Render Silent


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Render Silent


Counter target spell. Its controller can't cast spells this turn.

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Render Silent Discussion

Disciple_of_Doran on Sphere of Nevermore

1 week ago

@ Wyldemage: Thank you for the suggestions! I do, however, have reservations about each of these cards. If you think I'm wrong in my criticisms, by all means I would love to hear your thoughts on them more in-depth, but here are the issues I see.

Skywise Teachings: This doesn't seem like a very good card to me. not only does it cost 4 to cast a card that does nothing on it's own (except count towards enchantments), but it takes another 2 every time you want to activate it, all for a single 2/2 creature with flying. Spot removal is cheaper than these chump blockers, and without mana ramp we rarely have lots of extra mana floating around. It really just seems far too slow, and too weak for its cost.

Render Silent: I love this card, and have strongly considered adding it for flavor alone. However, three mana is a lot to hold up for a counterspell, and where we don't run many instants keeping mana up for it is hurting our board state progression a lot. Plus, once this card does get played, an opponent can still cast any number of instants before it resolves. Again, this really seems to boil down to being too slow. I could see something like Silence, but this is in just the wrong spot on our curve.

Dovin Baan: I might be able to see this one going in, though I have a hard time justifying what cards it might replace. Most of our high cost cards do more work, while our low cost cards are really important for staving off other decks until we get bigger pieces in play. I just can't see where this card would fit in without doing more harm than good.

Mirage Mirror: This card seems interesting. It is another 3 drop, which is concerning given that this is already our peak for our mana curve. It also costs another 2 every time we use it, which isn't fun, but being able to briefly make extra copies of any of our permanents, OR our opponents? It could be good... but again, I just don't know what to remove. I'd also want a second opinion on this one, it feels like it could be a trap.

MagicalHacker on Medomai Should Be BANNED (Medomai Primer)

3 weeks ago

Managem, Render Silent is a good counterspell, but I really want to avoid counters that cost 3 or more mana. In fact, the only two that are more than two mana are 3-drops that gain me a card. I won't say that I won't play Render Silent, but with three colored symbols on one counterspell, it will be hard to be able to pair this with other counterspells to keep tabs on multiple opponents simultaneously.

Hindering Light is something I can reconsider. I don't know if lots of situations will come up that it can be really good in, but I can keep an eye out for it. What I do know is that I really don't mind Medomai getting removed, because the late game is where this deck flourishes, so just recasting my commander is better than using resources to prevent it from leaving the battlefield.

With regards to Authority of the Consuls, haste isn't typically something used too much from what I've seen, so it wouldn't be too effective in slowing my opponents down that much. Lifegain is not really something the deck needs too much more of.

Fumigate is a sorcery speed card that costs 5, and the only card that fits that description (besides the commander) is Gilded Lotus which produces three mana right away, giving it a net cost of 2. Basically, I don't think I want to have any cards that cost more than 4 unless they can be cast on my opponents turn. This deck is basically the textbook example of a draw-go deck.

I appreciate the comment! It's good to hear about cards to think about. I will be considering the two counterspells you mentioned especially and watching my games to see if they would be good additions :D

Managem on Medomai Should Be BANNED (Medomai Primer)

3 weeks ago

I really like what you did with this deck, and Medomai, the Ageless. Powerful and suitable, especially giving him double strike haha, two extra turns of more card advantage, and preparation. I really like your choice of cards, fast and cheap. I would like to make recommendations with the counters.

Render Silent It's within 3 CMC range and completely locks your opponent out for the remainder of their turn, super annoying and advantageous, they essentially lost a turn when it resolves, so to speak.

Hindering Light This is another low cost counter. It does require your opponent to target you, or a permanent you control. But it has that potential to save you from something bad, Medomai, or your other goodies such as the enchantments, or artifacts etc. Plus this does exactly what you're looking for, more card advantage.

If you're looking to upgrade, or add to the pillow fort shenanigans, you may want to look into the following;

Authority of the Consuls Slows down your opponents, nets you life, and can create a sense of political stratagem, may force your opponents into attacking one another taking advantage of tapped down creatures.

Board wipes; Not sure if it's too expensive, and I'm not sure if lifegain is a priority, but if so Fumigate

Not sure if you considered these, but figured they might help?

+1 :)

Emzed on Budget Brago EDH-non stax

1 month ago

Whirler Rogue is a lot better than Urbis Protector here. While it creates less raw power, it's also cheaper and the fact that it can make Brago unblockable is very important.
Vessel of Endless Rest is a mana rock with a relevant enters-the-battlefield trigger, I like that more than Seashell Cameo.
I am really no fan of counterspells that cost more than 2 in a deck with so many expensive creatures etc - you just can't keep up three mana for Cancel or Dissipate to protect Brago when you also want to cast spells like Medomai the Ageless. At least Render Silent comes with a nice upside, but the other 3cmc counters I would replace with cheaper alternatives like Negate or Dispel - while weaker overall, they protect Brago quite well, and that's their most important job. If he lives, you should be in great shape.

Flyheight on Ramos And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

1 month ago

First pass at cuts.

Creatures (42):

Ankle Shanker, Baleful Strix, Bloodbraid Elf, Cromat, Daxos of Meletis, Dimir Doppelganger, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Enigma Sphinx, Etherium-Horn Sorcerer, Giltspire Avenger, Harmonic Sliver, Jenara, Asura of War, Juniper Order Ranger, Knight of New Alara, Kresh the Bloodbraided, Lightning Angel, Madrush Cyclops, Magister Sphinx, Mantis Rider, Master Biomancer, Mystic Snake, O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami, Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, Pharika's Mender, Progenitor Mimic, Progenitus, Qasali Pridemage, Rubinia Soulsinger, Ruhan of the Fomori, Samut, Voice of Dissent, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Sharuum the Hegemon, Solemn Simulacrum, Stoic Angel, Surrak Dragonclaw, The Mimeoplasm, Thraximundar, Transguild Courier, Vulturous Zombie, Wall of Denial, Wasitora, Nekoru Queen, Witch-Maw Nephilim

Non-Creatures: (39)

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, Bant Charm, Behemoth Sledge, Catch / Release, Citanul Flute, Counterflux, Crackling Doom, Crime/Punishment, Crosis's Charm, Cruel Ultimatum, Darksteel Ingot, Dreadbore, Dromar's Charm, Erratic Portal, Esper Charm, Expedition Map, Fellwar Stone, Fist of Suns, Flying Crane Technique, Fractured Identity, Ghirapur Orrery, Golgari Charm, Helm of Awakening, Hindering Light, Hunting Grounds, Mortify, Obzedat's Aid, Panharmonicon, Plasm Capture, Prophetic Bolt, Psychic Strike, Rakdos Charm, Render Silent, Signal the Clans, Spinal Embrace, Terminate, Unscythe, Killer of Kings, Utter End, Voidslime

This leaves you with 114 cards. Though I didn't really consider curve when I made these cuts so I don't know what will happen to that. Regardless, this would be my first pass at cuts.

punkrawkmonkey on Gwafa, You're such a D!CK!!!!! (HELP)

1 month ago

If control is your game, Aven Mindcensor is great. Every good EDH player runs tutors so no one will like seeing that card. I also feel like Propaganda is better than Sphere of Safety here since you don't have a TON of enchantments and the cmc is 3 instead of 5. Mother of Runes is great for protecting some of your scarier creatures such as Stormtide Leviathan, Talrand, Ojutai, Guile, etc. I personally love Grand Abolisher as well. I know you have counter spell back up but it's nice to know that no one can play anything on your turn. Then you can save your counters for your opponents' turns. On the note of counter spells, Render Silent is just mean and I run it in all my decks that run those two colors. Similar cards that you could include are Silence and Orim's Chant.

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