Belzenlok, Demonlord The King of Urborg, Evincar of the Stronghold, The Eternal Patriarch of the Cabal, Master of the Ebon Hand, And now Mindslaver

If you love all the nasty stuff black can do, this deck is for you. Here is the strategy, it's very simple. First of all get bunchs of mana and then destroy as much as you can with demons, eldrazis, doom, big spells and more insane things.

As a good friend of mine said, there are two kind of decks: The ones made to fucking burn everything, and the ones to stop the fire others are making.

Well Belzenlok is here to summon the scariest shit and set the whole universe on fire.

Ramp (30 cards) is the first step to bringing demons out of everywhere, this deck is meant to ramp from turn 2 to 4-5 and then puke all the grotesque cards, and when you run out of cards simply cast your commander. Some of the cards listed here just searches for lands, which is lovely when playing monoblack. So here is a list with all the ramp:

Doom (23 cards) is the one and only goal for Demonlord Belzenlok. Winning feels great, but have you ever tried playing the most insane and brutal cards? Well that's all about this deck, Belzenlok is the Doombringer, through portals like Planar Bridge or Erratic Portal he summons the darkest beings of the universe. Doom can bear many shapes, it might come in form of demons, eldrazis, big spells (main win con), or oblivion:
Protection and life gain (8 cards) are crucial in a deck where not only everyone tries to kill you, but you also damage yourself. Most of the damage dealt to you is dealt by you. But every sacrifice has it's reward, in this case the reward is doom. Too much talking so lets see the protection and lifegain cards:
Mind control Winning feels great, but it feels better when you make someone lose, or even win the game when controling their head. Controlling time is also a great way to make sure oblivion comes to all. Well in this deck I play one of the two packs I will now show: Mind Control and Time Manipulation.
Hope you like it, I'm a bit tired now, bye.


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