Aegis Angel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Welcome Deck 2016 Rare
Magic Origins Rare
Magic 2015 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare

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Aegis Angel

Creature — Angel

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

When Aegis Angel enters the battlefield, another target permanent gains indestructible for as long as you control Aegis Angel. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. A creature with indestructible can't be destroyed by damage.)

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Aegis Angel Discussion

dzapf2008 on ~$35 Mono Green Super Ramp Deck

4 weeks ago

I'm going to take cards from your deck to make my Green/White Angel Stomper deck. Are you not using Quicksilver Amulet because you don't need it, or because this is a budget deck?I love using Terra Stomper. I am going to add him with Aegis Angel.

Vayder84 on Kaalia's air sovereignty

1 month ago

With all the different effects your creatures have i would consider throwing in an Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Cloudshift mainly for the art flavor, but the etb retrigger is nice, Planar Outburst boardwipe, Emeria Shepherd get back some useful cards from your graveyard,Descend upon the Sinful art flavor and board wipe,Goldnight Redeemer life gain per creature, and finally Aegis Angel for commander protection.

Chickens_are_awesome on Angels, demons and dragons, oh my! (Kaalia EDH)

1 month ago

I have Aegis Angel just for protecting Kaalia but Mother of Runes might do a better job. Malfegor is good sometimes but sometimes will just put you at a disadvantage, probably going to eat rid of him. And I agree that akroma is not as good as other creatures.

Wrigz on Angels and Stuff

1 month ago

I don't really play modern but I like the deck so far.

Aegis Angel seems like it would fit in well in my opinion.

Good luck!

3InchMeatMonster on Notsure?

1 month ago

i would cut Angel of Invention and Angelic Wall. one or two Aegis Angel and Guardian of the Gateless work well. i would also see about getting the soi avacyn. Daybreak Coronet, Angelic Destiny, and Sunbond are very good. i would also consider Graceblade Artisan. i would cut the artifacts and some other things and put in more removal like Swords to Plowshares and the plethora of one or two mana white instants that give you creatures indestructible or protection from colors.

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