Sire Of Insanity

Sire Of Insanity

Creature — Demon

At the beginning of each end step, each player discards his or her hand.

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Sire Of Insanity occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Rakdos: 0.63%

Sire Of Insanity Discussion

Shyachi33 on Reanimate Korvold

2 weeks ago

Wishclaw Talisman > Scheming Symmetry you should never be helping someone in cedh with a tutor like Scheming. but wishclaw at least lest you pop off on your turn without someone tutoring a counterspell to stop you.

Gamble > Diabolic Tutor diabolic tutor is just bad, 4 mana to tutor something is really bad unless it's letting cheat mana cost somewhere else, like Natural Order

unless you add more discard synergy, i would cut Sire Of Insanity and Protean Hulk you don't have a consistent way to dump them in the gy to cheat their cost. i would even consider cutting Mikaeus too, as it is one of the more expensive ways to activate your persist combo.

and since you're going for the persist combo it looks like: Putrid Goblin is a decent plan B if murderous redcap is off the table. Grumgully, the Generous is probably the better replacement to mikaeus. and with that said, Goblin Recruiter becomes a great line to get your persist combo if Korvold is out. top to bottom: Dockside Extortionist, Vexing Shusher (if you need the protection), grumgully, Skirk Prospector, and putrid goblin or the redcap.

i highly recommend Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast just for some interactions. it's a good way to shoot rhystic study at the least, but you can protect your fairly fragile persist combo as well. unless you're magically playing in a meta without any blue, which for cEDH standards is absurd.

also some other cheap ways to draw cards is also something i noticed this deck missing, all you really have is library, dark confidant, and Korvold himself. decent add-ons are: Oakhame Adversary, Mindblade Render, Azra Oddsmaker, or Runic Armasaur

if you end up cutting all the top end (cmc 5+) cards out, you can also add in ad nauseum for a very strong draw power.

Ojallday on Merciless rage upgrades

1 month ago

randym1988 th most competitive will obviously be the Worldgorger Dragon combo which was mentioned earlier, with a back up combo of something like Dualcaster Mage and Dual Flame. But, other options that would be more fun in a budget build. One option is to use the amonket and hour of devastation creatures that get pumped until end of turn when you cycle or discard, and creatures like Glint-Horn Buccaneer. However,I think a much more fun option would be to run your favorite eldrazi fatties, plus any big scary rakdos creatures you feel would be cool such as Sire Of Insanity and use anje's ability to put them in the graveyard so you can use reanimate spells to cheat them out.

theguy419 on Windgrace Landscaping Company, Inc.

1 month ago

consider Dread Presence as an option for at the very least card draw or a mini valakut. I looked over your list and i'm noticing tons of ways to get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth on to the field. I've had plenty of games playing a windgrace deck where dread presence is extremely good and just wins me games because i slam it down and watch it take over games. I built my windgrace deck to be set in a more competitive enviroment just because that's how everyone wants to play in my play group, but I couldn't help to add my own pet cards in to my deck like Sire Of Insanity. That card absolutely goes in every red/black deck i play. Take a look and tell me what you think. +1 from me on your deck! Please also ignore any land destruction. it's supposed to be for a more competitive crowd.

Deck: Who needs lands to play?

JaceFromStateFarm on Heaven and Hell

1 month ago

I would focus a bit less on protection spells that cost two or more, since it's hard to hold them up unless Kaalia has already stuck. The 1cmc ones like Apostle's Blessing are good, because it's easy to just wait a turn to play Kaalia on turn 5 with it up. Unless you are trying to build a less aggressive deck, I'd include a few more haste enablers instead - Kaalia wants to be fast and build a huge board presence quickly, and giving her haste is one of the best ways to do that. Some of my favorites are Dragon Tempest, Hall of the Bandit Lord, and Mass Hysteria. Also, Sire Of Insanity is a fantastic card for Kaalia.

Fe_Gui on RBW Reanimator Twist

2 months ago

I see what you are going for, but can I ask why not use Buried Alive or Entomb? A turn 1 Entomb + Griselbrand + Exhume will finish the game really fast... Also, by "tutoring", you can use less creatures in your deck, and open slots for cards like Duress, Collective Brutality, Sign in Blood, Lotus Petal... Disruption is always good, extra draw will fuel your Zombie Infestation and Lotus/Rituals let you chain cards off a Griselbrand activation by giving extra mana.

Against grave hate, I recommend Pithing Needle, Phyrexian Revoker... cards that shut down Tormod's Crypt, Deathrite Shaman and similar. Against counters, Boseiju, Who Shelters All is really good, also Pyroblast.

For the creature-package, I have a few suggestions... Anger gives everyone haste, Sheoldred, Whispering One is a Reya on steroids, and Sire Of Insanity.

Hope this helps!

pcguy89 on Chainer: Keeper of Graves

2 months ago

Suggestions for removal / maybeboard:

Suggestions for additions:

Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead / Dance of the Dead forms an infinite loop that you can cancel at any time. The loop blinks all of your lands into exile temporarily, allowing you to tap them before they blink out. This can be used to create infinite mana. Worldgorger Dragon isn't a good card on it's own, but it combos well with Buried Alive and your Gravebreaker Lamia. Animate Dead and Dance of the Dead are great any time because they can target creatures in anyone's GY.

Servbot40 on Urza Power Scepter

2 months ago

dingusdingo Most cEDH pull from a core set of cards based on the game plan of your deck. The deck you are looking at here is a mid-range deck with a combo finish, and not an artifact stax deck. Chain Veil Teferi is a mid-range deck with a combo finish and not a planeswalker deck. Both decks have similar game plans which is to delay opposing faster combo decks until the infinite mana combo and they can both draw out their decks. The reason this seems so similar is because this deck is essentially CVT with a slightly higher card quality combo, Dramatic Scepter vs Chain Veil, and is less reliant on the commander for the win.

Fact or Fiction , Recurring Insight , Time Spiral and Future Sight all play into the mid-range nature of the deck. Urza is capable of casting these cards that are powerful but a touch to expensive for most decks. In addition these cards also assist with the "...this particular list runs out of gas and struggles with card draw..." weakness you pointed out. Which no card you mentioned to use in place really solved this issue. Hand hate cards are in general rare in cEDH and usually in the form of mass discard with a reanimated Sire Of Insanity or Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur .

In general thanks for your input, some of your suggestions may work for some playgroups and are likely worth playing in some cases. As with most netdecking you are usually better off starting from a generic list such as the one you commented on and replacing components of that deck to fit your Meta. In some cases you may find that you metagame actively hates against this decks entire gameplan and need to choose another deck.

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