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Have you ever felt undervalued in your day to day life? Maybe you feel overlooked. Feel forgotten. You're great at your job but the boss never seems to notice. Well one little legendary knows EXACTLY what that's like. Alright folks, strap in. This is the tale of a Giant Shaman who puts in work but no one seems to care...


I know, I know. Rosheen? Really?


This b was DEMOTED. FOR DOING HER JOB. That's right. Wizards said: "Oh, she's not as good as we thought she was."

They changed her from Rare to Uncommon.


Not Y. X.
We're gonna tap our commander for 4! What's the four for? Well, Rosheen only likes spells and abilities that have an X in their cost. Spells like Heaven / Earth or more importantly...

For Hydras of course! And we're packing all the big bois!

*a note: not all of the Noodles have an X cost, we're also running some utility Hydras and there's a few in the maybe board.

The Pasta Noodles

The Goodies:

So let's just assume that our average minimum for each X cost in the deck is 4 (thanks to Rosheen).

Unbound Flourishing is our best friend. We need it out as soon and as often as possible. Tap 1 forest & Rosheen with UF on the board and Hungering Hydra comes out as an 8/8 with some fun abilities.


Elementalist's Palette is crazy in this deck and will net tons of counters over the course of a few turns.

Magus of the Candelabra helps like crazy (doubly with UF out).

Ecological Appreciation is a neat new card that can pull Polukranos, World Eater, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Managorger Hydra & Selvala, Heart of the Wilds giving our opponents one hell of a choice and us some pretty useful tools.

Scales is just fun. Ozolith puts in work. Mana Bloom is a recursive "rock" that works wonders.

It would be nice to have one or two of these in an opening hand :)

If our plans are going well, cards like Selvala, Heart of the Wilds and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx should always be tapping for upwards of 4 mana.

Nyxbloom Ancient makes Rosheen do her thang but for 12. WHAT.

Subterranean Tremors is one of the coolest cards ever printed.

We get any of these babies out and we're gold.

(Working on this)

Something else Rosheen excels at is burn! With alot of our direct damage spells, we have the option of choosing how big X is. Which can be good for taking out lots of small creatures or one or two big ones.

We have the aforementioned Heaven / Earth (which we can use twice!) and things like Crackle with Power or Red Sun's Zenith to scale up damage to however high we need it to be!

I'm looking for any input! Check out the maybe board and feel free to suggest any awesome stuff that could help. Any upgrades or revision advice is much appreciated!


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