Kira, Great Glass-Spinner


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Betrayers of Kamigawa Rare

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Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

Legendary Creature — Spirit


Creatures you control have "Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability for the first time in a turn, counter that spell or ability."

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Kira, Great Glass-Spinner Discussion

Arian_the_Fox on Azor's Elocutors proliferation deck

5 days ago

Mark of Asylum is a good sideboard card for this kind of deck depending on local meta. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner might help protect your guys from other removal. Shielding PlaxOr Robe of Mirrors could also help. Ajani's Presence is instantspeed indestructibility.

Zerasen on Strictly Worse Storm Crows

1 week ago

Sweet deck! I definitely didn't think of the Angel of Flight Alabaster/Eternal Dragon/Admonition Angel synergy! Angel of Flight Alabaster seemed really weird to me at first, but I could see it really working in your list since it has some great targets like Selfless Spirit, Drift of Phantasms, and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, not to mention Karmic Guide. Also Blasting Station is probably a better combo piece than Altar of Dementia, since it won't get randomly hosed by the original Eldrazi titans. Thanks for the tips!

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

1 week ago

In my opinion Kira, Great Glass-Spinner isn't worth it for a couple of reasons. One, three colors does not necessarily mean the deck becomes better, Reid Duke (a very very good pro magic player) once said that if you are including a color for one or two cards then it isn't really part of your overall gameplan and should be cut. If you are only playing blue for Kira then you are splashing in modern which is generally not something you want to be doing as modern, unlike limited, has decks that are well tuned and where every card makes a difference.

Secondly, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner has the added downside of not just being blue but also costing to cast. If blue is a splash the double blue means you need even more sources of blue mana in the deck and that jeopardizes your ability to get your primary colours of mana. If she cost then maybe but is a stretch.

Thirdly, she fits in awkwardly on the curve, right know your three drops are Hanweir Garrison, Combat Celebrant, and Always Watching . Ideally turn three you either play Always Watching or Hanweir Garrison for added pressure as the deck lends itself to being pretty agro, Kira would slow you down and is not really your most valuable three drop (this is a problem I have had with decks before most recently the standard Hapatra I am working on where I have many options at three but few elsewhere). Playing Kira hurts your curve, with something like Eerie Interlude, you never really want it on turn three anyway and its in your color if you feel you need to avoid spot removal.

If you want to play Kira I say go for it as she is a great card I would just be prepared for having to redesign the mana-base and some of the other aspects of the deck.

ej133 on Esper Spirits

1 month ago

Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, indeed, Rattlechains is so awesome. 4 Copies are mandatory.

I've tested Geist of Saint Traft in the earlier versions of this deck, but he never lived to its full potential due to the lack of flying. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner sure is a good addition, but I don't own any right now. I'll keep that in track.

I never actually tested Remand but it kinda makes sense, when we're thinking tempo strategies. Dusk is so amazing, I never thought about it either. Sure going to try these.

About Zealous Persecution, dude... this cards is so awesome. It handles the board so well. You should test some, it really adds up a lot of value to the deck.

PeeBee on Esper Spirits

1 month ago

I love spirit decks in modern and have piloted mine to many competitive FNM's and have had good results and it seems to be very good against most decks.

Some suggestions after I've read through comments:

Rattlechains - keep this a 4 of, the ability to flash in spirits is too important.

Geist of Saint Traft - A super value card which can easily steal games, especially if its played end of turn.

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner - This is another great addition to the deck and I usually run x1 of. It completely shuts down control, and if they do have 2 spells you can Remand the second cast spell.

Remand - I feel that you deck plays tempo, grind out value on each turn, whether thats a few damage in the air, countering a spell or flashing in an end of turn spirit, while having counter backup. The perfect card for tempo decks is Remand as it can be an extra turn in some matches, and is very solid against tron playing ugin/karn/wurmcoil.

Dusk / Dawn - This card can recur all of your creatures to your hand, and create a one sided board wipe in lots of situations (selfless sac, no drogskols) - I would trial this out in the sideboard.

I was wondering how Zealous Persecution has been working out for you, as its something i've always considered for my deck: Tempo Spirits In Modern

cklise on Trade/buy cards for merfolk

1 month ago

I have Kira, Great Glass-Spinner and Cavern of Souls available. I'm currently only selling cards, but at less than full price. Let me know if you're interested, and feel free to check my other postings for other cards I have available.

calvinwarning on Merfolk?

1 month ago

If your meta has a lot of removal, then yes it would be a good idea to keep two copies of Kira, Great Glass-Spinner.

Issues do arise occasionally with Phantasmal Image, but not as often as you would think. I personally mainboard two of them because I feel as if it offers a lot of versatility by being able to copy an extra creature on the battlefield, you can even copy a Master of Waves on turn four with Aether Vial so Phantasmal Image has protection from red to avoid those Lightning Bolts. The way I look at the drawback too is if someone is willing to target it, they'll most likely target it with removal anyways. The only real problem you'll see with playing it is against burn, but by game two you can pull it out for counterspells or even Spellskites now that you're considering it.

As far as Surgical Extraction goes, I've personally never used it but in mono-blue it can offer great utility as a sideboard option. If you want some removal I'd recommend Dismember because that's the best removal you have access to.

Glad to see you're getting more components that you need, my decklist looked a lot like yours while it was developing and I always enjoy helping fish players out with suggestions and watching their decks evolve. Keep me updated and I'll be able to assist you with questions or concerns that you may have whenever.

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