Welcome to my page and thank you for taking the time to check out my content!

Hey! I've been playing since roughly 2013, with my introductory set being set:Core 2012, and my first pack being Born of the Gods (I think). It was whatever pack had Elspeth, Sun's Champion in standard rotation.

NoobNoob275 watched me pull a planeswalker from my first pack and just about shidded, and we've been the best of friends and rivals ever since.

Several other players have crossed my path including:

As well as some who are my personal family, like:

And then furthermore, acquaintances I've met here on the site who are amazing, like:

I have been told that I make "novel" decks but that's a lot of words for "probably tier 2".

Whether thematic or building to a competitive goal, I try to enjoy what I make and have some element of originality in my concepts, even if the deck is a staple meta-driven deck.

Pros: creativity, imagination, humor

Cons: inconsistency, unpopular idea/not enough support, no place in the meta

In terms of playing, my favorite format is casually building things that are conventionally modern, or vintage Speed.

Winning around turn 3 or 4 is usually the goal, but creating an upset by winning on turn 2 is fun!

While not always consistent, (and consistency is my goal) throwing a wrench in a pond is sometimes the best way to play the game.

I play in a seven player edh pod and that's typically where we allow proxies, since it's a tabletop experience. (circa.2019-2023)

Moving forward (March 2023) we are currently living (my wife evenable311 and I) with two of our mates Savage_savior6 and afsanamtg, so four player pods are now pretty likely, as well as 1v1s. NoobNoob275 comes to visit sometimes!

As of 2023 July, my group plays exclusively EDH these days. Not to say we wouldn't play some short format games if asked to, but the preference clearly leans towards EDH.

My next few decks will always be a mystery, even to me. Don't expect too much stock in the idea I'm discussing until you see the list!

I'm always up for a conversation about any of my builds, or if you've got a similar idea that you've worked on. I'm just as likely to talk about a build I made three minutes ago as I am to discuss one I made three years ago.

Keep building. Keep Playing.

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Said on Domain Zoo-Pact...


TheRoaringRegisaur while I agree with what you propose, I'm not capable of hitting Domain on turn 2 without the Guildpact if I include basic lands. Besides, Blood Moon and Back to Basics isn't really a concern right now. Path might hurt, but my Force of Negation to the Path is what I'm gonna bet on. Thanks for the feedback though, because I could probably designate a spot or two to basic lands in the sideboard.

February 22, 2024 8:26 a.m.

Said on Enamored Rotpriest...


BotaNickill Simic has provided me with the capability to guarantee my Priest sticks around, or at the very least we're avoiding traditional "dies to this" mentality, whether that's harsh blockers (we go flying and pick Thrummingbird) or were out classed in Beef ( we choose Bloated Contaminator ) but for the majority of the interaction, it's nice to have them lose a 2 to 1 type interaction with removal when you hold up a Fading Hope or something similar like how I hold up March of Swirling Mist. I'd strongly recommend you look into Bant Infect shells in order to see what handles best for you, but I promise Infect works best as a two color shell, because once we've hit three it tends to favor a Midrange style of play. Hope this was helpful! Best of luck building. :)

February 8, 2024 10:20 a.m.


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