Aegis Angel

Creature — Angel

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

When Aegis Angel enters the battlefield, another target permanent gains indestructible for as long as you control Aegis Angel. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. A creature with indestructible can't be destroyed by damage.)

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Aegis Angel Discussion

Hybrow on Budget Isperia Control

1 week ago

I noticed that 4 of the boardwipes you have are destroy. So making your creatures indestructible for the turn would be nice. Rootborn Defenses would be a really cheap way to do this, both in mana and $

Aegis Angel also works, but to a lesser extent.. Is a little high in the CMC cost, and a little less useful though.

Darth_Savage on Mono-White Life gain

2 weeks ago

Your mana curve is off (too many 2, 4 and 6 drops / not enough 1 drops) and you aren't running a play set (4x) of any card. If you want to make the deck more efficient then a few things should probably change...

For non-creatures I'd cut Silkwrap, Blind Obedience, Hail of Arrows, Angel's Feather and Chaplain's Blessing. Instead of these running 4xJourney to Nowhere and 4xAcolyte's Reward

For land since devotion is an easy sub-theme Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is almost an auto-include in mono-coloured decks. Also worth consideration is Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Drifting Meadow and New Benalia all offer some utility, you probably don't need more than 20 land.

Finally for creatures you have no drop creature, I would suggest 4x Perimeter Captain in that role. To make the space cut Staff of the Sun Magus and 2x Plains. You might want to look at Nyx-Fleece Ram, Hero of Bladehold / Archangel of Tithes (in preference to Aegis Angel) or if you want to spend money - Serra Ascendant!

DuBie15 on Ephara

1 month ago

So cards that i think are a little underpowered are: Aegis Angel, Jeskai Barricade, Astral Cornucopia, Jace Beleren, Vapor Snag all feel underwhelming to me. Also i think 8 boardwipes are a lot, 6 is probably as many as you would want.

A cool combo in these colors is also Silence+Elite Arcanist. Just stop everyone from casting spells.

Some cards that might be good to add in are: White Sun's Zenith, Spirit Bonds, Springjack Pasture, Scourglass, Mirror Mockery, Martial Coup, Moonsilver Spear, Invocation of Saint Traft or the actual Geist of Saint Traft works well too. Cyclonic Rift can end games on its own. Some good draw cards are Treasure Cruise, Well of Ideas, Concentrate, Stroke of Genius and Rush of Knowledge and Bident of Thassa. Here is also a good list of draw spells I would also probably replace one elspeth with Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Esperbitch on Karlov's lifegain value

1 month ago

I'd recommend cards like Transcendent Master since it's a constant threat the whole game that is good at almost any point (as the level cards tend to be) and adds to your commander's ability.

Another card I'd recommend is Fumigate. If you can combine it with effects that give indestructible like Avacyn, Angel of Hope or its cheaper form Aegis Angel, you can have powerful threats that also support the synergy of the boardwipe.

Firebones675 on catch me

1 month ago

It's not for a specific card but I have 2 pointers

1) Ask yourself what kind of deck you want to be. Do you want to have a fast deck that can win before your opponent can stabilize, or do you want a deck that takes it slow, grinds out the game and wins with more expensive spells? Somewhere in the middle? There isn't a wrong answer to that question, it's just to help figure out a direction to move in. Some of your cards like Steadfast Cathar are at their best in fast decks that want to attack early and often whereas some of your cards like Aegis Angel are better the longer the game goes on as you are more likey to get the mana to cast it.

2) At present your deck is a bit inconsistent due to only having one of most of the different cards. As you get new cards, ask yourself which cards would i want to have in my hand the most and try to get extra copies of them (just be careful not to put too many expensive cards and not enough cheaper mana cards as soing that can lead to hands that don't do anything relevant until late game giving your opponent time to deal lots of damage)

elonth on First deck - W/U Artifact-heavy

1 month ago

Mighty Leap is a trap card for new players. It is only useful in limited (draft/sealed formats). You want something that either removes your opponents creatures or draws cards. CARDS TO REMOVE:Glint-Nest Crane isn't a bad card but you do not have a high enough nor good enough artifact density for it to be worth running. The majority of the time you cast it it will say "put the 4 cards that could have helped you on the bottom of your deck in any order"Self-Assembler this is a card that is only good in limited or if you have other assembler creatures besides self assembler. since you aren't running either of the good ones it serves no purpose other then being an expensive card that doesn't do much. you need to axe all 3 of them.

CARDS THAT NEED TO BE IN YOUR MAIN DECKAerial Responder is one of your best creatures. you need to be running it main board. Aegis Angel may be expensive but she protects your best creatures that are vulnerable to removal you should run at least 1 main board. Nebelgast Herald Sadly you don't have enough good spirits to make this guy as powerful as possible, that said there are a lot of cheap spirits that you can buy even at the rare level for standard they would be the corner stone of a budget blue flyer deck. i'll try and make you a budget blue deck under 30 dollars in just a few minutes that i will send you. Experimental Aviator not only makes you more fliers he makes you artifact fliers that get better off of your Foundry Inspector and serpent.

Air Servant while he is expensive at 5 mana and his ability is expensive to activate the primary goal of any flier deck is to control the skies. There are a lot of powerful flying artifact creatures in standard right now. He can tap them down so they can't attack you or block you when you need them.

elonth on First deck - W/U Artifact-heavy

1 month ago

i'm guessing you just started playing magic so the reason you have a lot of 1 of cards is simply because you don't own anymore. The number 1 thing you need to make your deck better is consistency. If you fill your deck with a bunch of 1 of cards you will never see them when you need them. Now to avoid confusion if you hear anything about vintage ignore it, that is an entirely different version of magic where 1 of is fine because of how quickly they go through their decks.

So obviously i get that you are trying to play blue/white flyers. This is abbreviated in short hand as W/U (white and U is blue because B is black) this is also called "azurious" which is the cannon name of U/W combination. this is just to help lower any confusion you may have.

The first thing you want to do is look at the best creatures you have, how can you get more of them! (local game stores which you can find almost anywhere) can sell you singles cards. Since you are just starting out you want to look to Uncommon cards (the silver set symbol). The sad truth is magic is not a pay to win game its a pay to compete. So general cards that are Rare or Mythic rare tend to be much more powerful than their common/uncommon counterparts. There are obvious exceptions but for the post part you will find most "tier 1" (decks played by professionals) have a very large amount of rare/mythic compared to common decks. Again this is not always an absolute law.

So lets look at your best flying creatures! and then we will look at your best artifact creatures and see how we can improve on it! The best card you own is Skysovereign, Consul Flagship so you will most likely want to be able to protect it. That makes your 2 Aegis Angel even better! they have something they want to protect!Your next most important cards are going to be your Sphinx of Magosi this card is an old card that back in its day was very powerful. it has slightly fallen behind the times but its still a great card for someone starting out! so we want to keep 2 of them. Now that we have your "late game" options flushed out some we need to figure out a great way to make sure you get to these 5 cards.

One card that you want to get 4 of to help you do this is your Aerial Responder he is nicknamed "dwarf dayhawk" because of his similarity to a previous card that made a name for itself. The reason he is good is because hes is good on offense and defense at the same time! this allows you to stay alive longer while also maybe winning early. due to the combination of his "keywords" which are flying/vigilance/lifelink. So to simplify we will simply say you need 4xAerial Responder.Another good card for you is also a dwarf. Fairgrounds Warden. While he may not be able to get rid of an opponents creature forever he can keep one locked for maybe long enough.

now that we have gotten a few good creatures to keep you alive and allow you to have some control on the board (whats in play) we can start looking to make your artifact synergy. To do this we are going to want cards that make artifact creatures when they come in and also make artifact cards better! The best card for this cards like Experimental Aviator or Chief of the Foundry. so getting at least 3 of each of them could really help that strategy.

Other cards that could make more artifacts for you are. Master Trinketeer he makes all your thopters bigger! while also letting you do something with extra mana.Another creature that does well with having lots of artifacts is Gearseeker Serpent while he does seem expensive once you have lots of little tokens out he gets very cheap! but you don't want to many in your deck so having 2 could be good enough. Other cards you could use are Spire Patrol.Among these creatures you should have enough stuff to keep you alive. (again this won't help you beat the best decks around).

You want to look at ways to stop your opponent from attacking at you. Look for cards that can destroy their things such as Skywhaler's Shot or Gideon's Reproach.

CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY! All of these cards i've suggested are cards that usually see next to no play in a very competitive format, but are good enough for casual play. If you would like i could design a deck for you that is blue/white fliers that would be something for you to work towards. I've avoided using Rare or mythic rare cards that are worth more than .50 cents apiece because you just started playing. In reality to get a competative deck that you could just take to any store and do at least well with for standard is going to cost at least 40-80 dollars. I have a R/W (red/white) equipment deck that is very aggressive that costs only about 30 dollars to put together, but if you go the extra mile to make the land base (the types of lands in the deck) it costs another 50.

Since you are also just starting out try and stick to getting cards from the following sets. Kaldesh, Aether revolt. Because of how standard works older sets rotate out as new ones come in. Kaladesh and aether revolt are the first 2 sets in a group of 4. after the next 2 sets come out (Ahmonket, Hour of devistation) they will be considered one big 4 set called a "block" this block will not rotate out until 5 more sets come out. But when the set that comes in after hour of devistiation the following sets will no longer be legal. M16, Battle for zendikar, Oath of the gate watch, Shadows over innistrad, Eldritch moon.

I know this seems like a lot of information at first i just wanted to bring you up to speed in case no one in your personal life has.

Fathinar on Playing the Lottery

2 months ago

I would consider adding more creatures maybe bring the creature count to somewhere between 30-35 i know they are all big beefies with high cast costs. But I feel like with the ramp you have it cant hurt. plus the idea is to have good things for mayael to dig for. I would start with Armada Wurm and maybe Craterhoof Behemoth Aegis Angel. something like Arborback Stomper will help get some life for free if you need it. Avatar of Slaughter for the game ending hit. Boldwyr Heavyweights because you should have the biggest creatures at the table and its a 2 for 1. Bringer of the Green Dawn/Bringer of the Red Dawn because reasons Council Guardian Deathcoil Wurm doesnt mind being blocked lol. Dragonlair Spider is great for blocking and creature racing. Enlisted Wurm though im not sure how cascade works with mayael. Garruk's Horde just seems natural in here as does Gladehart Cavalry. Living Inferno fight clubs all by its self as does Nessian Wilds Ravager. um Panglacial Wurm because i dare you to cast it from your library. i will scoop right then. Primeval Protector will be almost free even if its in your hand. Scourge of the Throne i mean your deck loves attacking why not do it again? Siege Behemoth,Tornado Elemental,wolfpack and Thorn Elemental because we want to just do straight damage to people. Stalking Vengeance will make people think twice about clearing the board. Tyrant of Discord sounds awesome. Vagrant Plowbeasts u know why. Vigordoesnt have time for anybodys shit. Windbrisk Raptor id like to see some lifelink in this deck because it has the potential to pump out assloads of damage per turn. there were a ton of creatures i omitted which had cycling and in hindsight they may be good but im sure you can do a search for them but if you ever find your hand flooded with creatures it might be a good out. also one last thing since i love this card Blade of Selves I didnt price anything out because I didnt feel like it since you could buy any of these one at a time and slowly build the deck into something that you wanted.

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