I am fairly new to MTGO and just want to be exposed to some constructive criticism on my deckbuilding and hear some other people's thoughts on something I have thought a lot tribal knight deck. The main goal of the deck is to overwhelm the opponent with lower cost knights and pumping them with lords and sudo-lords (Knight Exemplar, Benalish Marshal, Thalia's Lieutenant). After getting pumped, what they lack in numbers they will make up for in fighting prowess in theory. It has evolved a lot since then with the help of people posting suggested edits. I did loose the tribe with the addition of Thalia's Lieutenant but between him, the addition of Worthy Knight, and the vast majority of all the other creatures being human knights, Thalia's Lieutenant was just to tantalizing to pass on. To account for this, I changed the name of the deck from "Modern Tribal Knights" to "For Honor and Glory!".

The deck originally included but as the deck evolved, the cards were slowly dropped for others and it just made more sense to remove from the deck entirely than run for only a few spells. That pretty much sums what the deck originally looked like and its evolution into the deck it is now. If you have any thoughts on ways to improve it please share as I am always looking to improve my deckbuilding and the deck itself. If you like the look of the deck or it provides you some ideas, please give it a "thumbs up". Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Dauntless Bodyguard is a nice little 2/1 one drop. Since there are not many 1 CMC knights out there, he fills the role nicely and provides some protection of more important cards if he comes out later.

  2. Knight of the White Orchid is so nice to have as not only is he a decent knight on the field but his ramping ability is clutch in the early game.

  3. Worthy Knight/Thalia's Lieutenant are being addressed simultaneously as they rely upon each other to be effective. Worthy Knight was added with the intent of creating some synergy with Thalia's Lieutenant with the main goal of getting Worthy Knight onto the field early and Thalia's Lieutenant will provide some extra "umpf" to all the humans on the field while getting pumped himself by at least two +1/+1 counters whenever another human knight is cast thanks to Worthy Knight creating an extra human. Thalia's Lieutenant usually becomes a beast pretty quick making a tough decision for opponents as to who to remove from the board if they have the opportunity.

  4. Acclaimed Contender is perfect for keeping some knights in my hand and pairs very well with Collected Company.

  5. Benalish Marshal provides both my humans and knights a welcome +1/+1.

  6. Guardian of Faith is the most recent addition to the deck as it replaced History of Benalia. I felt like I needed something to help protect my creatures from mass exile spells or another nonsense my opponent might pull as I build up my knight legion. When this decks looses a game, it is usually because key knight were removed or my opponent played a boardwipe.

  7. Knight of Autumn is my utility knight giving me a few options when she enters the field. She can remove enchantments/artifacts, provide some life, or just come into play as a 4/3 creature depending on the situation.

  8. Knight Exemplar plays the main pumping role but giving knights +1/+1 and the indestructible ability. She is a large target for removal I have found so playing her as quick as possible is not always the best move.


  1. Collected Company was a recommendation for this deck and has fit in wonderfully. This allows me to cast any creature in the deck and really sped things up into terms of the aggression. Plus it comes at instant speed to boot!

  2. Path to Exile provides some classic creature removal.

  3. Selesnya Charm is a filler card right now until I find something that fits a better. I love its utility in that it provides a type of creature removal, allows for a quick powerup, or just adds an extra knight onto the field but I am not sold this is the best thing for this deck yet. Dromoka's Command has been recommended for a replacement and I am playing with that now.

Suggestions and Edits

  1. Added 2xMurderous Rider in exchange for 2xReciprocate.

  2. Moved 2xBlossoming Calm and 1xExtirpate to the Side and added 2xCollected Company and one more History of Benalia.

  3. Added Damping Sphere and Deafening Silence to Side.

  4. Removed 1xWilt-Leaf Liege and 3xKinsbaile Cavalier for an 3xSilverblade Paladin.

  5. Removed 2xBlackmail and 3xHeliod's Intervention for an additional 2xCollected Company and 3xPrismatic Ending.

  6. Removed from the deck which included 3xSmitten Swordmaster, 2xMurderous Rider, 2xKnight of the Ebon Legion, and 3xKnights' Charge. These 10 cards were replaced with the following: 2xWilt-Leaf Liege, 3xKnight of the Reliquary, 2xWilt-Leaf Cavalier, and 3xDauntless Bodyguard. 3xPrismatic Ending was also removed as its practicality was reduced with this change. Selesnya Charm has replaced Prismatic Ending for now until I can think of something more fitting. In addition, lands were also updated to reflect the dropping of .

  7. Traded out 3xKnight of the Reliquary, 2xWilt-Leaf Liege, 3xKnight of Meadowgrain, and 2xWilt-Leaf Cavaliers for 3xBenalish Marshal, 4xWorthy Knight, and 3xThalia's Lieutenant. This does cause the deck to loose its tribe with the addition of Thalia's Lieutenant but allows for better synergy than Knight of the Reliquary provided in terms of getting pumped and the title was changed from "Modern Tribal Knights" to "For Honor and Glory" to account for that change. Land were also updated and included the introduction of Horizon Canopy and Gavony Township as utility lands.

  8. Removed 3xSilverblade Paladin in exchange for an additional Thalia's Lieutenant and 2xFiendslayer Paladin.

  9. Replaced 2xFiendslayer Paladin with 2xAcclaimed Contender.

  10. Replaced 2xGavony Township with 2xGhost Quarter.

  11. Added Sideboard to provide graveyard hate, a response to artifact decks, additional removal of creatures/enchantments, and some knights with protection from , , , and/or to help something stick if removal is an issue.

  12. Replaced 3xHistory of Benalia with 3xGuardian of Faith. The thought behind this being History of Benalia just felt slow considering the speed this deck can apply pressure. Guardian of Faith provides me the ability to save my loyal knights from destruction or exile so I wanted to try him out here.


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