: Gain .

, Sacrifice Wasteland: Destroy target nonbasic land.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Wasteland Discussion

DuTogira on How Can I Build Kenrith/Artifact …

1 month ago

I was with you until you said “I want to be mean to my opponents”
What does that mean?
Do you want them to suffer boring long games that never end, until they choose to stop playing with you? Stretch your budget and build a really staxy deck with Winter Orb and Wasteland effects.
By “mean” do you just mean you want to be playing more of a control/battlecruiser deck where you get to smack opponents with some creatures but also spend time removing and countering major threats? If this is your preference then building is going to be half the fun. Mock up some decks and play test using tools like cockatrice and making some proxies before you sink money into it, but build and refine a cool little deck.
Or by “mean”, do you just want to upset people? If you just wanna annoy your LGS with pet peeves, your deck is gonna get real whacky. I have one friend who HATES getting targeted with Magister Sphinx , another who hates losing to OTK’s, many who hate land destruction, etc. none of those peeves really line up with each other into a linear “piss everyone off game plan” and if you try to do something like that, you’ll end up with a very janky deck that’s trying to do too much, and you’ll lose friends to boot.

I don’t mean this in a mean or rude way but... maybe play around a bit first and figure out exactly what you want a deck to do first, then come back to ask for help making it do that.

DemMeowsephs on Forger of burn

1 month ago

Hey there! Here are some suggestions.

Grind on The Panther King of Control

1 month ago

Cool deck. Bane of Progress seems good considering how few artifacts and enchantments you play.
But Crucible of Worlds might be worth including.
Depending on how much LD you want to run, Wasteland , Dust Bowl , Shivan Harvest , Helldozer might be playable.
Also Opposition Agent is a must as it shuts down most land ramp and fetch lands.

PurePwnage on Mechanized Destruction

2 months ago

kpres, Snow-covered lands are the no different than other basics, except for subjectively better artwork and flavor. Like anything else, having some basics makes the deck a bit more resilient to Blood Moon or other spells that hit non-basics.

I am hard pressed to go with more than three colors because it often times eats at the consistency. Both Wasteland and Mana Confluence are excellent recommendations and I will most certainly consider adding both to the deck.

kpres on Mechanized Destruction

2 months ago

You mentioned in your description that this deck has difficulty against Tron. Why not include a few Wasteland s to deal with it?

Also, why the snow-covered lands when you don't have anything that interacts with snow?

You could splash a little bit of red for Crumble to Dust , or switch out a few lands for Mana Confluence .

Davinoth on Lands Down Under

2 months ago

     Hello! Nice build, +1! =)

     You've got a pretty excellent selection of Creatures and Spells, though I would recommend Three Visits and Nature's Lore . I think you could really take advantage of Brass's Bounty , too. Normally I would recommend more Treasure based cards for Korvold but since you're playing a Land based strategy it'd be a bit redundant here.

     I think Land cards that Sacrifice themselves for no additional mana cost is where I would be looking for upgrades to make this deck even better. If Pain Fetches aren't an option, I would definitely recommend Rocky Tar Pit & Mountain Valley . I think a Ghost Quarter would go nicely with your Tectonic Edge as well, and maybe a Strip Mine & Wasteland , too - depending on how malevolent you feel haha!

     And a bit of an after-thought: Lightning Greaves & Swiftfoot Boots are great. Korvold is always a removal target and Haste gets you growing and drawing sooner.

     I have my own Korvold deck and Landfall deck if you care to have a peak. Cheers! =)

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

3 months ago

Winter Windgrace

So Kaldheim has proved to have a few rather interesting elements to it, but in general there wasn't a whole lot of support for Lord Windgrace so I'll give some honourable mentions:

Tergrid, God of Fright

Tergrid's Lantern

Now the first issue with this card is that while it is very powerful, the only real mass sacrifice/discard effect in the deck is Torment of Hailfire . What this means is that by the time you get to use Tergrid, you've probably already won. So turning this on its head: what if you just look at Tergrid's Lantern . It's an expensive Torment of Hailfire , but if you had access to infinite mana you could just untap it and target your opponents. With Kodama of the East Tree you do have access to one infinite mana combo, so the questions is whether it's worth it. For now I'd say no while there is only one trick infinite mana trick in the deck.

If you are playing a lot of wheels though: pretty much an auto-include.

Tibalt's Trickery

Now the way I see this is that it's a Chaos Warp that always gets your opponents something. Now in commander, because of the variance that'll usually mean something worse when you're countering something extremely dangerous, however be contrast, if you just throw this away you might just cascade them into their wincon if you aren't smart about when to use this. It is a powerful tool for dealing with things that BRG isn't supposed to be dealing with (spells on the stack) and the ability to use it yourself can be to your advantage, but by the same merit you'd need to stack the top of the deck expertly well to guarantee you won't get something useless. A bit of fun but like Chaos Warp , do so at your own peril.

Toralf, God of Fury

Amusing with Blasphemous Act . Potentially game winning, but you're needing both cards to make this work, and one's a creature, the other is a sorcery. Both kinds are at a premium to tutor in this deck. Still, could win out of nowhere if someone has a bunch of tokens.

Waking the Trolls

A decent budget option for a win condition, the main thing I dislike about sagas is how much they telegraph your plays. If you have multiple opponents, then you could easily be overwhelmed before it goes off.

Darkbore Pathway Blightstep Pathway

Again decent budget mana fixing, but if you have access to fetches, shocks, and the odd typed land, this shouldn't be an absolute auto-include. The advantage of all the tutoring effects is to be able to toolbox your lands for a given situation. Given the only modal option you're given is from the hand, it has a lot of reduced utility and I would rate it below even Zendikar Battle Lands. Full art looks real pretty though.

Gnottvold Slumbermound

Expensive land destruction but it comes with a body. Honestly I'd rather tutor out Wasteland or Strip Mine but it does a couple of things at once and taps for coloured mana.

Binding of the Old Gods

Land destruction, a bit of tutoring (note that it doesn't say basic), has utility, might be a nice inclusion in budget builds.

Rise of the Dread Marn

Wipe board, make zombies, simple enough plan, not specifically made for this deck, not exactly a reliable strategy to put together this + a wipe given the amount of tutors available, but still it's an option.

Weathered Runestone

Stop others getting stuff back from the graveyard, while still being able to use Regrowth and get back lands.

There a couple of other things that might be worth looking over, but nothing that screams auto-include in this exact deck. I will be trying Tegrid, God of Fright + Wheel of Misfortune but I don't have high hopes for that being a core strategy as it doesn't meld well with the lands-matter style of the deck, you can't just fetch it out incidentally.

Poseidon31 on 8 Rack *Budget*

3 months ago

DreadKhan Thy for your insights. Necrogen Mists seems to be good to have a copy in it, more as a cheap Liliana of the Veil replacement. But Hymn to Tourach is the card i want to play, besides Sinkhole . So that brings me to keep it in the Main. But i have to playtest the Deck, if possible in the next month. Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage is in my Maybe Board alreay as a 9th Rack.

The next Update will bring Wasteland instead of Ghost Quarter and maybe a third Urborg. But Liliana of the Veil has to wait to be in here. She will replace Ob Nixilis in the future build.

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