Creatures you control have haste.

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Hybrow on Snakes on a Planeswalker - Xyris EDH swarm

49 minutes ago

Thanks again Geschlechts,

Growth Spiral and Coiling Oracle are both nice early game and I have a tougher time cutting such low CMC cards, which because of the draw basically become cantrips in my deck. I do have probably an unhealthy attachment to the sad robot and you are right about him.

Lorescale Coatl and Humble Defector have both under performed when on the board. And Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, I end up parking in my hand cause there is always a better choice to play.

If I swapped out those three for Anger, Fervor, and Chord of Calling (usually to pull out a god) I think that would improve the deck dramatically.

I am even thinking that Seshiro the Anointed could be replaced by Obelisk of Urd pretty easily. Or even swap Solemn for the Obelisk and keep both.

Sakiko, Mother of Summer was recently moved out of the deck. I have found that most of the named Legendary Snakes, which I originally had in here are slowly finding their way out.

If I already owned a Doubling Season, it would definitely go into this deck. But at $45+ price tag, its just too pricey for me.

Geschlechts on Snakes on a Planeswalker - Xyris EDH swarm

5 hours ago

I'd recommend dropping:

Growth Spiral - Good cantrip but doesn't combo with your commander.

Solemn Simulacrum - I think better options are out there.

Coiling Oracle, Lorescale Coatl - Great flavor but minimal impact.

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind - for the reason you listed above.

Humble Defector - A little slow but you can play politics with it.

That makes room for 6 cards.

Anger + Fervor

Chord of Calling + Obelisk of Urd - Put that convoke to use.

Sakiko, Mother of Summer - Of all the cards in your maybeboard this looks like the most useful.

Doubling Season - The recent reprint has made the price not too ridiculous.

Hybrow on Snakes on a Planeswalker - Xyris EDH swarm

8 hours ago

You are 100% correct Geschlechts

From the games I have played so far, I have noticed that haste is an issue. This would also remove my reason for having Overwhelm over Overrun.

Of the 3, I am thinking Anger and Fervor. Anger because I do have the possibility of discarding it, which would mean free haste, and Fervor simply because artifacts are a little easier to remove than enchantments in my playgroup.

The issue now is trying to figure out what to remove, that's always the difficulty.

Geschlechts on Snakes on a Planeswalker - Xyris EDH swarm

1 day ago

I'd recommend some haste on those snakes. At least for when you play a wheel on your turn.

Anger, Fervor, Hammer of Purphoros are a few good options.

unwucht on GoGo Goblins Saltinator!

2 days ago

quite a decent Krenko build! +1 As you already have Magewright's Stone in your list and go untap effects you might also consider Illusionist's Bracers.

With Thornbite Staff you might want additional ways to kill your own 1/1s at instant speed to go infinite. Ashnod's Altar and Goblin Sharpshooter are two possible means to do so.

Fiery Emancipation is a sweet damage increase. However, Torbran, Thane of Red Fell is way cheaper to cast (on the downside of being easier to be removed) and fits close to the same purpose.

Also, you might want additional haste enablers. I recommended Ogre Battledriver in addition to the already implemented Fervor. You are in red and probably will not be able to tutor for them reliably. So put in more. :)

Feel free to have a look at my own Krenko build Krenko Token Spam

Jensu08 on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

3 weeks ago

Starsky2814 If you really want haste look into cheaper alternatives like Fervor or Fires of Yavimaya Anger oh even Samut, Voice of Dissent

Pikobyte on Xyris's Noodle Party

1 month ago

You don’t have to go all in for sure, but I can highly recommend cards like Battle Hymn or Xenagos, the Reveler. Add in a few tutors to find phyrexian altar and the deck should play much smoother and better. My list looked pretty similar to yours at the beginning, but cards like ogre battledriver turned out to be dead cards often since it only affects tokens that come into play after it. Mass Hysteria or Fervor affect even the creatures that came into play before. You sacrifice some potential power there for less situational card choices. You have to see what works best for you

Fuzzlewuzzle on I Am Fire, I Am Death

1 month ago

X-Factor11105 I appreciate the suggestions, keep 'em coming! I think I'm going to try swapping Feed the Swarm in for Extinction Event, as exiling my own stuff feels pretty bad when it happens.

Two quick counterpoints:

  • Oubliette is different from all the other removal rakdos has access to, in that it can completely remove opposing commanders from the game. If you phase out someone else's commander it is gone forever, at least until they find a way to remove Oubliette (which some colors struggle to do).

  • I know Grave Upheaval is high-CMC, but every time I've cut the card I've regretted it. I like the flexibility - in the early game I can pitch it for a land to make sure I don't miss my land drops, and in the late game I can yank a hasted threat from anyone's graveyard. Cards that are useful in multiple situations are really nice to have.

Molten Echoes is awesome. I used to run Flameshadow Conjuring, and Echoes is a major upgrade. The legendary issue isn't much of a problem - it doesn't work with Skittles, Drakuseth, or either Kolaghan, but works amazingly with pretty much every other dragon, especially with Utvara, Terror of the Peaks, and Valkas. It's also one of Bladewing's infinite combo pieces, which is great for killing people out of nowhere.

I actually haven't been all that impressed with Purphoros lately. I initially loved him, but I don't use his sneak attack all that often, so most of the time he's just an indestructible 5-mana haste emblem. I've been thinking of swapping him out for something like Fervor, but I'm not sure.

Leyline Tyrant looks really neat, but my meta has a lot of exile-based removal, so I don't think I'd get a lot of mileage out of him. Then again, even if he just stores one or two turns' worth of red mana, that's still essentially a free casting of a 7 cmc or higher dragon, so maybe he's worth it? If I were to run him, I don't know if I'd use red rituals, but I'd definitely try out running Braid of Fire, though in that case I think I'd want to include more dragons with firebreathing to take advantage of the free mana.

Soul Shatter might find it's way in here. A 3 mana instant that kills everyone else's biggest threat, while leaving my board totally intact definitely seems worth a shot.

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