Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
Seventh Edition Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Weatherlight Rare

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Creatures you control have haste.

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Fervor Discussion

Maedhross on Aura-merica

5 days ago

Yeah. I totally missed that Generator Servant gives haste. Personally, I would still play Fervor instead of it though, or Lightning Greaves which i like even though it gives shroud. I do see how brilliant Sovereigns of Lost Alara is now. So I'm backtracking on my original comment saying it's not 'important enough'. I just coulnd't bring myself to play it though :-) But your deck isn't called Narset on her lonesome.

nik_r on Aura-merica

5 days ago

Honestly, I have to disagree with everyone telling you to get rid of Generator Servant. I've been a dedicated competitive Narset player for a year or so now, and the servant is not a card you want to cut. Haste is one of the most broken keywords in magic, and if you pair that with a card that ramps you, that's just icing on the cake. In my deck, the servant allows me to swing with narset on turn two the moment I cast her. In this deck, it may make her come out around turn 4-5, but that is still way ahead of curve for a non competitive deck. Also, do not run Fervor or Ashling's Prerogative. Giving other decks haste is a bad idea. In regards to Lightning Greaves, it is a fantastic card, but you will not be able to enchant her if you equip her with it. Since this deck is low on creature count, I would strongly consider not including it.

EternalBrewmaster on Aura-merica

5 days ago

I should have mentioned this before, but there's a perfect card for replacing Generator Servant that I have in my Narset deck: Dragon Breath. You can discard it early game no problem or have a slower start the first time out with Narset but after that you never have to worry about her being ready to go if she dies to a boardwipe as it comes back in whenever you cast her again. This same reason for having free haste is the reason people play Fervor, Ashling's Prerogative, and Lightning Greaves over Swiftfoot boots. The one mana equip for boots is too steep a cost.

Grind on The Family from Sea Gate.

1 week ago

Hi GoldenDiggle! saw your deck on the commander thread. sorry for my late comments.
I have never built an ally deck and few tribal decks but hopefully i have some useful suggestions for you.
First we look at your budget - something like Coat of Arms is good for such an ally-heavy deck but is not really a budget card. also you may look at changelings that count as allys, like Taurean Mauler and Cairn Wanderer.
Second, let's look at engine pieces. first engine pieces, card draw; i actually think Fact or Fiction is great. also great are Impulse, Recurring Insight, maybe something like Bident of Thassa as it synergizes with your going-wide strategy. maybe even Howling Mine or Phyrexian Arena.
more engine pieces: recursion. Phyrexian Reclamation is an awesome 1-drop. Regrowth is great. Seasons Past plus Mystical Tutor is an indefinitely repeatable recusion package in your colors.
avoiding boardwipes: this can be clutch. Boros Charm, Faith's Reward, and Cauldron of Souls are tricks that could give you an element of persistence.

the final engine piece is haste-enablers: at least one of Fervor, Fires of Yavimaya, Temur Ascendancy, Mass Hysteria, having at least one haste enabler can help you get value out of your creatures.
third, interaction. this is up to you how much you want to try to disrupt your opponents with removal like Swords to Plowshares or Anguished Unmaking. also things like Beast Within and Rapid Hybridization. some people like to play the threats and hope for the best. it is up to you and your meta as to how much removal you want to run.
finally, let's look at win cons.
how do you push over the top? some fun cards like Overwhelming Stampede and Triumph of the Hordes can give you some oomph. Mirror Entity is a changeling so it counts as an ally. Mob Rule and Sleep are options.
anyway i guess these are mostly goodstuff options but those are the ideas, some people are really dedicated to tribal but running a few engine pieces can make the deck more consistent and enjoyable to play with.
hope you get some ideas and continue to enjoy brewing and building! cheers and have fun!
postscript i saw you are running clone so check out Stunt Double that card is great. cheers.

dreamistt on Purphoros let the game begin

1 week ago

This deck seems to have gone two ways at the same time and that usually doesn't work all that well, but it might be alright in this case. You see, Purphoros decks usually do not care for attacking all that much (they just create massive amounts of tokens or end the game in a infinite ETB combo), so cards such as Fervor and Goblin War Drums do not seem all that necessary.

I'll say what I always say: ramp wins most games. Having more mana than your opponents allow you to do so much more and much faster. Mind Stone and Hedron Archive can double up as card draw when you don't need them anymore. Treasonous Ogre allows you to trade health for mana, which can be dangerous, but can also win you the game with things such as Tempt with Vengeance. Hangarback Walker would also be amazing in this deck.

Vicious Shadows can outright win you the game if you have enough creatures in play (it highly discourages board wipes) and I would easily trade Dictate of the Twin Gods for it since it can be quite dangerous.

Dash creatures are be useful, but you don't need that many. I'd remove Zurgo Bellstriker and Mardu Scout. (Lightning Berserker can finish off someone when the board is clear and you have enough mana).

God knows I love [Ragavan], but Kari Zev, Skyship Raider won't shine much in here in my opinion. Hanweir Garrison is insanely good, but will you be able to attack with it without someone blocking it? I don't think so. Goblin Matron is a good tutor (and you have a bunch of goblins), but I don't know if you really need it.

Chandra's Spitfire isn't all that good in EDH, but by all means, if you like it, keep it. It still holds the potential to kill someone out of nowhere. Norin the Wary is really fun, but he's also a bit expensive and you don't really need him. Magus of the Wheel is unnecessary and probably will give your opponents the cards they need to deal with Purphoros or some other card you really need. I particularly dislike wheeling effects since they are extremely situational and I'd rather have some passive extra draw such as Staff of Nin or a Loreseeker's Stone any time.

As for the spells, I'd remove Mizzium Mortars and Reforge the Soul (again, wheel effects are hardly useful most of the times). Release the Gremlins is kinda bad in a matchup where you don't have that many artifacts to destroy, Indomitable Creativity works better since you can turn a bunch of tokens into something better.

I love Ruination (since I don't play that many nonbasics in my decks I don't really care for it) but it might be a bad card in the sense that it makes everyone hate you (but hey, you're already playing Purphoros, what is a little more heat, right?). I'm on the fence about this one. Same goes for Reverberate, Dualcaster Mage and Wild Ricochet...

Breath of Fury needs the enchanted creature to deal combat damage to an opponent. Yes, it might be useful, but I don't think it'll ever be relevant enough to be here.

Other suggestions:

  • Goblin Offensive (Mana-dump cards like this can be useful to end the game)
  • Soulbright Flamekin (Turns into 8 red mana every turn)
  • Skittering Invasion (Consider this as a mana 10 damage to each oponent with Purphoros on the table since you can sacrifice the [Eldrazi Spawn] tokens to get your mana back)
  • Monkey Cage can be fun if you know someone is planning to cast a big creature next turn. And in EDH where average CMC is 3, 5 mana for 3 creatures isn't all that bad. You could also blink a big creature in order to RELEASE THE MONKEYS!
  • Flameshadow Conjuring allows you to pay for an extra copy of that spicy creature you want to cast. Probably a good card to have around. Imagine paying 1 extra for that Chancellor of the Forge or Siege-Gang Commander. It also triggers upon reentering the battlefield (Conjurer's Closet a creature and pay )
  • Rite of the Raging Storm is downright amazing since no one can attack you with the creatures you provide and it gives you a creature every turn for you to attack with.

nibsey on Urabrask's Machines & Dragons

2 weeks ago

Daretti has been replaced by Urabrask the Hidden as my Commander.

I have also made 'haste' an important part of the deck by adding Hammer of Purphoros and Cyclops of Eternal Fury and Mass Hysteria and Fervor.

More direct damage was required so i added Impact Resonance.

Some housekeeping is required to move cards from the side to the main board.

You comments and suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

EternalBrewmaster on Iroas, God of Victory

2 weeks ago

Zompires seems to be having some difficulty clearly expressing what they mean. You didn't clearly reference and label anything a or b or c. The clear win condition of this deck as with just about every boros deck is combat damage and as he said in the description, multiple combats.

That being said, there are a ton of cards in this deck that are just not good enough for EDH. Not knowing what your budget is or if you have this deck in paper limits what suggestions I can give you but I'll tell you what to cut.


  1. Tears of Rage it's only good if you are about to win, in which case you should just be winning. It gets stymied by a Fog and then you just boardwiped yourself. Also, Basandra, Battle Seraph shits on combat tricks.
  2. Warstorm Surge. It's a great card but you have too many 6 drops as it is, and in this deck your creatures are hitting for enough damage that you don't need the extra. Also, this card often just paints a target on it and you don't have ways to abuse it.
  3. Red Mana Battery and White Mana Battery because they're terrible. You want mana rocks you don't have to pay for like Coalition Relic, Thran Dynamo, and Chromatic Lantern.
  4. Cyclops of Eternal Fury because there are just so many better ways to give your creatures haste like Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Lightning Greaves, Fervor, Hammer of Purphoros. In general try to limit the ways to remove your key deck pieces like a haste enabler. If it's a creature and an enchantment then thats twice as many ways to kill it. Enchantments are usually the safe bet.
  5. Firemane Angel is hot garbage.
  6. Skyknight Legionnaire is also hot garbage.

I'd add in some equipment and more mana rocks really to give it some more power. Solemn Simulacrum and Burnished Hart never steer you wrong for mana ramp. And Emeria Shepherd is solid recursion. Also, you need some ways to get card draw; really the only ones open to you are through artifacts so you'll want Slate of Ancestry, Mind's Eye, and maybe Memory Jar for the late game. Good luck.

AceGambitDragonfly on Warp World

2 weeks ago

I would trade a pair of the lifegainers (Grazing Gladehart) out for something like Fires of Yavimaya, Fervor, or Hammer of Purphoros. Play testing this deck was fun, but I found once I was able to cast Warp World, thanks to Eternal Witness I could keep doing so, several times that turn. This often left me with a rather large Oran-Rief Hydra that likely would have swung for lethal, if only it were able to attack this turn.

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