Mage-Ring Network

Mage-Ring Network


: Gain .

, : Put a storage counter on Mage-Ring Network.

, Remove any number of storage counters from Mage-Ring Network: Gain for each storage counter removed this way.

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Uncommon
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Mage-Ring Network occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Mage-Ring Network Discussion

LeviathanIIX on Indestructible Deck

6 months ago

I would probably throw in a 3x Creepy Doll as a means to combat the slowness of the deck i would add 4x Mage-Ring Network in a deck like this would have almost infinite mana.

TypicalTimmy on Ajani Vengeant, and his signature ...

7 months ago

Commenting here rather than on your page.

I don't mean to sound so overbearingly critical, but your deck is overall lacking in substantial board presence. Oathbreaker is a format in which you want to protect your Planeswalker at all viable costs. You have four creatures. That does not make for a very strong base. I'm going to rip into this deck, but I am also going to offer you suggestions on how to greatly improve upon it :) I hope that you don't take offense to anything I am saying, but I felt like I can do you some good here.

Next, I notice that a lot of your lands are either bounce lands or lands in which you can sacrifice them to get an additional mana for that turn. I am concerned with this style of play, because the bounce lands sort of equal out to the same amount of mana for the turn, and in some cases don't even move you ahead. Sacrifice the lands for extra mana sets you back. Allow me to explain:

  • T3: You have two lands out. You tap both to add to your pool, then play Boros Garrison . The rest of the turn doesn't matter, we are merely focusing on land presence and mana potential.
  • T4: You replay the land you just bounced last turn. Now you have a total of three lands that can produce a total of 4 mana.

The issue here is that you set yourself back on tempo on T3 to become caught up on T4. Rather than producing 3 mana on T3, you only produced 2; And for your efforts on T3, you are no better off on T4 than if you had just played a basic land.

Dormant Volcano and Karoo are even worse, because you have 16 of your 26 lands that contain specific subtypes, each one only being represented on 10 Plains and 8 Mountains. So if you have a Dormant Volcano in your hand but you don't have any lands with Mountain as their subtype, you literally can not play it. Even worse, it has to be an untapped land you return AND it still enters the battlefield tapped. So not only do you lose a land, you don't even get the mana from it and it's highly more restrictive than Boros Garrison .

Additionally, Temple of the False God literally does you no good if you get it out before you have five total lands. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods is better absolutely all around because at least it produces you something.

Now we need to discuss your "pay-to-play" lands; Crystal Vein , Dwarven Ruins & Ruins of Trokair . The issue here is that you may have immediate access to ramp, but you trade that for immediate downfall as you slip farther and farther behind because you no longer have lands on the battlefield. These cards should never go in any deck that doesn't have some means to return them, such as Crucible of Worlds / Ramunap Excavator or Wrenn and Six .

So overall I called out Boros Garrison , Dormant Volcano , Karoo , Temple of the False God , Crystal Vein , Dwarven Ruins & Ruins of Trokair . So let's find some replacements!

This sets you down to 22 lands, which in all of my playing of Oathrbeaker is ideal. This also increases your stones up from 4 into ~6. We will be working on this in a moment.

I get it, you want to blow up lands so your opponent can't play the game. But do you need 10 cards that do that? 11 with Ajani?

Cut out the following, for their listed reasons:

As mentioned before, you want more artifacts that produce mana. You currently have the following:

Remove both.

We added in Heart of Ramos and Tooth of Ramos . We also added in Boros Cluestone and Boros Signet . We now need to look for stones that cost less than . Here is what you add:

Now we still have four card slots open from before. We are sitting now at a total of six stones. We want eight. We will use two slots to add the following:

We now have 22 lands and 8 stones. 30 mana producing cards in a 58 card deck. This means you will SERIOUSLY ramp in Boros.

We still have two slots open. Use these to fit in draw spells. Keep in mind that with Mind Stone and Boros Cluestone , you already do have two cards that can draw if you need it.

  • Faithless Looting : Because it can be played twice, due to Flashback
  • Dawn of Hope : Another 2 CMC permanent that can be used in conjunction with Ajani Vengeant 's -2 for card draw on non-specific colors of mana. Then you can also use it to create tokens with self-fulfilling conditions since they have lifelink. This means you don't have to rely on Ajani going down, and you can still progress the boardstate.

As for a win condition outside of Form of the Dragon , there is also Martial Coup . Since you are snuffing out all of your opponent's lands anyway, as well as their creatures, why not create a literal army of tokens that now stand unopposed?

There is also Curse of Bloodletting , which makes your Form of the Dragon deal 10 damage instead.

You may also want to consider replacing Mudhole with something more viable. Perhaps Lightning Helix ? It burns and gets you life. Acts as another win condition, makes it harder for your opponent to win in the process as your life totals grow farther and farther apart, and plays nicely with the aforementioned Dawn of Hope .

This took me like 40 minutes, so I hope it helps.

DemonDragonJ on All Will Be One

7 months ago

In response to advice from other users, I have removed Mage-Ring Network from this deck and replaced it with Gavony Township .

DemonDragonJ on Mage-Ring Network or Gavony Township?

7 months ago

IMMG54, in that case, I am convinced; I shall remove Mage-Ring Network in favor of Gavony Township .

DemonDragonJ on Mage-Ring Network or Gavony Township?

7 months ago

In my Atraxa EDH deck, I currently have four "storage lands:" Saltcrusted Steppe , Dreadship Reef , Calciform Pools , and Mage-Ring Network , because they have great synergy with such a deck.

However, I really want to put a Gavony Township in that deck, so I am contemplating removing the Mage-Ring Network , since a land that can produce only colorless mana may not be the best option for a four-colored deck, but I wish to ask the advice of other users here, before I make a decision. Ironically, that deck did have the township, originally, but I removed it in favor of Karn's Bastion .

What does everyone else say about this? Between Mage-Ring Network and Gavony Township , which is the better card for my deck?

Ripwater on Primer: Kozilek Great Distortion of the Boardstate

8 months ago

QuietMyth well did my first game yesterday and man this deck is oppressive hahaha. Actually had scroll rack out from turn 2 and it almost won me the game (although it was out in combination with Staff of Nin).

I did made one tiny change, since i'm still waiting for that card. I took Kyren Toy out and replaced it with Sculpting Steel . I kind of based it on Mage-Ring Network , wich I hardly had the mana for yesterday to activate it too put storage counters on. Ofcourse Sculpting Steel is potentionally a dead card, but often there is somewhere a sol ring or another mana rock out. I think it gives more flexibility then Kyren Toy.

Is there a reason that you don't run Darksteel Forge ? Cause yesterday it kinda panicked me out to just wait till someone plays a Austere Command on artifacts.

DemonDragonJ on All Will Be One

8 months ago

Do I really need to have four storage lands in this deck? Mage-Ring Network is a great card, but, given that this is a four-colored deck, it may not be as useful as the other storage lands, and I really would like to put Gavony Township back in this deck.

Also, I am considering replacing Recoil with Generous Gift , since recoil is useful only if the owner of the permanent that it targets has no cards in their hand (because they could simply discard another card and re-summon that permanent), but white is already overwhelmingly the most prominent color in this deck, and I wish to have greater balance among the colors, and I do not wish to use Beast Within , because it is a blatant violation of the color pie. Does anyone have any feedback to offer regarding that issue?

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