vizier of Remedies its good with your -1/-1 creatures. there is also Thalia's Lieutenant and Metallic Mimic that can act as lords.

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