Rakdos the Defiler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Rakdos the Defiler

Legendary Creature — Demon

Flying, trample

Whenever Rakdos the Defiler attacks, sacrifice half the non-Demon permanents you control, rounded up.

Whenever Rakdos deals combat damage to a player, that player sacrifices half the non-Demon permanents he or she controls, rounded up.

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Rakdos the Defiler Discussion

Spirits on Kaalia the Thicc

1 week ago

Hi HunterXDante,

The first Kaalia of the Vast attack by Rakdos the Defiler is definitely the most destructive. Using him against Tier1 Commanders, like Kess, Dissident Mage, Thrasios, Triton Hero, Etc. can get me the 1 or 2 turns I need to combo, otherwise, Kaalia of the Vast is sometimes just a turn or 2 slower.

Against a ramp or draw , Often I will attack / sac 1/2 my permanents to keep the board state bare. I rebuild slower than any other deck out there, but if I can keep the board clear, the Rakdos the Defiler puts a fast count-down on a player to find a solution. You have to be careful because it hurts your board state, and the opponent your attacking but slows you down against the other 2 players (assuming a 4-player multi-pod).

I do have Volrath's Stronghold as a limited alternative.

I always thought that the one shot Rakdos the Defiler with very little sac outlet, and very little return to hand synergy wouldn't be the right card, but I've never been unhappy having him, there is always someone that needs to be set back or slowed down. I suggest try him for a bit, the 7 damage and sacrifice half-permanents and then a 7 flying blocker where you can unleash him if it makes sense to you (like many of your permanents are demons for example), is pretty good. See if you like him, I thought I wouldn't, couldn't understand why people played him, then I tried him and got ahead of Kess, Dissident Mage, works better than an Iona, Shield of Emeria because you can't say and and whichever you don't removes your Iona, Shield of Emeria.

Bruna, the Fading Light is definitely fun, if the games you are playing often allow you to get to CMC7 mana, she is very fun! Ours usually I don't get much past 4-6 mana if I get a Mana Crypt before someone is infect or combo'ing.

HunterXDante on Kaalia the Thicc

1 week ago

Thank you for taking the time to look at my build Spirits

I'll definitely follow up on some of this advice. I know top is really good but I didn't realize how much work it puts in assuring the combos go off in this deck.

I think I'm going to keep Bruna, the Fading Light in here entirely for the fun of it not because she plays well with the rest of the deck but I understand the reasons why she shouldn't be included in the most competitive version of the deck.

I will also likely remove Necromancy and Entomb, I thought having both would increase the likelihood of using recursion to it's potential but I see now that you've pointed it out it's more likely to get in the way without introducing more combo pieces for either.

I will definitely take Temple of the False God out soon, hopefully I can replace it with a Chrome Mox in the future for those early combos.

Lastly I was wondering how Rakdos the Defiler plays, he seems really good as a Kaalia drop since you get around his initial sac but I'm wondering if you ever use him to attack again since you would likely have to sacrifice lands on the second attack or have you found after the first use his second attack is unnecessary?

Spirits on Kaalia, Mirror Breaker EDH

1 week ago

Hi HunterXDante,

Thanks for the comment. I'll take a look at your deck and share some feedback on your page.

Archangel of Tithes is ok, 3/5 flying for CMC4 isn't terrible. The stax isn't board changing. Assists with go-wide strategies, unless their tokens also tap for mana, but usually those are Impact Tremors type hits anyways. I don't think he strong enough with all the impressive A/D/D available. I'd rather have the Rakdos the Defiler in many situations, he seems weak (I know, I struggled with him for VERY long), but he can slow down Grixis/Izzet decks just long enough that I can combo before they do. Or if I'm mana screwed or something, or Kaalia of the Vast being controlled, he can keep the board even. Creates an ok lock with Volrath's Stronghold sometimes too. Master of Cruelties can do the job against Grixis/Izzet usually too, but if they have a Baleful Strix or Bitterblossom or something you're going to lose to a Show and Tell + Omniscience combo without a tutored Rakdos the Defiler.

Lord of the Void is amazing, I just took him out last week to test Mausoleum Secrets supported with a Street Wraith (why play 99 card commander when you can play 98 card commander with 38 life :). He was great when versus Eldrazi decks, or even Mono Green/Big Green Commanders. The reason he eventually got cut is because of his lack of Trample. Flample would be an auto-include, found he wasn't connecting enough and inconsistently.

Archfiend of Despair also is great, I've been putting him in an out testing various new cards. Thought he would act like a Gisela, Blade of Goldnight but didn't work that way. Rarely does Life matter that much in Commander (Combo commander), but sometimes it does, Selesnya for example, Often he slows down combat between opponents, unless they get the strategic advantage. I try and combo instead of damage, if my primary strategy was damage, he would be an auto-include. Very good. His CMC8 was the ultimate reason I didn't go with him, would never tutor him (better options available) and didn't support my primary win-con (but very helpful for secondary).

Entomb I'm just not sure what to pull with it? It does support Mausoleum Secrets and can be cool early Iona, Shield of Emeria with a Reanimate for example. If you're playing Entomb (and a reanimation sub-theme) definitely play Gamble as well. I just feel I don't have enough early recursion to really take advantage of an Entomb. Chances are if you do the hyper-geometric probability is low for it's utility, someone like Kess, Dissident Mage LOVES this card.

Njirk on Kaalia's Having a Party

1 month ago

If you dont mind other players not having fun you might want to add these: Armageddon, Cataclysm, Razia's Purification, Impending Disaster and Boom / Bust. (And if you are a big spender Ravages of War)

Also Rakdos the Defiler and Sire Of Insanity.

Personally I have always found Desolation Angel out of place in kaalia because you cant kick when you cheat her into play.

darkmoon197 on Kaalia slaps your face

2 months ago

I would suggest Rakdos the Defiler if you cheat him in with Kaalia of the Vast you don't get the attack trigger but you will set someone so far back they might as well give up.

carpecanum on

3 months ago

Silent Arbiter means only YOU get to attack or block with multiple creatures.

Virtus the Veiled or Raving Dead cut an opponents life in half if not blocked. Raving dead does not have to attack randomly because the beginning of combat has already passed. Gadianten already mentioned Master of Cruelties and Rakdos the Defiler

If you want to play with Infect you have tons of choices that are really ugly

Gadianten on

3 months ago

Buried Alive to stock your graveyard with choice targets.

Master of Cruelties and Rakdos the Defiler for a viscous got ya, note since they are put into play attacking you skip past those pesky requirements like sacrificing half your permanents but the same cannot be said for your opponents.

Sundial of the Infinite to keep your tokens, play all your stuff in the first main phase then in response to the exile trigger end your turn.

Greater Good, make those tokens work for you and stock the graveyard with the discard.

Riftsweeper might be useful if you can a way to blink it.

Bane of Progress is a good punisher for artifact and enchantment heavy players.

Xenagos, God of Revels Make your commander frighteningly large.

Dragon Mage, Synergistic wheel of fortune effect fueling the onslaught and messing with control players.

Rune-Scarred Demon and Sidisi, Undead Vizier, tutors on attack.

loricatuslupus on Still Better than Dan Brown...

3 months ago

Ok, thanks for all the suggestions Demarge! I think I've actually looked at your deck for ideas previously. Yeah obviously Mind Stone should be Sol Ring, I moved a copy to another deck as I thought I'd found one a Judge one and then the deal fell through but I forgot to replace it. Dark Ritual is good but in this deck the ramp is limited because it only provides triple black, which doesn't help me cast Kaalia. If I'm going to go that way it'll be when I can afford to invest in a Chrome Mox or perhaps Mana Crypt/Mana Vault (again, my copies are in another deck atm). Rakdos the Defiler I'm not sold on. While a double trigger on a hit would be good I'm relying on using him with Kaalia to avoid sacking my own stuff, and can't stop that happening any time I want to attack after the first. Also with both him, Mother of Runes and Dragon Mage I'm not sure who to cut. I like all the creatures I run already and at the moment the only one I'd lose is Anya, for Belzenlok. Boros Charm is super strong though, don't know how I overlooked that!

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