Planar Bridge

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Planar Bridge

Legendary Artifact

, : Search your library for a permanent card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

Xlp on Captain N'gathrod Horror tribe mill **not precon**

1 month ago

thefiresoflurve I took out Grell Philosopher and Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar because grell relied on an opp having an artifact and graz was only one draw per battle I only added Omniscience because jank love and Planar Bridge to search Bolas's Citadel and Omniscience

thefiresoflurve on Captain N'gathrod Horror tribe mill **not precon**

1 month ago

A few things you could consider cutting: As Foretold - this really works much better in decks that have more instants/counterspells, since it works on other people's turns as well. Additionally, the odds of getting this card out + having it survive long enough to be useful make it just not worth it. I've seen it played at my table and it's impact is considerably lower than something like Rhystic Study, which would make a great replacement.

Similarly, Omniscience and Planar Bridge seem too expensive to really justify using.

Grell Philosopher and Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar would be good replacements - Philosopher to turn your creatures into ramp/tech, and Grazilax for some more draw.

smack80 on Spicier KFC with Kinnan

1 month ago

Your deck isn't really CEDH, it relies on getting out a blightsteel and attacking 3 times, even with infinite mana. It's more Mid-level.

You need more creature so Kinnan doesn't hit nothing.

I don't like Gyre Engineer for Kinnan. The ideal play line is T1 dork, T2 kinnan and tap your dork for a 2 drop dork, T3 activate Kinnan. Gyre Engineer and the 3-cost mana rocks don't fit that. I'd get rid of all the 3-cost mana artifacts and creatures. Getting 2 mana for 2 is a much better ratio than 3 mana for 2. Maraleaf pixie is a bad one too. You want your mana dorks to give you blue mana without requiring blue mana put in, otherwise they're not fixing anything.

I have a lower powered Kinnan deck with no infinite stuff and no moxes, you could steal a few cards from my list.

Try Lotus Petal; its 2/3 of a black lotus which I've heard is a good card. Try Mox Anything. Bootleggers' Stash doubles your lands mana production as well as banking it. Planar Bridge is a backup plan as he works like Kinnan and the first thing you get is Seedborn Muse. Springleaf Drum lets you tap Kinnan for 2 so it's like a colored Sol Ring which I've heard is good.

Grind on Big Mana

2 months ago

Cool deck!!!
Given you have crucible of worlds, surprised not to see the Ramunap Excavator and like all lthe forest fetches, Verdant Catacombs, Prismatic Vista, etc.
Also, if helix is the win con, seems like you want Seedborn Muse and maybe a way to tutor helix. Maybe Planar Bridge or Planar Portal.
You might want Constant Mists or Moment's Peace in case someone tries to kill you!!
Also i feel like Worldly Tutor is an auto include to fetch that nyxbloom ancient.
Anyway awesome deck hope you like the suggestions cheers and have fun!!!

joshawatt on Jodah

4 months ago

Raben-schwarz Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for the three year wait lol, I took out Fierce Empath for Smothering Tithe. I also recently got my hands on Rhystic Study so I will likely be putting it in this deck as I feel it is missing good card draw, possibly instead of Overflowing Insight, or even Planar Bridge. Thoughts?

Profet93 on The Black Machine

6 months ago

Yawgmoth's will - Not adding because of $?

Syphon mind - It's card draw without the lifeloss, it should fit within your parameters

I mentioned those 2 but was unsure what you think about them....

To add, Genesis Chamber might work for you.

Infernal Darkness - Works as a contamination that doesn't stop coffers/stronghold. Easy to maintain for a turn, or 2. At best, it skips their turns. At worst, it's counterspell bait. Not needed in this build but worth mentioning depending on your set-up

Regarding cuts....

Mind Stone > Charcoal diamond - You are mono colored with enough basics to be good on colors. The additional potential for draw as well as tempo gain seem to outweigh the diamond's benefits of producing color

Forcefield - Unsure if this is even worth cutting. How has your experience been with it? I am unsure of how the rules work, but if an opponent attacks your PW commander, can you use forcefield to make your commander only take 1? I know they had an update a few years back but an unclear....

Planar Bridge > Planar Portal/Ring 3 wish - Might as well pay 2 more for the card to go to the field, unless you're specifically looking for a non-permanent card. Even then, black has the best tutors so this is redundant and unnecessary unless I'm missing something. I personally wouldn't run bridge,portal or rings 3 wish as they are too costly.

Soldevi Digger - I don't see it's purpose, what am I missing?

Lux Cannon - I understand its to remove artifacts and enchantments that black has trouble targeting. But how often does this stay around for the 3-4 turns necessary to actually remove one thing, and even then, is it worth it? Would you not be better served with something along the lines of Ugin, the Ineffable? It does cost more, but it provides such a host of benefits. Makes 20% of your deck cost less, exile rather than destroy, provides card draw, token production. Seems to help you in all ways you need for just a bit more mana. Feed the Swarm is worth noting to help as well. I understand you don't like lifeloss but worth mentioning given the low CMC.

Witchbane Orb - Meta call? Why do YOU need hexproof?

Karn + Lili - Karn is a more expensive version of ugin ineffable that can hit hands and work as alt-wincon. But is that really needed/worth it? Lili is an expensive (CMC based) imperial seal, it's discard is weak, ult unlikely and unreliable.

Conspiracy - What is the purpose/combo here? I feel it's looking me in the face but I can't see it

Haunted Crossroads - With all of black's powerful recursion, why run this?

I would cut 1 land, probably a swamp or rogue's passage. With your ramp, avg cmc and tutors, I feel the slot would be better used fueling your game plan. I hate cutting lands, rarely run less than 37 myself. 39 I've found to be a bit much, would love to hear your thoughts on everything :)

plakjekaas on Crypt Stalker

6 months ago

It's nice in mechanics, design, but the flavor text couldn't be more off. Just look at the text on Sparring Mummy or Those Who Serve. Zombies on Amonkhet, especially the white ones, are substitutes for normal people so that the normal people can train for the Trials. The Trials turned out to be selections for the most powerful warriors to be zombified and coated with Lazotep, so that they could cross the Planar Bridge (which could not transport living matter) to fight in the War of the Spark. Zombies created from Trials winners are blue/black ( Spellweaver Eternal / Lazotep Reaver). If you failed the Trials, you'd get mummified into a servant ( Those Who Serve). But death was always the end of your Trials.

ObIviom on Your Favorite Plays

8 months ago

One of my favorite plays of all time, I was playing with my friends, I had this super sick Memnarch deck, Most games I would slam down double, triple mana, and use that to combo off, well this was one of those games. I landed Planar Bridge and Unwinding Clock, tutored out a Mycosynth Lattice, and Padeem, Consul of Innovation and was feeling really good, hard to stop me at this point. So then I tried to tutor out Darksteel Forge to really make it impossible to stop my reign of terror. My friend responded with a well timed Emergence Zone activation into Vandalblast. My heart sunk sooo hard. My mind was racing, how could I get out of this? Well, That game had tons of interaction, I think i spent all off my counterspells already. I had no clue, So I counted all of my cards in graveyard, and thankfully, Since i knew my deck really well, I knew I had one more counterspell left. I managed to dig really hard with instant speed cantrips, to find my last counterspell, Arcane Denial.

I had dug down to the last few cards in my deck, I had finite mana, finiite spells, and just a dream, and I managed to get it. It was absolutely beautiful, and my playgroup still talks about it years later.

More recently, I was playing cEDH and was against a Grolnok, the Omnivore deck, I landed a Dauthi Voidwalker to keep the frog from activating a Hermit Druid they had, that player managed to bounce the Dauthi next turn, and activated the Druid. Everybody thought we were dead to Thassa's Oracle, but I pulled out my secret weapon. Scout's Warning to flash in Dauthi Voidwalker, to steal the frog's entire deck, just to use a Command Tower with a void counter on it, as my last land needed to win with Aetherflux Reservoir + Bolas's Citadel + Sensei's Divining Top

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