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List Updated 03/24/22. Primer not yet updated

Originally this deck was built for fun, around a commander I hadn't seen nor heard used before. I did not foresee it turning out as well as it has. It is now one of my best/favorite decks to use on commander nights. And now, I give you Tappedout's # 1 Rated Isperia the Inscrutable deck... Isperia's Flying Circus of Tools!.

This being built around our commander's ability, flying creatures are an important part of our strategy. We can always know what to name with our arsenal of return effects, spells to reveal your hands, and paying attention to what is tutored by everyone else.

A variety of other spells allow us to play control and politics while setting up our board state. Commander damage is a common win condition given she's always attacking someone. Also, if for some reason Isperia is unavailable, with the level of evasion available it is still possible to net a win with other creatures.

Meta's are an ever changing thing no matter where you go. My LGS has a various assortment of flavors to compete against. While this isn't tier one or anything, it can hold it's own and be fun win or lose.

*As some cards fall into like categories, you may see repeated cards*.

Alhammarret, High Arbiter: Turn off any card you see that you don't like, perhaps a board wipe. This can shut down a commander if you bounce it prior to casting.

Angel of Condemnation: Back in for another shot, I tested Admonition Angel and found it lacking the same versatility. Her Vigilance allows for her to swing and still be available for blocking and or using her ability.

Angel of Finality: For those problematic graveyards overflowing with dead guys and reuseable spells.

Angel of Jubilation: Sacrificing and paying life for things is something we don't do (except treasures :S), so neither should anyone else.

Angelic Skirmisher: Remember, 'Each Combat' is important. You could select Vigilance during your own, and Lifelink during the opponents phases.

Archaeomancer: While it does not fly, it is still great for reusing spells given our blink effects and it being a singletons format. (Hoping they print a flying version at some point).

Archon of Redemption: 90% of the time, this is our first tutor target because it allows us to soak some hits after awhile.

Aven Mindcensor: After tutoring this out, everyone becomes leery about tutoring cards. Also fun if you draw into it.

Azor, the Lawbringer: As a blink target, instant/sorceries become irrelevant until your next turn. As an attacker it is a Sphinx's Revelation on a stick.

Brago, King Eternal: Generally the second tutor target so we can start utilizing our etbs like Archon

Cloudblazer: Hard choice between this and Mulldrifter, the life is nice with the draw and it sticks around to be blinked.

Diluvian Primordial: Given there are multiple players you can net some serious card advantage, however it can be dead draw vs creature based decks or games with a lot of grave control.

Emeria Shepherd: Plains matter too! Great for after wipes or if you've been single targeted for awhile.

Ingenious Thief: Peek, without the cantrip, on a body that can be blinked.

Isperia, Supreme Judge: Before she was pro attack, she was anti attack. So if someone is being extra swingy we can benefit from it.

Medomai the Ageless: ***NEW*** Medomai is an interesting addition. It grants us faster commander kills, fetching and casting something to use immediately on the extra turn. It also enables the growth of the board state. Even though it cannot attack on any extra turn, we can give it doublestrike for a triple play, or 'Hat trick' if you will.

Peregrine Drake: This is good when you have a double trigger of Isperia's ability because it is technically a free cast. Also if you can blink it you can free up mana after casting for the turn for counter spells.

Resolute Archangel: Feeling low? This angel's got you covered to keep you on top of life.

Skycat Sovereign: ***NEW*** An early play that scales well with our theme, as well as a manasink. Kind of a budget version of Pride of the Clouds. May switch or add later.

Sunblast Angel: For those people that like to keep turning sideways. Paired with Brago we can swing, get Psuedo vigilance, and plow the road.

Thassa, God of the Sea: Again, why don't all gods fly...Still, the ability is too good to pass up. Scry away creatures you can search up anyway to have a chance at other helpful spells, and always makes sure you can make that connection with your opponents.

Thieving Skydiver: ***NEW*** Another possible early play, but more importantly the utility is amazing. Steal some ramp, or some boots, maybe someones shiney sword...

Thunderclap Wyvern: When you need to push that last +1 commander damage in on a double strike Isperia trigger... yes, this has happened. Other than that, Flyer Anthem is what it is.

Vendilion Clique: Nice board wipe you have. Be ashame if it were to be on the bottom of your library!. And we get to look at everything else you got too.

Warden of Evos Isle: Given we are 95% fliers, and a majority of them are of higher costs, it's like a mana rock with wings.

Watcher of the Spheres: ***NEW*** Early play and cost reduction. Not sure yet how well the buff will turn out, but we'll see.

Alhammarret, High Arbiter: Allows us to see everyone's hands, as well as turn off a threat, keeping it in the hand for naming with Isperia.

Clairvoyance: Cantrip to view a players hand. Look rather than reveal, this still leaves some mystery for the other opponents.

Glasses of Urza: Again, looking rather than revealing, allows you to have the inside info while your opponents are none the wiser.

Ingenious Thief: A Peeking Tom that has a thing for hands... creepy.

Lay Bare: Stop a spell and see what they got. 2 for 1 special.

Moonring Island: The top card usually ends up in the hand anyway, so why not have a peek.

Peek: Another cantrip to view a hand.

Spy Network: This one has a little more involved. Look at a hand, top deck and set up your next draw as well.

Telepathy: This is one of the best options as no one gets to see what counters you may be holding. It's also the worst because no one likes their secrets revealed to everyone.

Vendilion Clique: Countering spells before they're even cast is great. Collecting information at the same time, even better.

Isperia the Inscrutable: Our Commander and Chief herself. Enables us to tutor for any flying creature as long as there's a clear path to to an opponent and we know what they're holding.

Archon of Redemption: Gain life for every flying critter you have enter the battlefield. Paired with Brago/Venser we can rack up the life points.

Skycat Sovereign: ***NEW*** An early play that scales well with our theme, as well as a manasink. Kind of a budget version of Pride of the Clouds. May switch or add later.

Thunderclap Wyvern: A flying anthem that can come in at instant speed.

Warden of Evos Isle: Reduced cost of our winged things.

Watcher of the Spheres: ***NEW*** Early play and cost reduction for other flyers.

Blink of an Eye, Into the Roil, Void Snare, and Wipe Away were all selected for their ability to target nonland permanents instead of just bouncing creatures.

Cyclonic Rift: There's no coming back from the rift... nuff said.

Dissipation Field: A bit of a cushion that can deter attacks. If a player is bold enough they can attack with the intent of bouncing their own creature for effect.

Wash Out: 3/5 colors miss us completely, and usually if we select W/U, profit is greater than loss.

Angel of Condemnation: Vigilance allows for being aggressive while holding up to use the ability. It can be used both offensively and defensively.

Brago, King Eternal: Not only can we reuse etb effects, but it offers pseudo Vigilance, as well as untapping any artifacts we have.

Emeria Shepherd: While not blinking, it still allows the reuse of ETB effects either from hand or directly if a Plains is played.

Venser, the Sojourner: While targeting only things you own, that clause can guarantee their safe return, maybe. And if we get to an emblem, it turns every spell into a removal spell.

Always Watching: One of our many anthems that help push commander damage and buff the rest.

Angel of Jubilation: Another anthem with a bit of a plus side. We in no way pay life or sacrifice creatures, so if someone else is we can put a stop to it.

Angelic Skirmisher: Vigilance, on our turn, Lifelink on the opponents unless we really need it.

Duelist's Heritage: Because double on damage triggers are awesome! This can also be used politically.

Fireshrieker: Double strike for double effect... unless someone rudely turns your equipment into a creature...

Neurok Stealthsuit: Because who doesn't like L. Greaves at instant speed. Works as a counterspell for single target spells.

Rogue's Passage: Another unblockable option, because connecting with people is important.

Skyblinder Staff: Makes equipped Flying creatures even more evasive.

Strionic Resonator: When one trigger isn't enough, kinda like a double barrel shotgun...

Thunderclap Wyvern: Anthem number... where were we? Flash can make for some surprise plays.

Venser, the Sojourner: Not just one, but makes the entire team unblockable.

Whispersilk Cloak: Unblockable AND untargetable... Queue music *Can't Touch This. Duh nuh nuhnuh ,duhduh, duh nuuuuh nuh*


Arcane Signet: Pretty much an auto include at this point.

Azorius Signet: Signets are great for getting colors out of colorless or just a 2 for 1.

Darksteel Ingot: That one piece of mana you can always depend on... unless exiled.

Sol Ring: Because Sol Ring, duh...

Smothering Tithe: Because who isn't drawing cards?

Talisman of Progress: Pain land in cheap artifact form.


Azor, the Lawbringer: When he connects, turn your mana into some card draw and life gain.

Bident of Thassa: We like to connect for effect so why not add another effect of keeping our hand full.

All previously mentioned bounce spells also act as removal of sorts.

Counterspell: Means No.

Cleansing Nova: Model spells are always better.

Dissipate: Do not pass the stack, do collect your desired effect. No flashbacks, buybacks, or returns.

Swords to Plowshares: The lifegain is alright, considering commander damage is a thing.

Render Silent: To foil the rest of you plans you may of had for the turn as well.

Supreme Verdict: When you really need to make sure that wipe goes though.

As mentioned before this has become one of my favorite decks to play, however it is far from perfect. I am thinking of reducing the creature count for more spells simply because we have "Creatures on Demand" pretty much, so perhaps less is more in a way. What spells to replace them with I think would have to be similar in nature to preserve the flow of the deck.


Here I will try to explain choices as best I can, some I know what to switch and am just waiting to acquire. Others I'm unsure about so suggestions are welcome in that aspect.

***What I Know to Change***

Lands are pretty self explanatory, they're just better. Any Plains/Islands nonbasics will likely replace basics. The duals will replace budget tap lands.

Austere Command may replace Sunblast Angel if I feel it's needed.

Boomerang: May replace Voidsnare

Capsize: May replace Wipe Away if we find any mild combos to go with it.

Return to Dust/Crush Contraband: Replaces Fate Forgotten maybe?.

***What I Don't Know to Change***

Avacyn, Angel of Hope: Pretty sure this is just a "Winmore" card. Also even though I do own one, in the interest of keeping this as budget as possible... no sure about including.

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner: Amazing ability, however, we want to be able to target our own stuff with equipment, and blink effects.

Selfless Spirit: Ignoring a boardwipe is cool, having one job... not so much.

Voidstone Gargoyle: "One of those "Hope you deck works without your commander" cards.

Equilibrium: Play a creature, return a creature, find a creature, repeat.

Commander's Sphere: Not sure if actually needed.

Thought Vessel: Another that I'm unsure of.


Memorial to Genius in lieu of Blighted Cataract; Pro: It makes and it's ability costs 1 less. Con: it enters tapped.


Sower of Temptation: Reprinted recently, I'm unsure whether this has a spot here or not. May be better if I had a sac outlet, however I can blink it to gain others.


Detection Tower: Sacrifices color for utility, useful to return things that otherwise cannot be targeted.

**Guilds of Ravnica**

:( Isperia Dies in this set!?! ;_; ... oh .. spoiler alert...

**Ravnica Allegiance**

Emergency Powers: Could be a nice add, considering we could find our 7cmc flyer prior to casting.

**Modern Horizons**

Winds of Abandon: like a second rift, my only concern is giving opponents the free ramp.

Serra the Benevolent: The +1 is ok, The Ultimate is nice, but that being the only interest seems bad.

Rebuild: Didn't realize it was a reprint, could be useful.

So mad about Soul Herder not having flying. Spirits fly people... get with the program.

**Core 2020**

Brought Back: Good save after a wipe.

Flood of Tears: A slower version of rift, except we only get to keep one... likely our commander.

Leyline of Anticipation: reprints means cheaper.

Cavalier of Gales: Cavalier of Brainstorm, and if it dies we can search it again.

**Throne of Eldraine**

Stolen by the Fae: Limited to creatures, but pays off in tokens.

Brazen Borrowers: better if we can find a few repeatable return effects. Searchable though, so that's a plus.

Dance of the Manse: could be fun I suppose, though more artifact/enchantments in the deck would be better for it.

Sorcerous Spyglass: kinda wish it had something extra like 'add/scry 1', just so it wasn't just uselessly sitting there. There are blink effects to consider though.

Idyllic Grange & Mystic Sanctuary: is the risk worth the reward? Early turns likely don't want to see these lands.

Fabled Passage: that price tag though... better now I suppose, but still. Needed?

Mace of the Valiant: So much blinking makes for many pluses.

Arcane Signet: is new yet requires mass reprinting due to demand. Until then...

**Theros: Beyond Death**

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling: a replacement/second Conjurer's Closet with the added bonus of Indestructible and tap effect.

Thryx, the Sudden Storm: the ramp at 5cmc+ is ok, the no countering clause is nice.

Dream Trawler: could be a decent beater, no etb effects though and not sure I'd ever want to discard a card.

**Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths**

Yorion, Sky Nomad: kinda like a second Brago, no chance of him ever being a companion in commander.

Jubilant Skybonder: It's EDH, the format of near unlimited mana so... not sure.

**Core 21**

Watcher of the Spheres: Ramp for flyers, if it were +1 counters there'd be no question.


Scholar of the Lost Trove: Interesting target to blink, giving spells flashback for free and recurring artifacts.

*Other Sets Pending Investigation*

Do not allow this to detour you from making a suggestion of anything listed. If you have an arguement for a specific card make your case in the comments below.

Most of the Azorius Lands that are not included either enter tapped, or are just not reasonably priced.

Flooded Strand

Mystic Gate

Sea of Clouds

Seachrome Coast

Seat of the Synod

Chancellor of the Annex: While it may help slow down the first turns, at the stage we'll be casting it a extra won't matter much.

Chancellor of the Spires: Against decks that use the yard as fuel, its first ability may help more than hinder. As for the second, we already have Diluvian Primordial for that. Also we're not a mill deck.

Dakra Mystic: While it helps to gain information it does not fly.

Djinn of Wishes: With more top deck manipulation this could be gold, however we are lacking in that department.

Jace's Mindseeker: The mill aspect we aren't aiming for, and 5 cards alone usually ends in a whiff. And again, we have the Primodial.

Sandstone Oracle: Better lesser costing draw options.

Selfless Spirit: Flash would improve this card as it would not languish on the field or hand until someone has a board wipe.

Spell Queller: Too narrow a scope and volatile considering its merely a pause button.

Tidespout Tyrant: We have spells and abilities of lesser cost to fit the role just fine.

Barrin's Unmaking: Too situational.

Polymorphist's Jest: I've played against enough +1/+1 counter decks to realize big frogs hurt too.

Unsummon: Narrow scope as it can only target creatures.

Gitaxian Probe: Slower than our current options.

Sorcerous Sight: See Git. Probe above.

Lightning Greaves:I feel aren't needed as we have Neurok Stealthsuit & Whispersilk Cloak which better suit our needs. (May revisit in the future).

Swiftfoot Boots: See L. Greaves above.

Psychic Surgery: Again we dont have a mill strategy going on, and not every deck is tutor centric.

Sigil of Sleep: Leans towards voltron and only targets creatures.

Steel of the Godhead: Again leans towards voltron.

True Conviction: Angelic Skirmisher pretty much has us covered and is searchable. Convince me... its here because I'm tired if fighting with myself over it.

Zur's Weirding: This had a tendency of working against us, esp. against decks suited towards using life as fuel or gaining life.

Narset Transcendent: Opponents were too focused on her ultimate when it really was not our goal.

11/17/19 Featured in an EDHREC Archetune-up [Article]( Good read, it gives a few different routes to go. I may use them for the Budget/Cedh versions if I ever find the time.

Another note: if you like this but find it's a bit outside your price range I have made Isperia's Super Budget Flying Circus for anyone wanting a budget friendly version. Cedh version to come for those interested, though in time this may morph into just that.

As always, thanks for your interest and suggestions, and leave a +1 if you like. Also, if its good enough for a folder, it's good enough for a vote. Happy Tapping!


Updates Add

Hey fans, and those of you just joining our show. Here starts Version 2.0 where we stray from our budget starting point and start thinking about serious upgrades to my favorite deck. We shall still try to keep it around the $200 mark so we can remain reasonable. Also, as a future project I hope to bring you all an 'Extreme Budget' version and a 'CEDH' version.

As I test out your suggestions in my test version (not public) I shall post my findings in the comments where they can be discussed, then any physical changes will be posted here in this update. For now, stay tuned for future updates , subscribe if interested, & +1 if you enjoy this as much as I have.

Everything is listed in a "Out --> In" format. Anything that needs explaining will be explained, and anything I'm unsure about still will be labeled as "Still Testing"

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