This is my Kaalia of the Vast aggro and land destruction deck. I've made the build as brutal, efficient, and focused as possible.

Suggestions are welcome! It's designed as 1v1, but it could also function as a multiplayer deck. Please +1 and comment!


First and foremost, this deck is fun to play with. Since Kaalia is a flying Quicksilver Amulet, you get the satisfaction of playing some of the most powerful creatures in the game, without worrying about their mana costs. Your focus is getting Kaalia on the board, protecting her, and attacking with powerful creatures. Once you gain momentum, target the opponent's lands.

Although Kaalia is the centerpiece of the deck, it is resilient enough to win without her. The mana curve is balanced and expensive non-creature cards are limited. If all else fails, most creatures can be hard-cast.

Combos include Kaalia of the Vast plus Master of Cruelties for instant death, and Crucible of Worlds plus Strip Mine or Wasteland for recurring land destruction.


The optimal opening is to have Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, or Dragon Tempest in play by turn 1 or 2, then Kaalia in play and attacking by turn 3 or 4, with an angel, demon, or dragon in your hand ready to drop. On turns 4-6, continue the assault and destroy as many of your opponent's lands as possible.

It is possible, although highly unlikely, to defeat a single undefended opponent as early as turn 2. You must start the game with Ancient Tomb or Mana Crypt and play Lightning Greaves. On turn 2, you must play a land that produces colored mana, and two 0-cost ramp artifacts, then attack with Kaalia and drop Master of Cruelties to win the game.


The tutor cards Vampiric Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, Imperial Seal, Steelshaper's Gift, Demonic Tutor, Grim Tutor, Tainted Pact, and Stoneforge Mystic allow you to search your deck for missing pieces, including Lightning Greaves, the creature of your choice to drop with Kaalia, or permanent destruction.

Phyrexian Arena also helps with card draw.


I have focused on creatures who either:

1) possess enter-the-battlefield abilities or immediately impact the board with Kaalia: (Angel of Despair, Angel of Finality, Angel of Serenity, Aurelia, the Warleader, Balefire Dragon, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Hellkite Tyrant, Karmic Guide, Lord of the Void, Master of Cruelties, Rakdos the Defiler, Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Rune-Scarred Demon),

2) protect Kaalia: (Aegis Angel, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Bastion Protector, Mother of Runes),

3) immediately restrict the opponent: (Angelic Arbiter, Grand Abolisher, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled), or are -

4) affordable utility creatures (Bloodgift Demon, Gisela, the Broken Blade, Lyra Dawnbringer, Serra Ascendant, Stoneforge Mystic).

I've also included Teferi's Protection to help protect Kaalia or your creatures from practically any threat in the game.


The idea is to play Kaalia as fast as possible, so I have chosen the most cost effect mana generators and very few lands which enter play tapped. 8 Fetchlands allow you to tailor your mana pool depending on your draws. Ancient Tomb is a standout because it generates 2 colorless mana per turn. Hall of the Bandit Lord is the only land which always comes into play tapped, but its haste-granting ability may win you the game.

Other ramp cards - Chrome Mox, Lotus Petal, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Fellwar Stone, and Tithe - help ensure that Kaalia is played by turn 3 or 4.


This deck features a land and permanent destruction package to lock in the late game once your big creatures have hit the board, including: Armageddon, Ravages of War, Cataclysm, Vindicate, Sinkhole, Impending Disaster, Angel of Despair, Rakdos the Defiler, Strip Mine, and Wasteland.

Crucible of Worlds allows you to play land from the graveyard and combos with fetchlands to search for a land every turn, or Strip Mine and Wasteland to destroy a land every turn.

Other removal cards included to deal with specific threats are Terminate, Wrath of God, Anguished Unmaking, and my favorite, Merciless Eviction.



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