Angelic Field Marshal

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Angelic Field Marshal

Creature — Angel


Lieutenant — As long as you control your commander, Angelic Field Marshal gets +2/+2 and creatures you control have vigilance.

Abaques on You Came From Where?

1 month ago

Thanks Unlife! I really wanted to fit Cultist of the Absolute in, but I'm somewhat worried about the negative impact it might have after a boardwipe. Tana really needs to be able to swing to make some tokens and I don't have much in the way of haste enablers. It was definitely one of my last cuts though. I'd love to be able to play it.

Good point about Angelic Field Marshal. I should really try to fit that in.

Unlife on You Came From Where?

1 month ago

Very nice, very clean, I really like this. I think with Tana and several other cards making tokens, definitely think about Cultist of the Absolute and Angelic Field Marshal. If its already doing well, I'm curious about how it'll improve when you improve the manabase.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

4 months ago

Promotion to Lieutenant

Legendary Enchantment - Aura

Enchant nontoken legendary creature.

This aura stays attached to the creature as it changes zones, unless the enchantment is removed from the creature.

Enchanted creature counts as a Commander, and it's combat damage is considered "Commander Damage".

"For bravery, courage, valor and commitment to the cause, it is with great admiration and of our highest esteem that I award you our greatest honor!"

The name was a reference to the mechanic, seen on cards such as Angelic Field Marshal

The thoughts are as long as the enchantment itself isn't destroyed, bounced or exiled, it will remain on the creature and thus the creature goes to the command zone.

Make another powerful aura for EDH

LilMissWiz on Kaalia of the Vast ADDs

1 year ago

I would personally drop Dragon Tempest , you want near dragon tribal for that to be worth the slot. Athreos, God of Passage , Ob Nixilis, the Fallen , Sower of Discord , Angelic Field Marshal , Tyrant's Familiar and of course Avacyn, Angel of Hope .

Angelic is almost a must since she helps the whole team

yurixquest on Liesa's Angels of Punishment EDH

1 year ago

Angels are a very heavy tribe in CMC, and the mana curve of their deck is also very high. I would advise to put lighter and more effective cards for the strategy in place of heavy cards with appeal only to Flavor.

My recommendations:

Add: Soul's Attendant Soul Warden Suture Priest Kambal, Consul of Allocation Gift of Estates Authority of the Consuls Blind Obedience Doomskar

cut: Sephara, Sky's Blade Lyra Dawnbringer Baneslayer Angel Angelic Skirmisher Angelic Field Marshal True Conviction Angelic Destiny Hour of Revelation

ezio2907 on

1 year ago

If you want to go to the angel sub-theme with life gain, then why are you not playing Lyra Dawnbringer? Pump the angels and give them lifelink. Herald of War can also help you get the board filled with angels.

Just too bad there is no cheap thing to prevent all your creatures to die from a single board wipe! Something in the form of a permanent that gives your team indestructible like Sephara, Sky's Blade! Too bad that there is no angel you can play for single mana just like Sephara, Sky's Blade with tapping a few creatures you made with something like Lingering Souls. Ow, wait there is a good one for that... !Sephara, Sky's Blade!

Something to think about is also Angelic Field Marshal & Ondu Inversion  Flip. Don't forget something like Day of Judgment :P

What I also think is that you are hard to attack well. You will have a field and you can hit hardback with revenge. Becoming the monarch is the way to get card draw. Court of Grace & Court of Ambition can help you with that.

You also have a life gain package. How about some payoffs for that? Vilis, Broker of Blood, Sanguine Bond & Bloodthirsty Aerialist can help you with that.

You are trying to slowly gain value, get a big board and kill your opponents over the long game. How about you stop others from gaining life with Erebos, God of the Dead.

If you play multiple colours you can use Field of the Dead :).

Tylord2894 on Does Lieutenant works with only …

2 years ago

"Lieutenant" abilities (such as that of Angelic Field Marshal) will work so long as you control either of your partner commanders.

The rule in case you're curious:

702.123e If an effect refers to your commander while you have two commanders, it refers to either one. If an effect causes you to perform an action on your commander and it could affect both, you choose which it refers to at the time the effect is applied.

Hope this helps!!

Joe_Ken_ on

2 years ago

I would up the land count to 35-37 to make sure you hit land drops.

I’ve always liked Illusory Angel since it is the only mono blue angel I’ve ever seen.

Angelic Field Marshal is a good one for if you have Traft out.

Emeria Shepherd has been an awesome angel in my Aurellia angel tribal deck especially with cards like Burnished Hart for ramp.

Aegis Angel could synergize with Traft to keep him around.

I’ve got a Geist of Saint Traft deck focused of exaltion/aura voltron and an Aurellia angel tribal if you’d want to check those out. Although I don’t think I’ve put my Traft deck on tapped out yet.

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