Deadly Dispute

Deadly Dispute


As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice an artifact or creature.

Draw two cards and create a Treasure token. (It's an artifact with ", Sacrifice this: Gain one mana of any colour.")

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Deadly Dispute Discussion

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

3 days ago

kirbysan If you prefer, going for 4-plains and 5-swamps or the reverse would be fine. Personally, I'm hesitant to go for more plains than swamps because of how it can ruin an early Necropotence and how many more black cards we play. I haven't yet ran out of basic plains to fetch for and it be a big problem, but theoretically, it could be bad, so I'll probably cut a swamp for a plains myself. The thing is, in the late game, we're not focused on ramping, and making our land drops despite off-color white fetches should be doable because of how much card draw we have. At the point where we've drawn and/or played every plains from our deck, we should be good on mana.

Exotic Orchard definitely seems bad in 1v1 since you only have one opponent, so I wouldn't play it there. Orchard is meant to be a good land in multiplayer free for all which is the most common way to play EDH. At the very worst, it's just a basic land, but at it's best, which is most of the time in multiplayer, it's an untapped dual. It doesn't have to do with casting opponents' spells. Archaeomancer's Map is another example of a card that's meant for multiplayer. In multiplayer, green and ramp strategies are incredibly popular, so it's meant as a catch-up ramp spell that also fixes our land drops for the next couple turns.

For anti-stax, I don't recommend Return to Dust since it's 4 mana. Against those strategies, you're less likely to have access to large amounts of mana, so low mana artifact/enchantment removal like Disenchant and Fragmentize would do a lot better. Even cards like Cathar Commando could do work since they work well with the aristocrat strategy of the deck. For cards to swap out, you could take out redundant pieces like The Meathook Massacre, Shambling Ghast, and Deadly Dispute. Just don't go all in on cutting cards from a single package, like every tutor, every 1-drop fodder piece, etc.

TriusMalarky on Favorite Cube-Card

4 weeks ago

A lot of the boring stuff, actually -- Riftwing Cloudskate, Ravenous Chupacabra, etc. Just cards that are cool but not quite good enough for, say, Modern.

I'm really enjoying Keskit, the Flesh Sculptor and Fain, the Broker in my cube as part of my artifact-aristocrat theme. They make Ichor Wellspring and Mycosynth Wellspring pretty good. Pair with Oswald Fiddlebender and a couple other tools like Servo Schematic, Implement of Malice, and the all-powerful Deadly Dispute for ALL THE ARTIFACT VALUE!!

Niko9 on Elenda Deck Help

2 months ago

She's an awesome commander, no doubt :) I'm a huge fan of Elenda in flavor, in design, and in game too. Even now when we have vampires in wedding dresses and things, Elenda is still the most classy one around. There are a few things I can think of that might help with the deck. Not sure how amazing they are, but here's some ideas:

Blade of the Bloodchief is almost made for Elenda and can just be a good play just to have it on board with it's super low cost.

gravepact I mean, it's grave pact, and it's the best at being grave pact.

Nether Traitor and other creatures that you can recur over and over are pretty great. Just scooping it back to power the sac engine can be well worth it. Bloodghast is good too, and I think there are a few zombies with similar effects. I mostly run traitor because the price tag on a lot of this type of card is kinda up there.

Deadly Dispute is such an awesome card. It is going to do everything you want and then some.

Hero of Bladehold can be a great way to make creatures. She works best with some kind of evasion, but just getting two free bodies per turn can be very good.

Seraph of the Scales can take out the best flying threat on the board and give you two spirits on the other end.

Dire Fleet Poisoner is a card I really love, and I get that it doesn't always work and it requires adding pirates, but when it works, it's excellent. Flash in deathtouch on their blocker and then get a deathtouching blocker of your own can really make a big swing. Changelings or Dire Fleet Hoarder work so well with the poisoner.

Lingering Souls Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are good cards from modern soul sisters that can work in commander. One mana for warden to gain you maybe 10 life and also give you a body is great. And if they really have to use removal on your one mana creature, that's almost better.

Vampire of the Dire Moon anything with deathtouch works well with Elenda and if you give dire moon something like the blade of the bloodchief to make her an attacking threat, it will start pinging small creatures left and right.

Karn's Bastion might be a good utility land to put extra counters on walkers and Elenda. Manlands might also be good to give you creatures if you get flooded. Mutavault Inkmoth Nexus Mishra's Factory pretty much anything that can give you mana early and be a creature to sac late game is useful.

Trading Post is one of my favorite sac outlets. It will give you creatures or sacs as you need. Also, it pairs with Unwinding Clock if you have enough tap artifacts to make it worth it.

Pyre of Heroes can be amazing if the deck has enough CmC and same types to make it work. When it does though, sacs plus tutors is solid.

Lolth, Spider Queen when she's good in a sac deck, she's really good, but when she's not, it's hard to justify her in the deck. May not be great, but I have had times where she was just the best card.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's a lot of ways to go with this one. You've got a great looking deck, these are just the things that came to mind. You might also find that it plays better to remove some staples for things that go along with the theme. Like, Esper Sentinel is really great, but you might actually get more value in a game out of Soul Warden And, when I play Elenda I always try to give her evasion somehow or use Sanguine Bond to make her lifelink into damage. Sometimes she can get really big and not actually do a ton, I feel like.

Hope you have fun tuning up the deck :) I'd be interested to check in and see how it goes. Looks like a fun one.

Elsterooo on Yawgmoth Rememberance

2 months ago

Thank you very much! Deadly Dispute is basically a ramp Village Rites, and in this deck, because it produces a treasure token, you even get a squirrel with it if Chatterfang, Squirrel General is out! Needless to say you can also sac a food token from Gilded Goose for it.

Niko9 on Yawgmoth Rememberance

2 months ago

That looks like a pretty awesome interaction with Yawgy and Bastion. I don't know a ton about historic, but this looks like a really solid doing-stuff deck. And it's great to see Deadly Dispute get some love. I put it in a sac matters deck and it always performs great. When you go to blocks and your guys stop a threat, give you cards, and ramp you into next turn to use those cards, it big smiles time.

Guess I don't have much to add here, just a big thumbs up for an interesting look at a sac build.

lpeters82 on Vaultatog

2 months ago

With the additions of Blood Fountain. and Deadly Dispute the pauper build of affinity has pretty much shifted towards Rakdos. I have some mixed feelings about that. This deck used to be a bit more unique, since few people were playing Disciple of the Vault. While less unique at this point, I'm still glad that more are enjoying it. I also like the addition of Wedding Invitation, which acts as an alternate to Fling.

GrimlockVIII on Carrion, My Wayward Swarm (Grist Insects + Song)

2 months ago

I'd replace Dredge with Deadly Dispute or Village Rites. If you have a reliable way to gain life, then Plumb the Forbidden can potentially draw you a bunch of stuff.

multimedia on Undead Unleashed

2 months ago

Hey, nice upgrades of Demonic, Acererak, Stitcher, Gravecrawler, Grim, Sidisi, Cryptbreaker, Master, Undead, Remembrance, Titan, Victimize, Misty, Drowned, Clearwater.

Interesting choices to cut the mana rock ramp other than Sol from the precon and reduced the lands from 40 to 31. Reducing the lands is fine because 40 lands in the precon is too much. Although, only 31 lands is pretty risky; I wouldn't play below 34 if I'm not playing green. The problem is you haven't compensated for the reduction of lands by adding more ramp to have enough mana or more low CMC draw to help to draw lands or some of both. It looks like you have cut lands to add more high CMC cards which is the wrong approach when upgrading a precon.

With a budget of $400+ consider adding the mana rocks? The precon has Arcane Signet, Talisman of Dominance and Crowded Crypt, all these are good. Add to these Dimir Signet and Thought Vessel; these two are upgrades for the Diamonds. More low CMC draw can also replace lands such as Brainstorm, Preordain, Deadly Dispute, Frantic Search, Village Rites.

Dreadhorde Invasion is a two drop in the precon and it's a good repeatable Zombie source for Wilhelt. Sac the Zombie Army token at your end step on each of your turns for a repeatable draw source that only costs you 1 life on your turn. Midnight Reaper is also in the precon and it's a Zombie who can be a repeatable source of draw especially with Gravecrawler.

Some cards to consider cutting because they're not as good as others here:

I don't think you have the mana to support X spells such as Summons and Empty to get enough from them to be worth casting. Adding Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would help also with casting Army.

With Gravecrawler to combo with Rooftop you need a sac outlet. To combo with Wilhelt and Poppet Factory you also need a sac outlet. Consider adding some sac outlets?

  • Blasting Station: can be the win condition with either Gravecrawler or Factory combo.
  • Carrion Feeder: one drop Zombie.
  • Ashnod's Altar: combos with Havengul Lich + Rooftop to repeatedly reanimate/sac/reanimate all Zombies in all graveyards.
  • Altar of Dementia: infinite mills all your opponents when you control Factory by repeatedly sacing just one Zombie. Can also be the win condition with Gravecrawler + Rooftop.

If you're wanting to win with combo especially with Rooftop then consider some protection for the combo? Lazotep Plating, Counterspell, Swan Song, Flusterstorm.

Good luck with your deck.

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