Spell Queller


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Spell Queller

Creature — Spirit



When Spell Queller enters the battlefield, exile target spell with converted mana cost 4 or less.

When Spell Queller leaves the battlefield, the exiled card's owner may cast that card without paying its mana cost.

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Spell Queller Discussion

Jelly_Bean on Blue/White Planeswalkers

1 day ago

Kjartan As I decided to build this deck I made many changes that are not posted due to lack of time. I completely took out the Doomed Traveler and a few planeswalkers and made room for Spell Queller. I am also not running Chain Veil as I saw how little it would help in play testing. I added and took a few other cards here or there and played at my LGS. I went 2 and 2, lost against Tron and Storm. The decks I won against were slower or they just had less straight up attackers. In all games I found Jace, Cunning Castaway to be useless as you said and i am definitely going to remove him. Narset actually helped out a lot through the games, she was either getting me a planeswalker or a counter spell 2 out of 3 times. The mana base i actually made for the splashing of green was perfect every game, never had no green when Tamiyo, Field Researcher was in my hand but then found her ability to help me very little. And basically everything you commented on was true in play testing. I normally just make decks based on the cards i have and if it feel they would be fun or not, this was definitely fun. When I started going off with ultimates and some combos i added in there was a crowd around my table, which is always fun. Defintely gonna try some of your additions, i really appreciate the tips. Thank you :D

xyr0s on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

2 days ago

You're very welcome.

I think Doomed Traveler belongs in the sideboard. It's for the control match-ups, as what it does best is play against sweepers. Replace with Rattlechains, which is almost a counterspell, or Spell Queller (which is also almost a counterspell). Authority of the Consuls and Dissipation Field could also be put in sideboard, as they only shine in some very specific match-ups.

It's optimistic to have 4 Anointed Procession in play at the same time - do you generate enough tokens that it's always worth playing? Think of it this way: It eats all your mana on turn 4 without having any immediate effect on the board-state. So how often do you get something from it in turn 5, and is what you get in turn 5 good enough to cover the lack of action in turn 4. Keep in mind that you likely play a token generator in turn 3 (since that fits the mana). A cheap alternative you might try out: Favorable Winds. Or you could replace with removal like Path to Exile.

SilverIronMan on A Knight On The Falls

2 days ago

While the main plan of knightfall is to out value and out tempo our opponent, some of the cards that are used for this purpose are pretty toolbox-y. However, this isn't the main theme of knightfall. Therefore, I definitely don't plan to play more than 1x Eldritch Evolution, but that 1x is Not the flex sideboard spot (That's Courser of Kruphix and Reclamation Sage).

Eldritch Evolution is reasonable against fair, non-blue decks, but mostly, it's there for combo decks (Knightfall's worst matchups). Due to the sheer number of creatures in this deck, there is usually some creature that helps out in the matchup and is worth tutoring for. While you could try something like Chord of Calling for this reason, Chord of Calling is usually at least 2 turns slower.

It might be a little easier to say a few matchups that I'd bring it in for (not a full list): Affinity, Burn, Jund, Junk, Tron, Lantern Control, Dredge, Infect, Elves, and Living End. If you look at that list, Burn, Tron, Elves and Living End can be some pretty challenging matchups. The card does a bit more than double duty.

Affinity is a pretty favored matchup. For reference at the Modern Open, I played 4 matches against them and lost 1 game (albeit, I usually lose a few more game 1s). This seems to happen for a few reasons.

The biggest reason is because of Spell Queller. Spell Queller stops a relevant spell while being bigger (before buffs) than their fliers. Of course, it can also be flashed in before blocks with no spell on the stack. Therefore, I can not stress enough how much of an all-star this card is.

Knight of the Reliquary is also quite good in this matchup. It can tutor up a Ghost Quarter for any of they're relevant man-lands, and a Gavony Township to make Birds of Paradise trade.

Between 2x Qasali Pridemage, 2x Reflector Mage, and 4x Path to Exile, there's typically a bit of removal to handle the first threat (and sometimes a few after the first one).

The main plan is just to stall as long as you can and make as many favorable trades as possible. Hopefully, you can create enough of a board state where they lose too much by attacking (aka a board stall) and Knightfall rarely loses from a board stall.

Therefore, so long as you don't draw too many Scavenging Ooze and Voice of Resurgence and they don't have a super speedy draw (Mox Opal...), then game 1 can be pretty close. Of course, post-board Knightfall becomes favored.

-3x Scavenging Ooze, -3x Voice of Resurgence, -2x Retreat to Coralhelm for +1x Eldritch Evolution, +2x Izzet Staticaster (Best Card and generally what Eldritch Evolution finds), +2x Kitchen Finks(The gain 2 life and +1 power sells me on it over Voice of Resurgence even at the cost of one mana (Mostly because both suck in this matchup)), +1x Manglehorn, +1x Reclamation Sage, +1x Reflector Mage

Post-Board, around 1/3 of the deck is removal. Of course, once again, the goal is to stall for as long as possible. Once again, the longer the game, the higher the probability that knightfall wins.

CasualCucumber on Spirits From The Bright Sun to The Dark Ocean

4 days ago

Nice they helped you!

First i personally would run more than one copy of Drogskol Captain to have a bigger consistency in boosting your spirits. Since you're going with the blue and white route, you should definetly consider Geist of Saint Traft and Spell Queller.

Boza on Azorius Control

4 days ago

You need to consolidate your control options. You are too spread out. Several things:

  1. Steel of the godhead - you have 3 copies of it vs 4 creatures it works with. Either remove godhead (better option) or change creatures to better accomodate it, like Spell Queller instead of topplegeist.

  2. 0 recursion - you will rarely need 4 copies of holy day main as well as 4 negates. Limit the numbers of copies of answers you play to tailor to the metagame. Include cards like Torrential Gearhulk or even mnemonic wall to recur your cards instead and give yourself additional copies.

  3. Holy day - just no. Fogs are not worth a slot.

  4. More ways to get ahead - you currently have the following cards that have the ability to not trade 1-for-1 - 2 supreme verdicts and 3 revelations. That is quite few and they come in a bit too late, especially the revelations (you do not wat to cast them without dumping at least 7 mana in them). They are also negated by the fact that Steel of the godhead can two-for-one you and holy day is card disadvantage. Have some more ways to get ahead permanently - planeswalkers, token generators, Isochron Scepter, Wall of Omens is a holy day without the card disadvantage, etc.

  5. General idea of a control deck - you want to take an advantage in cards, board state and/or tempo so that the opponent feels nable to do anything. I personally think of hard control decks as to be nearly devoid of win conditions - your main path to victory should be the opponent giving up when they see the mountain of advantage you stand on.

Tethys on Jeskai Control

1 week ago

I just noticed that you are only running four fetch lands, and that your Glacial Fortress and Sulfur Falls have 10 ETB conflicts (inclusive of themselves). This seems like an unnecessary risk regarding the potential for loss of tempo due to lands entering tapped. In a build that is trying to be relatively proactive by running Geist of Saint Traft and Spell Queller, I would advocate minimizing this by revising your land base to include some number of Scalding Tarns or Arid Mesas. Just a thought.

MassimoBrightboom on Boggles 11.17

1 week ago

Good question!

Typically Gryff's Boon is great, but Spirit Mantle has better blowout potential. At this point it's in because it's a great anti-control card, and a 1-cmc Aura.

Lots of Flying in my meta in the forms of Spell Queller and Spectral Procession tokens.

Also, the 1 toughness can really matter against red sweepers like Anger of the Gods.

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