Imprisoned in the Moon


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Imprisoned in the Moon

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature, land, or planeswalker

Enchanted permanent is a colorless land with "T: Add to your mana pool" and loses all other card types and abilities.

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Imprisoned in the Moon Discussion

JuQ on [EDH] Kumena, Commander of Orazca

1 day ago

Doesn't really look too bad for me.
You can get some ideas from this deck Jimmy's Kumena l Game Knights #14, it looked cool in the game they reccorded. Stuff like:
Empress Galina
Lullmage Mentor
Path of Discovery
Deeproot Waters
Heroic Intervention

Maybe some recursion like Seasons Past, Creeping Renaissance or the staple Eternal Witness.
Or some more card draw Mask of Memory, Shamanic Revelation or Pull from Tomorrow.
Maybe you need some more removal Reality Shift, Snakeform, Imprisoned in the Moon, Song of the Dryads, Pongify.
A card to make your opponents crap their pants Quietus Spike, perfect with an unblockable commander.

It just depends on your meta, what you lack during your games.

cdkime on Chiberia

2 days ago

I wanted to add a bit of an addendum to enpcs post. Darksteel Mutation and Imprisoned in the Moon are both effective at removing a commander semi-permanently (also Song of the Dryads, but thats the wrong colour). The enemy commander is not changing zone, so its controller is not afforded the option of returning it to the command zone.

Also, +1 for being shameless in your quest to reach 50 upvotes.

Chill_Casual on The Opposite of Zen

5 days ago

Hello NV_1980,

Thank you for your flattery and suggestions on my Gas in the Tank, I'm Gonna Spank. I like this deck you have brewed here due to it's capacity for potency and fun all wrapped into one. I do have a couple of recommendations for minor adjustments, for perhaps a different play style or approach. First off, i would recommend removing Jace, Architect of Thought, Rite of Replication, and Mind's Dilation. Aside from being a fact or fiction on a stick, i don't think Jace, Architect of Thought brings enough to the table in terms of viability (just my personal opinion). Rite of Replication has value alright, if you get away with only kicking it and not paying the initial CMC. Otherwise you're banking 9 mana on the hopes a strong creature is out. That is a pretty risky contingency, considering it relies heavily on the opponent's board state. I would place something a little more reliable in it's stead. Mind's Dilation seems fun in theory, but given varying deck archetypes and field-states, the chances are again unreliable as to what random card you will get off your opponent's library. Feel free to ignore my suggested removals, it's your deck, you know what's best for it. For some savory additions, I recommend Cyclonic Rift as it is by far, the BEST board wipe of all time. Although, it would be not as useful when cast from Narset's exile. It's a risk worth taking. Knowledge Exploitation is like a Bribery but cheap $ and for instants and sorceries. It's great because Chances are high your opponents are running some major form of removal or utility in their 99 card deck. Baral's Expertise has great removal and value packed into one card. Serum Visions is another card that helps with library manipulation for 1 mana. Mana Geyser can provide a large amount of red mana, in a multiplayer setting. Imprisoned in the Moon is great for turning almost anything into a boring land, very helpful against decks that are commander reliant. Twincast is the blue version of Reverberate. Swarm Intelligence is a perpetual Reverberate and Twincast on a stick. Cast Through Time is a CMC expensive version of Taigam, Ojutai Master, just without the saftey of being counter-free. These are just some of my recommendations, take them or leave them.

Otherwise, nice deck!

zendrix1 on Zur constellation edh

2 weeks ago

I think Sphinx's Tutelage is odd here. You don't have any other mill so its unlikely to do anything except annoy someone and doesn't work with your Necropotence because you stop drawing cards.

Next I would play more lands personally. I like to run 35-37 depending on how many mana rocks I'm playing.

I'd replace Azorius Keyrune with Azorius Signet.

Cards like Diplomatic Immunity (Zur's ability lets auras he tutors up attach to him even if he has shroud!), Steel of the Godhead, and Shielded by Faith are great ways to protect Zur so you can keep attacking with him every turn.

Lastly, there are a ton of cards you could use like a toolbox against certain strategies that are giving you trouble like Darksteel Mutation, Nevermore, Karmic Justice, Rest in Peace. and Imprisoned in the Moon

cdkime on Pillow Fort Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

2 weeks ago

Copy Enchantment works wonders in pillowforts, as it is essentially an extra copy of whatever you need--it is particularly effective when it copies sphere of saftey.

I run Sigil of the Empty Throne in a pillowfort/Voltron deck and it has proved particularly deadly.

For removal, Darksteel Mutation and Imprisoned in the Moon will both neuter an enemy commander, without sending it back to the command zone for easy recursion. Detention Sphere and its ilk are also quite good, and work well with some of your other enchantment synergies.

BlackShads on Yisan The Pied Piper

2 weeks ago

Avenger of Zendikar + Craterhoof Behemoth

Classic green game ending combo.

Followed by some ramp, Avenger of Zendikar can also end games on its own.

You don't need so many big creatures, just tutor for the same ones to end every game. Maybe some Eldrazi Titans like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Emrakul, the Promised End; they can be game winning in the right situation.

Song of the Dryads is a very powerful green removal spell.

Warstorm Surge when a big baddie enters, bolt some equal to it's power.

Greater Good is a powerful Sac outlet, which most EDH decks should include at least one of to protect themselves from enchantments like Imprisoned in the Moon, though I saw you had Krosan Grip already.

Other than that, just do some research on powerful artifacts.All EDH decks should have a Sol Ring.Check out Akroma's Memorial and Eldrazi Monument.Finally, grab Lightning Greaves, it's a better Swiftfoot Boots (no cost to equip). Maybe include both?

Good luck!

cdkime on The False God followers

3 weeks ago

In all honesty, the the best suggestion I can make:

Get rid of Karona, False God as your commander, and run Child of Alara. Thematically, both are Avatars, and both are the embodiment of their respective plane's mana. As such, they are fairly similar in terms of flavour, and about equally gods. While Karona's tribal ability is really powerful, it generally is not worth her promptly stabbing you in the back.

Child of Alara, on the other hand, plays well with your other creatures. Most all of them have indestructible, so can shrug off Child's boardwipes. You can even kill Child of Alara yourself, clear your opponent's board, and go for a nice, easy kill.

That said, I understand if you want to keep her as your commander. I myself run Karona, though I take her in a very different direction. Here is my deck if you are interested: Pinball Wizard - Karona, False God EDH.

Moving on to a more helpful suggestion, there are numerous enchantment based removal spells, which work well with some of your other enchantment synergies. Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, and Song of the Dryads are all exceptionally powerful, as they can remove an enemy commander, without sending it back to the command zone.

Calming Verse is a good card to run alongside Enchanted Evening, and can provide a viable win condition, as you will clear your opponent's board.

Starfield of Nyx is a dangerous, dangerous card to run alongside Enchanted Evening, as you can make all your lands 0/0, killing them instantly. Personally, I prefer Opalescence when running Enchanted Evening, as it will kill mana as well. I use this combo as a tertiary win condition--Enchanted Evening, Opalesence , and a global boost (in my case, I run Mirari's Wake) will keep my lands alive, while still killing everyone else's.

VelvetVendetta on outofnothing0

1 month ago

I have some reservations, for start Darksteel Mutation allows for the opponent to simply use removal on his own commander, or any sac outlet for that matter and recast it, while Imprisoned in the Moon requires a Stripmine or enchantment removal do get it of. Imprisoned can also nullify important lands like geae's cradle or an opponent's stripmine if you are going for the reliquary tower route.

One more thing, it doesn't actually contradicts your LD theme, it synergises well because when you transform something into a land and armageddon afterwards people are nowhere near being able to recast it (because you just armageddon'ed them)

It is really just way better than mutation could ever be on doing its job (locking shit from being recasted), with the plus of rkting lands and pws if ever needed.

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