Angel of Vitality

Angel of Vitality

Creature — Angel


If you would gain life, you gain that much life plus 1 instead.

Angel of Vitality get +2/+2 as long as you have 25 or more life.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal

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Angel of Vitality Discussion

BrassLord on Firja's Dark Disciples

2 weeks ago

Looks like a fun starter commander! Black White lifegain is a definite fun archtype to build, maybe work up towards something like Karlov of the Ghost Council or Oloro, Ageless Ascetic ! I know starting out budget is important as you don't want to invest in cards you might not like, so I've made the recommendations with that in mind!

On the first look, your commander can filter through your deck fairly consistently, so some reanimation spells like Dread Return Unburial Rites Victimize might work out for you!

Revival / Revenge and Light of Promise are both fun cards that offer some utility and can get out of hand.

Spirit Loop seems like it could have a home in your deck, as it's a consistent 2cmc spell that you can keep casting and getting back to trigger your commander.

Well of Lost Dreams Dawn of Hope Cosmos Elixir Are all sources of card draw that synergize with your lifegain gameplan! Your commander's colors are notoriously known for lacking card draw and ramp, so these might help keep you in the game!

Soul Warden Soul's Attendant and Suture Priest are decent lifegain triggers, as they trigger on each creature entering the battlefield.

Blind Obedience seems perfect for your deck!

Vampire Nighthawk Indulging Patrician Basilica Bell-Haunt Angel of Vitality are creatures that seem to fit with your gameplan.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den offers consistent recursion and allows you to cast lower cmc permanents. Kami of False Hope could also pair with this really well, as it's basically a fog effect that you can cast for cheap over and over!

In your current list, it appears a little removal light (which to be fair is meta dependent). since you're playing white, you have access to cards like Darksteel Mutation and Reprobation , which can be a headache for your opponents to deal with if you enchant their commander. Also Victimize is a great catchall removal spell.

Colored mana seems at a premium in your deck, so I'd also look into getting some cheaper artifact ramp like Marble Diamond and Charcoal Diamond .

For cuts, I'd recommend evaluating your cards in terms of whether they actively win the game or help you do what you want. In your current list Fortified Rampart I've found to be underwhelming and doesn't further your gameplan. I'd also recommend replacing the following: Star-Crowned Stag Skeleton Archer Reaper of Night Kor Scythemaster Inspiring Captain Hailstorm Valkyrie Gargoyle Sentinel Fiend Binder Angel of the Dawn Courier Griffin Silverflame Ritual Chaplain's Blessing Splendid Agony Djeru's Renunciation Sinister Possession .

That being said, it can sometimes be fun just trying your best with whatever cards are lying around! Hopefully the suggestions can give your deck a little pep!

Saccox on Life and Death

2 months ago

Hi bbenny0610,there are many cards that can be used for this deck: Prism Ring , Survival Cache , Cliffhaven Vampire , Ajani's Pridemate , Angel of Vitality , Serene Steward , Recumbent Bliss , Scoured Barrens .They can be done many deck versions with this idea. My version,Vampires gain life Pezzent

Drcfan on Devotion to White Angels

2 months ago

@ VayraTheGatherer

Kebes on Angelic Soul Sisters feat. Spirit Tokens

2 months ago

Hey, I was thinking about your deck. By my experience, Angel of Vitality is not that powerful as she looks like. Maybe you should replace her with something that make better use of your powerful lifegain, for example Ajani's Pridemate , Speaker of the Heavens (he's in your sideboard), Light of Promise or Heliod, Sun-Crowned , to boost creature of your choice (You will have them plenty). Also, I was thinking about your final strike and those are my two propositions: Shelter (instead of Sunbeam Spellbomb ) and Angel of Destiny if you couldn't kill your enemy in conventional way. I m not a very experienced player, but I'm glad if I helped. Btw. I like your deck :D. Good luck with it ^^.

free-kolja on BB´s Angel Lifegain

3 months ago

Sehe nicht den Sinn bei Chromatic Sphere & Mana Cylix, die sind nur interessant bei multicolor decks (du gewinnst mit ihnen kein mana, kannst es nur umwandeln).


raus: 2x Plains, 1x Mazemind Tome, 1x Giver of Runes, Chromatic Sphere & Mana Cylix

rein: 2x Angel of Vitality, 4x Sejiri Shelter (Länder und gleichzeitig ersatz für Giver of runes)

Man könnte sich überlegen noch die letzten beiden Giver of Runes mit Lightning Greaves zu ersetzen... bleibt wahrscheinlich länger auf dem Feld als Giver of Runes und kann Lyra Dawnbringer haste geben - direkt 5 Leben und evtl. ein Engel. Und du hast sehr viele 1 cost spells.

Keqing420 on Angels & Dragons

3 months ago

so i wanted to get everyones opinions regarding how wotc seems to be treating these 2 creature types.

the upcoming set Kaldheim has already entered spoiler season, and i've seen 4 different angels at cmc 3 or less. they are "renegade reaper", "youthful valkyrie", "resplendent marshall", and "righteous valkyrie". one had a cmc of 2. another was black. all within Collected Company range, and all benefit from the "dump as many onto the battlefield as possible" strategy that Collected Company provides.

the reaper fuels the grave for the marshal. the reaper and righteous valkyrie will both be gaining you life ensuring the valkyrie gets her anthem.

abzan angels company? its possible. pioneer gives us Angel of Vitality for even more life gain, and Resplendent Angel to profit off that life gain.

in the entire game, there are 14 angels that cost 3 or less. 10 of which are legal in modern, and 5 for pioneer. this is before kaldheim of course.

for dragons, there are 6 total. all 6 are in modern, but only 5 for pioneer. and most suck.

am i asking too much for dragons in Collected Company range? my favorite creature type and my pet card in one deck. if angels at cmc 3 or less can have 4 toughness, or 3 toughness while gaining +1/+1 counters (meaning they pass the Lightning Bolt test), then dragons should too.

i'd love to see a rare dragon like:

flying, first strike, trample firebreathing 3/4

there have been some dragon related cards spoiled, but no actual dragons just yet. what do you guys think? do we need more cheap dragons? how likely do you think it is we will get them?

Ihateyoubro12 on Hail The Almighty Goat Cannon

3 months ago

Oh solid ideas Saccox I love the Angel of Vitality and the Survival Cache I will definitely be putting those in the deck. the only reason I wouldn't use Recumbent Bliss in my version of the deck is because for for every card I add I also have to remove one too. I feel adding in that extra protection isn't always needed since ill be making so much life per turn and I ether kill them with Springjack Shepherd, Blasting Station combo or just straight out number with chop blockers to an extent that pretty much only decks with heavy late game flying/trample would have an easy time breaking through.

Saccox on Hail The Almighty Goat Cannon

3 months ago

Hi Ihateyoubro12,Angel of Vitality,Recumbent Bliss and Survival Cache? To make better use of gain life ability ^^

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