Hey. My name is Astro, and I'm a Magic: the Gathering player with a serious fetish for foils. I play all colors, but my main and favorite colors are green and white.

All of the decks I currently have physically assembled can be found in the sidebar. All others on my account are either quick brews, plans, or decks I've built and taken apart.

I started playing back in 2014 just after the release of Born of the Gods my freshman year of Highschool. My first deck was a ridiculous mono-green mana ramp deck loaned to me by my mate Tusco. I wrecked havoc with that deck, and it was great. Afterwards, I built my own G/W Token deck which flopped horribly, a G/B constellation deck which was quite feared, and then a B/R Rakdos aggro deck. During my sophomore and junior years, my Magic career was put on hold, however, with the release of C16 I started playing full force again, focusing on Commander with my best friend ForceSymphony. We dueled many epic duels, and quickly we evolved against one another, with me evolving my decks from Atraxa to Ruric Thar to the first version of my current deck, mono-green Selvala. It was around this time I got introduced to cEDH, and I adopted the combo playstyle, and I never looked back.

I love combo. My Selvala, Heart of the Wilds deck was my primary deck at this point, and I also had a Karametra combo deck that was pretty insane. However, this wouldn't last long.

In Fall 2017 I left for college, and sadly I stopped playing Magic pretty much nearly altogether as the town didn't have a single LGS in it and there were no EDH players on campus. Because of this, I stopped playing for almost four years, besides making some trades with people or selling off some of my cards.
Recently, I decided to come back to Magic. Some of my coworkers had started playing EDH, and I thought why not come out of retirement and join them. However, seeing as I had disassembled nearly all of my decks except my Selvala deck, I had encountered a problem. My one deck was far too powerful for playing against people who were using slightly-modified precons. As such, I rebuilt an old deck of mine, my Brimaz deck. It's still quite powerful, but it still is beatable.

After messing around with a bunch of different decks, I built Oona, Queen of the Fae , a commander I've wanted to build for a long time. From here, I started to play more calculating, leaning more towards control. Afterwards, I built my first ever mono red deck in Zo-Zu burn, and changed my Karametra combo deck to a Yasharn stax deck.

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[EDH] Sythis Enchantress

Commander / EDH* AstroAA


[EDH] Selvala, Heart of the Beaters

Commander / EDH* AstroAA


[EDH] Brimaz Soldiers V2

Commander / EDH* AstroAA


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