Sunblast Angel

Creature — Angel


When Sunblast Angel enters the battlefield, destroy all tapped creatures.

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Sunblast Angel Discussion

python2048 on Brago, King of Eternal Value

3 days ago

I play Ephara, God of the Polis as my commander and even though they are kind of different decks, there is a lot of overlap.

A few cards that are under or around $2 that I run and you might get benefit from:

Knight-Captain of Eos

Conjurer's Closet

Wall of Omens

Sunblast Angel

Karmic Guide

Crystal Shard

Trinket Mage (you can add Seat of the Synod, Ancient Den, and maybe even Darksteel Citadel to make it worth more than just getting Sol Ring. I have Everflowing Chalice. In this deck, you may also get use from Pithing Needle. With this package, it's probably just better than Pilgrim's Eye.)

Thalia's Lancers (Important to note, it gets any legendary, not just creatures. I run Inventors' Fair and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.)

If you have Archaeomancer, you probably want Mnemonic Wall and Scrivener as well. These cards make Ghostly Flicker much better. So much so that I run also Displace and Illusionist's Stratagem as well in Ephara.

Ixidron could be interesting in this deck, especially if you add more blink effects outside of Brago.

I don't know how much I like creature auras for Brago. He's already a removal magnet (which is one of the reasons I don't play him as my commander) and I feel like you'd end up just getting two for one'd. Whispersilk Cloak might be a good alternative. You could also add stuff like Cloudshift, Momentary Blink, or maybe even Whitemane Lion to help protect Brago from removal or get additional value. Again, I haven't played this deck and don't know your meta, so this may be irrelevant.

You may want to look at making your mana rocks a turn faster so you can curve into Brago on turn three. You could run Talisman of Progress, Fellwar Stone, or Thought Vessel if you're looking to have your rocks all untap with Brago. They aren't as reliable at fixing as say Darksteel Ingot, but the speed could be worth it.

Here's a link to my Ephara deck if you're interested:

Ephara's Blink'n Value

Diakaine on My very first commander

3 weeks ago

the other Isperia, Supreme Judge ( or Bruna, Light of Alabaster if you really like a voltron enchantment build) is better. she'll give you card advantage, which pulls you ahead. then replace most of the lands with basics, running more basic lands will help you more then Phyrexia's Core with no artifacts or Grixis Panorama in blue white, basics are the way to go. Ruination and Back to Basics are somewhat common in EDH. It also seems like your deck is trying to different side is control, the other is creatures, and the other is voltron. try to get down to 2 ( like voltron and control) somewhat budget cards at about $2.50 each are Ghostly Prison Propaganda and Sphere of Safety ( these cards work well with an enchantment voltron type deck) higher quality creature is also important. Archon of the Triumvirate Blazing Archon Angelic Arbiter Sun Titan Resolute Archangel Lavinia of the Tenth Daxos of Meletis Angel of Serenity Medomai the Ageless Sunblast Angel Stonehorn Dignitary Angelic Skirmisher Frost Titan Auramancer Monk Idealist Sram, Senior Edificer. then with control Curse of the Swine, Reality Shift Render Silent Stubborn Denial Arcane Denial AEtherize Judge's Familiar Rewind Swords to Plowshares Detention Sphere Oblivion Ring Journey to Nowhere board wipes are kinda expensive so idealy its Wrath of God but on a budget Day of Judgment Planar Cleansing and if youre going for a heavier enchantment build then Winds of Rath will put you far ahead. card advantage Blue Sun's Zenith Brainstorm Preordain Ponder Mind Spring Stroke of Genius Think Twice and enchantments Righteous Authority Ethereal Armor Vow of Flight Vow of Duty Gift of Immortality Spectra Ward Favorable Winds Gravitational Shift Blind Obedience tokens and valueSigil of the Empty Throne Ajani's Chosen Decree of Justice tutors Plea for Guidance Three Dreams and lastly mana rocks are very good at ramping your mana, which is important for being ahead in the game and not falling behind. Azorius Signet Azorius Cluestone Fellwar Stone Coldsteel Heart Darksteel Ingot Mind Stone Worn Powerstone Commander's Sphere and very important is a Sol Ring! i hope this helps you a lot, i tried to stay with in a below $2 for every card and about 98% are within that budget. and i wish you the best of luck playing commander!

Cgrider2 on Brago, Douche Eternal

1 month ago

Cloudshift, Essence Flux, and Panharmonicon are all not in the deck for the same reason. It's not a flicker heavy deck, they're situational cards, and I too often found myself wanting them to be something else. Panharmonicon doesn't give me any value on it's own. If I have only Brago and Panharonicon out, it's not doing much. Panharmonicon is something I would want to drop once I'm ahead and have a stream of ETB triggers going off. The problem is that I don't always get there, and if it's just this and Brago, or I have an empty field and this in my hand, it's not helping me get back into the game. Basically Panharmonicon relies on Brago being out and attacking, which is less often than you'd think. People see Brago hit the field and devote themselves to taking him right back off.

Essence Flux and Cloudshift were in the original build I made of Brago, but they're just too situational. They're good for two things: protecting Brago from targeted removal and getting an extra ETB trigger when it's needed. The problem with them for me is that I'd rather those cards be an actual creature, a counterspell, a Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares, or even a land. And the counters off of Essence Flux are just not going to stick around for me. I'm always untapping Brago with his own trigger to be a blocker if I really need it or to protect him from "Destroy target tapped creature" spells of Sunblast Angel.

Daquartzinator on Brago Lockdown

1 month ago

cobblepott, A friend who is good at commander (I am not, at least deckbuilding) recommended your Brago list to me. It looks AMAZING! I already had a Brago deck and I had a few questions about why and why not you were running certain cards. Btw: I proxy cards (don't hate me), so these questions are about making the deck the best, not staying on-budget.

First off, do I need to run Aven Mindcensor, Augury Owl, Mentor of the Meek, Rings of Brighthearth, Memory Jar, Helm of Obedience, Aether Spellbomb, Chain of Vapor, Mystical Tutor, and Narset Transcendent? Why are these cards in the deck, and are they good candidates to be replaced?

You are currently running Man-o'-War, but i think Reflector Mage is strictly better, apart from cost.

Then there are a lot cards I run that you don't, and I wanted to know why:Jace, the Mind Sculptor (I don't proxy that, I have a real one), Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Dovin Baan - the shield is nice, most of the time he just draws you 2 extra cards/turn, and i you can't find a stax thing you can ultimate. Reality Acid and the Rishidans, Wall of Omens, Mulldrifter, Cloudblazer, Deadeye Navigator, Sunblast Angel - my own discovery!, Sun Titan, Palinchron and Peregrine Drake, Path to Exile, Prismatic Lens and Thought Vessel - 2 more 2 mana mana rocks, aand... Panharmonicon(sorry that was a lot.)

Lastly, I want a wincon - an artifact that deals damage to people that i can blink infinitely with Strionic Resonator after drawing my deck and flash out with Shimmer Myr. My candidates are:Mortarpod - just a cheap card I have, can recur with Sun Titan.Walking Ballista - Great value card, pings, but can't be blinked.Meteorite - this card looks stupid, but it's a mana rock. Can't be recurred by Sun Titan.

Pleeaze tell me what you think!-Daquartzinator

Force_of_Willb on Be You Angels?

1 month ago

Is the goal of the deck to be competitive in legacy or casual fun?

If competitive, the deck will need to be faster. I suggest a reanimate theme with Reanimate, Animate Dead, or Exhume

You can get items into your graveyard quickly with: Putrid Imp, Tireless Tribe, Call the Bloodline, Oona's Prowler or nonbudget cards Entomb or Buried Alive

Then you will need specific angels for match ups

Iona, Shield of Emeria - shuts down any mono colored deck

Angel of Finality - shuts down graveyard decks

Linvala, Keeper of Silence - shuts down lots of creature decks

Maybe try New card Exquisite Archangel - could be good against burn or tendril/storm decks

This card doesn't see play but I like Angel of Jubilation - shuts down fetch lands, causes shocklands to come into play tapped, and makes phyrexian mana need to be paid.

If this is just casual, here are some other budget angels to consider:

Serra Avenger / Angelic Curator - 2CMC angel

Voice of All / Pristine Angel / Iridescent Angel - protection from colors

Angel of Despair - ETB destroy permanent

Magister of Worth / Sunblast Angel / Desolation Angel - ETB wrath effects

Archangel Avacyn  Flip

Happy Brewing.

shaistyone on For Honor and Glory...but Mostly Just for Blood

2 months ago

I guess the key for suggestions would be some game info. How are you losing? What strategies are giving you problems? etc..

At a base level, lots of the new Vehicles have attack triggers which would be great in a multi-combat deck.
Other (non-specific) thoughts -
Reconnaissance - still absurd in your deck
Angel of Jubilation - pump + shuts off some key strategies
Goblin War Drums - solid effect
Sunblast Angel - asymmetrical effects are my favorite
Vandalblast - ditto
Soltari Visionary - nice utility creature that seems to always have targets
Adriana, Captain of the Guard - melee stacks well w/extra combats
Tyrant's Familiar - nice removal
Master Warcraft - with any kind of board state, this should probably be ggs

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