Pride of the Clouds


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dissension (DIS) Rare

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Pride of the Clouds

Creature — Elemental Cat


Pride of the Clouds gets +1/+1 for each other creature in play with flying.

Forecast - (2)(White)(Blue), Reveal Pride of the Clouds from your hand: Put a 1/1 white and blue Bird creature token with flying into play. (Play this ability only during your upkeep and only once each turn.)

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Pride of the Clouds Discussion

zepharoz35 on Balling! (Jim Jones Voice)

4 weeks ago

the 2 Honor of the Pure should be taken out and substituted with 2 more intangible virtues. Judge's should be substituted with Mausoleum Wanderer firstly due to you generating lots of spirits (i.e. Lingering Souls, Selfless Spirit), which can actually make this an offshoot of a spirit tribal deck with a zur gimmick. Pride of the Clouds i feel should be limited to around 2-3. Yes it can be a 2 mana creature, but it is still a 1/1 that is dependent on your field advantage. Arguably a strong card, but the meta is full of removals right now and its forecast ability for 4 mana for 1/1 flyer is ok at best. Why is Moorland Haunt not included? 2 mana to generate a spirit without taking a slot in your deck. The vampires here don't seem to add much value and can easily be removed. since your tokens are the going wide strategy, i would probably continue that and instead put in counter spells (especially since you run blue) to protect your spirits. Not Forgotten would be an interesting disruption card to make your opponent top deck something useless before their draw, so perhaps side?. I might be pushing the spirit tribal a little more, but hear me out...Spirit Bonds since you generate tokens, why not add a little more?

Finally, your matches. -Facing off against a control deck, you have token generators and counters to counter their spells. They terminus, that's fine still generating tokens. -Against aggro, it will be hard but hand disruption can disrupt their tempo and follow with counters. build up your spirit army all the while buffing them with your token buffers -Against combo decks, just pure disruption -Against tempo creature decks (i.e. humans), your spirits are practically disposable. the unlikelihood of trample means you can use something like vault to give deathtouch to kill key creatures. humans will always be a tough one to fight against though -Against tall creature decks, same as above.

ZorrosRage on The Feathers and the Furious

1 month ago

Missing one of the best birds in the game Judge's Familiar

How do you feel about Pride of the Clouds it can create birds or be a beat stick.

Squadron Hawk bunch of small birds

Nimble Obstructionist is a solid bird

Kjartan on The Skies

2 months ago

Pride of the Clouds Is basically made for flying "tribal"

catrule3564 on Budget Competitive Legacy - Angry Birds

3 months ago

This was my first legacy deck. Glad to see other people are still using it. The OG primers are here and here if you want to give a shoutout somewhere in your description ;)

Long live Pride of the Clouds!

daseeker25 on Dimir Faeries with a splash of White

4 months ago

You have a good build with good synergy here. I just threw down some thoughts on cards that are hopefully all budget enough to consider. Most of these are super cheap on mtgo which makes that a good program to play on for brewing budget options. You are looking at up to $0.25 a card (usually much less) instead of $2

I like Glen Elendra Liege but why not drop those for two more Scion of Oona? You have no blue and black creatures and all your creatures are faeries so it seems much better. If you want more than 4 of those effects, then I would go to Glen Elendra Liege.

Have you considered Despise or Duress for other turn 1 plays? Inquisition of Kozilek is not too expensive if within budget. You do rely on throwing out creatures and swinging wide so perhaps not playing these is best.

Secluded Glen seems much better than Dismal Backwater but quite pricey. River of Tears may work well for you. Faerie Conclave may be a good option but I wouldn't play more than 2 because you do not want too many tapped lands in this build. Mutavault is a powerhouse in faeries with how it interacts with Spellstutter Sprite and in this case Thieving Sprite. However, 4 Mutavault cost more than the whole deck currently and as much as one Bitterblossom.

Your biggest fear is board wipes post sideboarding. I would recommend Spell Pierce, Negate, or Countersquall. I would also play Nihil Spellbomb in the sideboard for graveyard hate. I love Shadow of Doubt to hit fetchlands or combo decks but Squelch can be a fun budget option. Disdainful Stroke is also a very good budget counterspell.

Another upgrade path for this deck would be to focus on the go wide flying theme and splash white (perhaps use fast lands in esper colors). Key card is Pride of the Clouds while not a faerie becomes huge when you have a few faeries out. Spell Queller is also a good card that you cannot pass up if playing blue/white flyers. Selfless Spirit protects from board wipes. Adding in these cards decreases usefullness of Scion of Oona and may make sense to move back to Glen Elendra Liege

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Pattern Recognition #74 - Rav, ...

5 months ago

Gotta love that tim taylor reference :D

Most favourite mechanics: graft, unleash and extort.

Least favourite mechanic:

replicate. It's so overly boring that i even forgot the name seconds after reading the article. Seriously. I had to scroll back up for the name. Same for forecast, though Pride of the Cloudsis awesome.

Skinken on Swing X In The Air- NOW WITH MORE ONE DROPS!!

6 months ago

Maybe add some Earthquake effects to take advantage of your fliers? The charm seems bad. Pride of the Clouds is a awesome card. But only running 1-drops means you will run out of cards on t3. That is likely before you beat down your opponent so... not ideal. Consider Squadron Hawk.

For inspiration there is a budget Legacy deck surrounding Pride of the Clouds called "Angry Birds". However, it uses Island Sanctuary and sometimes Back to Basics to hit the opponent from different angles.


maxon on U/W Spirits

6 months ago

Totally understandable. I have a flier deck with it, and it's majority spirits. I also run Pride of the Clouds though so I couldn't pass up on turn one wanderer, turn two pride, turn three souls. The manabase hurts though. Still working on that deck

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