Medomai the Ageless


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare

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Medomai the Ageless

Legendary Creature — Sphinx


Whenever Medomai the Ageless deals combat damage to a player, take an extra turn after this one.

Medomai can't attack during extra turns.

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Medomai the Ageless Discussion

3InchMeatMonster on EDH Tribal Sphinx

4 days ago

Thran Dynamo and Belbe's Portal would be amazing in this deck. one of my friends runs sphinx tribal, its a fun deck. he uses Medomai the Ageless as his commander. i would ass more tribal synergies, Coat of Arms is a great tribal finisher.

cmsrDPM on Still My Turn

6 days ago

If you have an Identity Thief and a Medomai the Ageless, you can take infinite turns.

EternalBrewmaster on Temmet, Vizier of Clones

1 week ago

Stolen Identity, Sphinx's Revelation, Cackling Counterpart, Batterskull and Tempt with Reflections would all be solid, especially the first two. I would cut All Is Dust as I don't know why you would play it in the first place since you have so many colored permanents. Clone Legion, and Followed Footsteps would also be sweet. Personally I would cut cards like Grasp of Fate amd Counterspell and use creatures that you want to make tokens of anyways to do those sorts of things, like Angel of Serenity and Draining Whelk. Geist-Honored Monk would be sweet too.

Adorned Pouncer probably isn't good enough for EDH; I would also cut Enlightened Tutor, Secure the Wastes, and White Sun's Zenith. Play cards that actually do things like the ones I mentioned above instead of ones that late game make you a ton of tokens. Temmet is different from any other token general in that he wants you to have 1 big token rather that a massive token army. To that end, play Medomai the Ageless since this is a combat-focused Azorius deck and Blade of Selves for obvious reasons, but also for Anointed Procession shenanigans. I would also cut Sword of Fire and Ice, Phyrexian Processor, and Quietus Spike to make room for more creatures and tokenization cards. The sword is great and all, but just because you can play it in every deck doesn't mean you should, and there's plenty of card draw available to this deck without it. The processor is just off-flavor for me and there's not a lot of obvious ways to gain back the life, and Quietus Spike will certainly kill people quickly, and make them want to kill you quickly too, all of them. So again, I would suggest playing more token-producing value cards in those slots. Lightning Greaves is actually sub-optimal in this deck as the shroud will prevent you from targeting the equipped creature with Temmet's ability.

speedchicken29 on Wanna hear a joke? "It resolves"

3 weeks ago

I have a similar deck to this, with Medomai the Ageless as its commander. Strategy is counter until you have enough mana to play Medomai + 1 mana (so 7 mana). The 1 mana is used for countering the spell that they use on the next turn to remove Medomai, so it's usually used for Swiftfoot Boots, Stubborn Denial, Emerge Unscathed something like that.

After you get Medomai the Ageless rolling the game's pretty much over because they won't have played any flyers or other spells since they were all countered and you just win by commander damage.

yahelhotam on Rafiq, c'est Chic

1 month ago

Medomai the Ageless can give you 2 extra turns with double strike

rockleemyhero on Rafiq Tempo cEDH

1 month ago

Hey @Adam_Dills, thanks for the upvote and comment!

Thanks for looking at my list and for the suggestions. I should elaborate my meta: it is rampant with fast combo, stax, and all tier 1/2 cedh builds. While Trinket Mage is a fine card (and even better so in my paper list where I run Sensei's Divining Top+Counterbalance combo), tapping out for a 3 mana creature that doesnt tutor a combo piece doesn't cut it. It would be stronger if i were running Pithing Needle, Relic of Progenitus, Skullclamp and top.

Lightning Greaves is a great addition to the list that is always on the fence. It comes in and out. The list currently doesnt use voltron to win very often so it's power level is decreased. If i had more combat oriented duedes such as Cephalid Constable, Medomai the Ageless, Serra Ascendant and/or Dragonlord Ojutai it would be a more worthy inclusion.

As far as Mirari's Wake goes, i love that card and i play it in my naya tokens list, which is more casual than this one. Unfortunately my meta is too fast to play a 5 mana enchantment that doesnt do anything the first turn it comes down. You mentioned speed being a factor for trinket mage, however this deck plays the exact opposite: because it is much slower than the fast combo decks I play against, I need to outlast the game and put them on my pace via proactive control elements such as Rest in Peace, Kataki, War's Wage, and Containment Priest. This deck wins around turns 6-8 in a 4 mana pod.

Glad to hear there are still other people still interested in rafiq in a more competitive setting. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm glad to hear my list has helped, I should have a primer up in the near future :)

fragarach97 on Isperia will see your hand

2 months ago

In my experience, Isperia is a very fun and potentially powerful Commander if built and piloted correctly. She nets you information while doing the best possible thing in the format: tutoring.

Not just randomly tutoring, tutoring fliers and flying just so happens to be a VERY irritating keyword to deal with, so be prepared to deal with some hate. That said, play your politics right, use the right fliers to keep you safe, and make the right threats and Isperia is sure to rack up a positive win percentage.

Onto my suggestions, first and foremost is Vendilion Clique. It is literally EVERYTHING Isperia wants and more. An aggressively costed flier gives you information on your opponents hand while snuffing out combos? Perfect. Not they're an expensive bunch, but if you can afford a Clique there is no reason NOT to run them.

As a side note, your lack of Gitaxian Probe disturbs me.

Back on track, Isperia's most prominent win condition is Medomai the Ageless. Now this card isn't going to make you any friends, but if you can protect yourself well enough and use him right then you'll be on a fast track to value town.

Off of fliers for a sec, Fireshrieker, True Conviction, and Strionic Resonator are all ways to double-dip on your Isperia goodness and offer additional value with other cards in the deck.

Back to fliers again, a once pricey Angel that's been taken down a notch in price is Linvala, Keeper of Silence. This is one of those that'll hose down the people gunning for you by shutting off their activated abilities. Krenko wanna make a million tokens? No. Myojin of Nights' Reach wanna strip your hand bare? No. Experiment Kraj wanna do literally anything? No. She's a REAL hose.

Now I could suggest great fliers and cuts for them forever, but I feel it best if you tinker with this supremely underrated commander for yourself and find what works for you. If you need more ideas, my own build of Isperis is The Majestical Queen Flap Flap. Have a great one!

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