Vanquish the Horde

Vanquish the Horde


This spell costs less to cast for each creature on the battlefield.

Destroy all creatures.

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Vanquish the Horde Discussion

Argy on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

I think Blasphemous Act is also popular because it is a very good board wipe for Red decks.

There are better, cheaper options for White board wipes, rather than Vanquish the Horde such as Wrath of God

griffstick on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

If Vanquish the Horde gets reprinted enough it will be a staple but I guarantee if it doesn't see a reprint before the second quarter of 2022. This card will be out of budget for most players. Including myself.

Blasphemous Act will always be a better card than Vanquish the Horde.

13 damage kills mostly everything. It's just to cast. Spending just to reset the board of its creatures, is feaking insane. If Blasphemous Act cost to cast then I would say Vanquish the Horde is better.

However this does not diminish the card Vanquish the Horde from being a staple because it can be, but, it can only be a staple if it get reprinted over and over again.

Right now Blasphemous Act sits at $1.50 US dollars on and Vanquish the Horde is five. Take in rhe fact that Blasphemous Act is less than 2 bucks and has several reprints. It would be easy to say that Blasphemous Act is a staple. Vanquish the Horde is not.

Omniscience_is_life on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

The main reason I personally believe Blasphemous Act is a staple is that it's in red; with almost no other options in the color, Act is basically just the only card that gets the job done. And the fact that is uses damage isn't to be overlooked--as mentioned above, Vial Smasher the Fierce-type decks love this sort of thing.

Past that, I do think Vanquish will be a staple. Not because it's replacing Act, but because it's on par with it.

The best wipes in EDH are currently, IMO and in no particular order:

  1. Vanquish the Horde

  2. Blasphemous Act

  3. Tragic Arrogance

  4. Cyclonic Rift

  5. Out of Time

Caerwyn on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

I think it will become a staple. Wrath of God has near-staple status and I think Vanquish the Horde is a better card. Vanquish is better than Wrath in most situations you want to bordwipe - only beaten in the rare instances you have to use a bordwipe against a single creature or when Regenerate is at play.

Niko9 on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

It could definitely be a staple as efficient as it is. Boardwipes are always going to be better or worse depending on your playgroup though, and having to commit to white might actually make it see less play than Blasphemous Act Many strategies in white revolve around your creatures, so a boardwipe can hurt you more than they can in red where you can build a more spells matter strategy. I think part of what makes act so popular is that it's in red. That's not to say that Vanquish the Horde won't see a ton of play in BW control, because in that kind of deck, it is awesome.

Blasphemous Act is also amazing with Vial Smasher the Fierce who is a popular commander.

So, time will tell I guess :) Vanquish is an awesome card and maybe it will see equal play to blasphemous act. It could also be that vanquish will see similar play to Doomskar which, even though they do different things, they may fit into the same decks. Doomskar being an early game value sweeper and vanquish being a late game saving sweeper. I'd bet that the decks running doomskar would be the decks that want to run vanquish.

I think that maybe the best part of vanquish is that with Guardian of Faith it can be a 5 mana one sided boardwipe if you have just a ton of white mana.

DemonDragonJ on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 week ago

Blasphemous Act is a very popular card, mainly because of its cost-reduction ability, but also because 13 damage is usually sufficient to destroy all creatures on the battlefield.

However, I wonder if Vanquish the Horde from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will eventually become as popular as the act, since it has the same cost-reduction ability, and it unconditionally destroys all creatures, even those with toughness above 13 or that are impervious to damage.

Another player mentioned to me that the fact that VtH requires two mana of a specific color, rather than only one, will hinder it from becoming a new staple, but I think that will hardly be an issue any player who knows how to build a deck.

Wat does everyone else say about this? Will Vanquish the Horde become a new staple?

LinkOpensChest_wav on Yikes! Humans!

3 weeks ago

I added some more targeted removal such as Valorous Stance and Oblivion Ring. I could still probably use more, but at least it's something.

I also replaced Citywide Bust with Vanquish the Horde. There are better wraths out there, but that's at least an improvement.

I also took out a couple less effective humans and put in some creatures like Lena, Selfless Champion and Nils, Discipline Enforcer - which in my playgroup might be good since there are often a lot of counters on the table.

I did a lot more too. I'm going to test it in my playgroup in less than 40 minutes, so I'm sure later I'll want to do even more. In fact, I wanted to go into more detail about some other updates I made, but I've got to leave or I'll be late lol

Scytec on Tiamat

1 month ago

beside tiamat in your edit page, put CMDR in asterisks, that will denote it as your commander.

As for cards, i would start with Farseek, Explosive Vegetation, Rampant Growth, Kodama's Reach, Coldsteel Heart, Mind's Eye, Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora, Fertile Ground, Dawn's Reflection, Sphere of the Suns, Mask of Memory, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Counterspell, Vanquish the Horde, Wrath of God, Semester's End, Pongify, Beast Within, Chaos Warp, Vandalblast, Merciless Eviction, you need some answers, consitent ramp, and tons of draw. These are a few of the cards/effects i would consider or search for if i were you to start with. Hopefully they give you more ideas as well. You're gonna want to run 37-39 lands in my opinion. I'd probably start with 37-38 if i were you i think. Let me know if you think of anything else you want to know about. I tried to keep these mostly budget. A few are kinda expensive, but most are $5 or less. Silence is another fun one to consider.

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