Imprisoned in the Moon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Imprisoned in the Moon

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature, land, or planeswalker

Enchanted permanent is a colorless land with "T: Add to your mana pool" and loses all other card types and abilities.

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Imprisoned in the Moon Discussion

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Zur Monopoly

1 week ago

Propaganda seems good. Auramancer to get stuff back if it's destroyed. Imprisoned in the Moon is searchable removal. Aegis of the Gods is nice defense from edict effects, and Eidolon of Rhetoric (or Arcane Laboratory, if you prefer) slows everyone down, but you get to avoid it by using Zur to put stuff into play anyway. Rest in Peace shuts down enemy graveyard decks. Once Zur is ready to swing to kill, Solitary Confinement prevents your opponents from doing anything in retaliation. If you really wanna be "that guy" you could run Phyresis to speed up the kills. Aqueous Form guarantees no blocks.

Nerzhul on Ojutai Voltron Anticipation

3 weeks ago

Hey! Thanks for your suggestions soulaha. Open the Vaults is a neat idea, I like it. Duelist's Heritage is awesome, but I already got Battle Mastery which is easier to tutor for, but also easier to remove. Personal preference I'd say, the Heritage is also one nice political tool. :D

Darksteel Mutation is glorious, thanks for the heads up! And Imprisoned in the Moon is already in the 99 ;)

MegaMatt13 on All Gods, All The Time

1 month ago

Also, if hitting with your gods is your main focus, you may want enchantments that deal extra damage (as well as add to devotion): Gratuitous Violence, Duelist's Heritage, Blood Mist, or Rage Reflection. Also, Song of the Dryads and Imprisoned in the Moon are great Enchantment based removal cards

ClockworkSwordfish on Zur's Spectral Horde

1 month ago

Izzet Charm? I think you might mean something else!

Other suggestions: since your deck is all about discard, you might sometimes find it loses a lot of punch when your opponent runs out of cards. A couple ways to make him draw (on your turn, so you can make him discard them again) might be wise - Master of the Feast and Trade Secrets are good examples. Even though Zur is just a support character in the deck, you should probably include even a piece or two of removal that he can pull when you absolutely need them, especially considering Quarantine Field doesn't do anything if he grabs it. Darksteel Mutation, Prison Term and Imprisoned in the Moon are good, versatile options. Also, you might like having access to Necropotence or Animate Dead in case you make your opponent discard a fat creature. Copy Enchantment can serve as another Megrim or Propaganda if you need one, and Copy Artifact is great for hitching a ride on an opponent's cards. I also find Athreos, God of Passage is good in creature-heavy Zur decks.

Good luck with the deck! It's nice seeing an original take on Zur.

Ceondoc on Mechanized Winning

1 month ago

BroskiScorpion yeah, Sigarda's Aid is pretty good. I threw some into the sideboard. It can really help with Mechanized Production, as well as throwing out a quick Imprisoned in the Moon. Might move it to mainboard.

LithiumHD on Zombies

1 month ago

i'd personally swap out x2 Rancid Rats for Prized Amalgam

you'd also benefit from running x2 Gisa and Geralf.

Imprisoned in the Moon doesnt do you much good here, so that would be the first card i would cut.

Fatal Push for removal

and lastly one or two more islands wouldn't hurt, but no more than that

landofMordor on The "Face-Walker" Problem

1 month ago

Technically speaking, Entrei is totally on point. In faster formats like Standard and Modern, planeswalkers will not be used for their ultimate, but for the incremental value they accrue. Modern and Standard both have a ton of threats to keep walkers in check, from discard to aggro/evasive Vehicles in Standard. In EDH, even though walkers have enough time to go ultimate, there's every answer from Imprisoned in the Moon to Oblivion Ring, so I'd argue walkers aren't mechanically overpowered in that format either (even if some players abuse walkers, they aren't inherently broken, just like Storm isn't broken until you build decks dedicated to abusing it).

That brings us to the lore of walkers. Yes, the Gatewatch is very Superfriends-esque. Yes, some plot points are contrived, and the Gatewatch has been absurdly good at killing Eldrazi and winning revolts, etc. But I would remind the reader that we are only three short blocks into the Gatewatch. That is barely enough time to establish tropes and relationships between characters, let alone strain and twist those characters in new ways. It's fair to say those characters aren't deep, but only because WotC has barely had enough blocks to establish a status quo in the Gatewatch. If Bane had broken Batman's back in Batman Begins, it wouldn't have had as much meaning as when it happened in the third Nolan movie. Likewise, the Gatewatch need a status quo for us to be surprised by character depth and new situations. A careful observer will note that the all the signs point to an impending Gatewatch loss -- Ajani is ditching them on Amonkhet, Bolas and Tezzeret are waiting, and Liliana is prepping to kill a demon master. Something's going to go down, and I am optimistic that it will be very different than the status quo Wizards has established.

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