Tap target creature.

Metalcraft — if you control three or more artifacts, exile that creature.

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Dispatch Discussion

Peoyogon on I Brought a Sword to a Magic Fight

1 month ago

This is really cool! I have an indestructible-themed Modern deck too! I use white in mine though which gives me access to Pariah, Dispatch, and sweepers like Fumigate. Have you considered adding White in yours?

Brian-123 on Endless Constructs

3 months ago

hey I saw this in modern horizon 2, and it is broken Soul Snare also if room for white might i suggest this nasty little card Dispatch

and here are some nasty modern horizon affinity/ artifact cards Diamond Lion Sojourner's Companion Thought Monitor Nettlecyst this card is nuts its an artifact creature and then it equips like a bloody cranial plating making more room for 4 more cards in a deck

battleooze on U/B Urza's Thopter sword combo

4 months ago

I have Considered Dispatch and its a good choice for the deck I think I prefer Path as It's safer to cast early game when you might not have metalcraft

Whir of Invention is a very good card which would normally be in the deck along with a copy of Ensnaring Bridge but having 8 lands that don't produce blue mana for non artefact spells can make this hard to cast in a timely fashion

Nihil Spellbomb and Tormod's Crypt is just personal preference if you prefer the card draw play the bomb if you prefer cheap recursion with Emry, Lurker of the Loch play crypt

Brainstone is great for the deck some other good cards would be Expedition Map Welding Jar Navigator's Compass And Shadowspear (which has actually made the deck just need to update the list). Due to the how large the toolbox is for Urza's Saga you should look to change piece's of the deck to adjust to the current metagame

zapyourtumor on U/B Urza's Thopter sword combo

4 months ago

Have you considered Dispatch as another removal option in addition to Path?

For additional Saga targets, maybe Brainstone for card draw, Nihil Spellbomb as another Tormod's Crypt, Hope of Ghirapur because its cool.

Also, out of curiosity, why do you not run Whir of Invention ?

amicdeep on $25 Gear Up & Get Mad

5 months ago

I've run something similar competitively on mtgo as a 7tix list. there are a few cards I would highly recommend that fit your budget. Toolcraft Exemplar solid turn 1 and very aggressive, first strike in the late game helps. Stone Haven Outfitter lord and card draw, one of the best turn 2s i had outside of paladin. Kitesail Apprentice only think better than double strike is evasion. this little guy has often been my win con Dispatch path to exile but better in these lists.

ive found deck like this offen struggle againt high numbers of removal spells, having a few cards that are both equipment and creature really can help in the long game Flayer Husk

ive also found Captain's Claws to be viable in the past as well.

my list for on the off chance its useful Arm the legion

ZEMOtheSinner on ∙|(⤟ Gigantes Historiæ 1.3 ⤠)|∙

6 months ago

Hallo Spell_Slam! Thank you for your comment!
This is still a prototype for the deck and some cards you mentioned are continuously going in and out from the list. I do not always use the live edit tool to switch cards from main to maybe and often, when i take out a card, i forget to add it back again at the maybeboard. Daretti, Gamble and the Dynamo are among them and they're on the radar for sure.
When i added Path to Exile , i considered that this deck perhaps prefers to give away lands rather than life, since it wins through combat damage. I tested Dispatch , but the risk is that it will become useless if I am too far behind for some reason.
I'm not totally sold on Scrap Trawler either, as maybe i prefer having things in my graveyard more than i want to have them in my hand.
Idol of Oblivion has worked really well in all my tests, i'm inclined to think i'll keep it, but i agree on the Bauble and the Phoenix though. They're in only until I decide what to replace them with (the Dynamo, probably). Thank you for your suggestions, that was very kind of you!

BransBranflakes, thank you for stopping by!
3 Drinks are better than 3 cards for sure, and with Anointed Procession and/or Illusionist's Bracers on the field, that makes for 5-7 drinks. Now you just have to figure out how to make the opponent pay for them too!
I thank you for the degenerative suggestions, but i'm trying to keep up with my group's meta and to be a good boy (a little). GoOoOOolems!

Hallo again discipleofgary73!
Inspiring Statuary is intresting, but i play very few non-artifact spells in this deck and they're already relatively cheap. Glimmervoid and Summoning Station were noted though!

Spell_Slam on ∙|(⤟ Gigantes Historiæ 1.3 ⤠)|∙

6 months ago

Hey thanks for all the likes on my decks! I really appreciate it.

I think Daretti, Scrap Savant would be a perfect fit for your deck. I would cut Deal Broker for it.

Any big mana rocks that add lots of mana are going to be really good for you. Thran Dynamo is a really good option because it comes into play untapped and adds most of its mana back. It will also work super well with things like Sculpting Steel and your commander's ability.

Path to Exile is a great card, but it seems like both Dispatch and Swords to Plowshares would generally be better in your deck.

Gamble seems great in your deck since you often will want to discard a card you tutor for anyways.

Any artifacts that have good ETB or dies triggers will work well here. Myr Battlesphere is another standalone beater that also generates tons of value.

Scrap Trawler is just nuts with your commander. It will generate so much value for you!

In terms of some general cuts, Sparkhunter Masticore, Idol of Oblivion, Wayfarer's Bauble (you could be running better ramp) and Kuldotha Phoenix seem like they could be easily cut. I get that the masticore might be part of your story with the deck, though...

Hope this helps! Thanks again!

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