Spirit Mantle

Spirit Mantle

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has protection from creatures.

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Spirit Mantle Discussion

TheVectornaut on Can't touch this - please help

1 week ago

Cards in the side that I think could work in the main are Dungrove Elder , Ambuscade , Rancor , Shield of the Oversoul , and maybe Ironscale Hydra . Cards that fit the general idea of the sideboard include Kogla, the Titan Ape , Mold Shambler , Reclamation Sage , and Yasharn, Implacable Earth . Other common SB options in these colors could be Stony Silence , Rest in Peace , Leyline of Sanctity , Selfless Spirit , Kor Firewalker , Rule of Law , Force of Vigor , Qasali Pridemage , and Scavenging Ooze .

At this point, this deck is far enough removed from the deathtouch lure plan that I think it could be worth swapping out those cards to go all-in on bogles or aura/hexproof instead. Cards like Slippery Bogle and Silhana Ledgewalker tend to pair well with aura buffs like Spirit Mantle and Ethereal Armor .

ElijahCallahan64 on extremely competitive pioneer

3 weeks ago

ArgyThanks for the advice, i really wish i could run Spirit Mantle with this too lol. I honestly don't know how to get into a tournament. Do you think this would be competitive and at leat have a shot?(with tweaking)

Monomanamaniac on Legion Helldiver Corps

4 weeks ago

I see the deck doesn't look much like it did before. 2.4 advantage cmc is definitely decent. I would like to start by saying I'm really glad to see some staple tutors in your list, i know you were initially against them but a little consistency in your 99 card deck doesn't hurt. So I noticed you don't run any mana rocks, which i think is a bit of a mistake. Mana rocks help you power up by getting with equip costs when you don't have a better way of getting them onto your commander automatically. Sol Ring , Talisman of Conviction , Boros Signet , Mind Stone and especially Thought Vessel would be good includes to make sure you're able to ramp those equipment onto your commander. On that note Danitha Capashen, Paragon while not as good as stoneforge or puresteel, is very decent at reducing those pesky equip costs. Also, Spirit Mantle is unblockable and lets you draw a card. Other than that you may want to think about removal: Swords to Plowshares , Path to Exile , Generous Gift , and/or Chaos Warp are good answers. I'd also think about utilizing Sunforger because it can fetch any if your answer cards. I know most of these suggestions aren't really the "fun" cards to run, but it'll keep you in the game more often than not and help you stop your opponents from going off via combo kill.

I'd cut trusty retriever because if you need either of those effects then there's lower cmc cards that you could do that with. Blood mist good card, but it's not an aura or an equipment so even though it's a neat effect I wouldn't run it. Metalworker probably does pretty decent with all your card draw, but it's giving away a lot of information for a deck that's trying to win through combat. Sculpting steel, I've never really liked how this card ends up working, our not working in most cases lol. Thespian's stage, you're going to spend too much time and resources on it getting it set up for the pay off to be good enough. Spectral steel doesn't give enough of a boost and the graveyard ability it's really worth it either. Idyllic tutor I can appreciate the fact that you're running tutors, but you're leaning into the equipments and only running the cream of the crop of auras... So spending 3 mana to search for an enchantment isn't ideal. Kor cartographer is too much mana to only get 1 plains, if you really want that effect you could get Solemn Simulacrum so that you could search for a mountain if you really need to. Encroaching wastes I'm not a fan of land destruction, especially eye for an eye types, especially if you have to pay 4 and lose a land to do it. Sword of body and mind good protections, but the 2/2 wolf is not great and the mill can be actively bad against graveyard decks, especially when you don't have graveyard hate. Knight of the white orchid i love this creature, but it's limited possible land fetch that doesn't do much else, I'd suggest Keeper of the Accord because it's repeatable. Disenchant I'd suggest running Heliod's Intervention because it's more flexible and can be used for life gain if needed.

Besides that it's looking sharp, you've got some serious power in this deck. I really like wyleth and i think it's a very fun and powerful deck. Wyleth is an engine and a win condition in one, which is very hard to find. Again, don't take my suggestions as criticisms, it's just what i would do if it were my deck (honestly I'd trade that metalworker for a Mana Crypt , Teferi's Protection , and a Smothering Tithe lol)

TheVectornaut on Heroic white Soldiers

1 month ago

Strive is an excellent way to ensure you're not missing out on heroic triggers on your other creatures when spells inevitably get diverted to Phalanx Leader . Launch the Fleet and Ajani's Presence are the best two options in white. If you don't mind running nonhumans, Vanguard of Brimaz and Tethmos High Priest could make Fight as One viable instead. More generic instant/sorceries could be Gird for Battle , Hope and Glory , and Tandem Tactics . Finally, if you prefer the Hero of Iroas , Kor Spiritdancer type of play, Spirit Mantle + Daybreak Coronet is a great way to push damage and Karametra's Blessing is a nice trick.

enpc on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

2 months ago

Commander_JAR: Most cEDH decks that aren't based around beats (i.e. stuff like Najeela) are pretty creature light. Or the creatures you're playing against are typically mana dorks that people don't want to just chump block with. So Tymna is able to generate card advantage off of Tana (who can also just roll over 1/1 chump blockers). In addition, Tymna's lifelink is nothing to scoff at.

The problem with Ravos is that he costs 5 mana (you should be doing something strong with 5 mana) and then he takes an entire turn to do anything. In addition to that, cEDH removal is typically cards that either bounce to hand or straight up exile, so he doesn't generate any value there.

In more casual or more creature heavy settings you do have to work harder to get card advantgae off Tymna. But one of the things that Tana stax brings to the table is that she helps clear the board of creatures to let you connect unhindered.

If you didn't want to go down the stax route, you could always look at adding cards like Spirit Mantle to the deck, which lets Tana connect more consistently which then in turn helps you draw cards. Also (and it is a casual deck but) Sublime Archangel can be a bit of an MVP with Tana, especially if you have a few saprolings/dorks down already.

Wingo86 on Flight of the Valkyries

2 months ago

I managed to get a test game in yesterday and that combo of having Bishop of Wings and Righteous Valkyrie was gaining me so much life. I still like the idea of Spirit Mantle over Light of Hope for now but with all that life gain, I wasn't doing much with it. I am going to try running another Valkyrie Harbinger and see if that helps. Otherwise I may try to make room for a 3rd Angelic Accord .

Apollo_Paladin on Defensive formation

3 months ago

You seem to have run into one of the main problems I had when first constructing my Legacy Mono-White Aura deck; mainly being that you can build up quite a defense, but end up light on win conditions.

I would encourage you to look at my build for some ideas, not the least of which being Spirit Mantle which literally equates to Unblockable (more accurately; can't be blocked by creatures) for guaranteed damage per turn. Combined with an infinite defensive sink, my deck allows you to eat any amount of damage all while continuing to swing away with Unblockable (equiv.) creatures that grow very large very quickly. It's a monster of a deck, one of my most reliable and enjoyable to play.

Give it a look, either way +1 on your first attempt!

My Build: Intense Aura Beatdown (with Infinite Defense!)

Last_Laugh on Narset One Woman Army (2020 vers)

3 months ago

I'd recommend putting a LOT more ramp in here so you can get Narset out sooner. All 3 Signets, all 3 Talismans (i.e. Talisman of Creativity), Arcane Signet, Fellwar Stone, Worn Powerstone, and Basalt Monolith. I'd drop Jeskai Banner though... if it costs but only adds 1 mana it's not worth it. Generator Servant ramps and gives haste (only creature I ran tbh).

Brainstorm and Dream Cache both allow you to get expensive cards from hand to the top of your deck to cast for free.

Spirit Mantle and Steel of the Godhead are both excellent auras here.

Feel free to pick through my list for ideas (it's not budget friendly but there's some cheaper gems to be found). Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Narset, American Beauty

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