Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2010 Core Set (M10) Uncommon
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Ninth Edition (9ED) Uncommon
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Uncommon
Eighth Edition (8ED) Uncommon
Seventh Edition (7ED) Uncommon
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon

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Your opponents play with their hands revealed.

Telepathy Discussion

TheCardPool on Isperia's Inscrutable Air Force (Isperia EDH)

3 weeks ago

king-saproling Thanks! It's definitely not Tier 1 (and I've noticed it suffers in multiplayer a bit because other than combat damage there's few ways to win quickly), but it's pretty decent in duel commander if you're not getting too cutthroat, and it's just fun in general. Pretty low on the scare factor too so you'll stay off people's radar. I've considered almost all of those cards, and still am really.

Out of all of them, Fireshrieker is probably the one I'd be most likely to add--I only opted for Duelist's Heritage because it's a bit more useful politically and doesn't take mana to equip every time.

Windreader Sphinx was a tough one to remove, but I usually find I don't have a ton of creatures to swing with anyway, so the draw power is negligible compared to the synergy of something like Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign or Azor, the Lawbringer . Ditto with Gravitational Shift --love the card, but I've come to dislike anthem effects in general as I believe they're low-impact, and your opponents probably aren't getting hurt that much by the other effect. I also dislike Auras in general, which is why I steered away from Battle Mastery --the potential of getting 2-for-1'ed is very high, and it's the worst feeling.

Urza's Bauble is nice because you get to draw a card on top of the peek--but I took out Gitaxian Probe as well because they're both one-shot effects. I feel consistent ones like Telepathy and Glasses of Urza are better. However, I don't claim to be an expert. Just personal taste.

Glad you liked the deck though! And thanks for the suggestions.


Kogarashi on Can prison effects still track ...

1 month ago
  • 400.2. Public zones are zones in which all players can see the cards’ faces, except for those cards that some rule or effect specifically allow to be face down. Graveyard, battlefield, stack, exile, ante, and command are public zones. Hidden zones are zones in which not all players can be expected to see the cards’ faces. Library and hand are hidden zones, even if all the cards in one such zone happen to be revealed.

The hand is a hidden zone, even if a card like Telepathy makes all the cards visible to someone.

Yesterday on Can prison effects still track ...

1 month ago

Nor can I, but let's roll with that for a moment. If an opponent has a Telepathy in play, is my hand still considered a public zone while it's revealed?

Juha on A Cheap Rampage

1 month ago

It's a bit raw, but I like it!

You might want to swap in CMC 1 artifacts and/or enchantments to make it roll a bit smoother: Chromatic Star , Terrarion , Telepathy , Abundant Growth

Liquimetal Coating might also be interesting!

Open the Vaults would be sweet at CMC6 and white.

PhyrexianPreator on A Bigger Boat

2 months ago

itachi45 The thing with Thing in the Ice  Flip is that it is an all in strategy. you wouldn't be able to run it without changing the deck. didn't really think it through at first, my apologies.

I actually thought of the idea of your deck becoming mono blue devotion and running Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . I have been rocking BW devotion for some time now and do put up results with it. Blue is a colour that has tons of blue enchantments and creatures that are amazing. you already run azcanta so you have one of the best. as an example you could experiment with Declaration of Naught . you would be able to do a prison style deck that has threats that must be answered. The main thing with your threats is that it is better to have a top end threat instead of three.

enchantments I would consider if you went with the devotion idea are Declaration of Naught , Sea's Claim , Convincing Mirage , Quest for Ula's Temple and Telepathy . all fit the deck well and fit what you are aiming for. if you also wanted to be funny you could run Quicksilver Fountain and Vedalken Shackles .

I am just trying to give you ideas, I am terrible with blue and feel kind of limited with my suggestions.

austintayshus on

3 months ago

Looks like a fun deck!

I think you'll want more card draw. I'd recommend Enchantress's Presence and Argothian Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress and Verduran Enchantress .

Courser of Kruphix is a great enchantment that can also help you get some lands.

Starfield Mystic can give you some value if someone plays Paraselene or a similar effect.

Lastly, Standstill and Telepathy are some fun little pet cards of mine that could be fun in this deck.

Hope this helps!

ToffMcSoft on Urza Powered Scepter

4 months ago

Telepathy is another card to consider playing with. There's 100% room to get it in there, knowledge is power.

Dango on Araithia (Rat), the Gateless, and ...

4 months ago

Hmm, perhaps have it worded in a way where you reveal the top card of all opponents' libraries synonymous to Telepathy ? Currently, the way you have it can be kind of awkward to play at a table with four people. I think it would be more playable and more thematic if everyone revealed the top card of their library because it fits the concept of telepathy considering you know what they know rather than you knowing what they don't know quite yet.

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Telepathy occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%