Artifact — Equipment

Living weapon (When this equipment enters the battlefield, create a 0/0 black germ creature token, then attach this to it.)

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each Swamp you control.

Equip ( can be paid for with either or 2 life.)

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Format Legality
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Limited Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Lashwrithe Discussion

Metroid_Hybrid on Merchant, Messenger, Murderer

2 months ago

Cranial Plating is the one that counts artifacts.. Lashwrithe counts your Swamps, AND is a Living Weapon to boot..

StoryArcher on Merchant, Messenger, Murderer

2 months ago


Also, the ONLY thing that kept me from finding a place for Lashwrithe was the fact that I don't currently have any artifacts and I like that hate being dead draws in their hand. Still haven't ruled it out completely though.

Metroid_Hybrid on Merchant, Messenger, Murderer

2 months ago

Looks fine to start off with. I used to play Mono-Black Devotion some years ago (I even have the highest rated 'Devotion' deck on T/O). A couple of tips though.

  1. You can drop all of your non-basic lands for basic Swamps, and bring your land count to 23-24 (this streamlines your mana for casting & spells on-curve, and neuters things like Ghost Quarter & Blood Moon, etc.).

  2. The speed of the format has to be considered. That being said, Erebos & Ayara come down a little late to be really impactful. I would cut them, 1-2 Phyrexian Arena, and 1-2 Garys (this will make your mana curve less steep)

  3. You wanted Mono-Black Aggro? Well, to me at least, nothing screams Mono-Black like a Phyrexian Obliterator equipped with a Lashwrithe!

Winnieblues on

3 months ago

Cheers for the feedback MrKillStar, it's good to see some other people coming up with novel brews for the new Legends!

Armix and Silas Renn looks like a great aggressive combo (Attack with both, trash an artifact to Armix to kill off a blocker, then use Silas to play an artifact you've trashed), but I like the restriction of mono colored decks, in deck building and power level. Also, most of the more expensive cards (including the Sword) in this list I already have a spare copy of, so putting it together would only cost me about $30!

Skyclave Relic and Strionic Resonator look very nice in the deck, I'll see if I can fit them into my budget! I don't think I'll be using Keskit toooo much, so Magewright's Stone might not make the cut.

I think this deck just needs a really reliable finisher. The current options are either incremental advantage from things like Underhanded Designs and Marionette Master, or combat-focused with Cranial Plating and Lashwrithe.

I was thinking Revel in Riches might be good, as this deck can (theoretically) kill creatures pretty consistently, and the Treasure tokens are Artifacts! The only thing is it's a bit out of my budget for now, I really want this to be a super cheap deck to build, so if I don't end up liking it, I can just pull it apart or give it to someone without any bad feels!

Winnieblues on "Instant Tribal" - Toshiro Umezawa - EDH PRIMER

3 months ago

Kawaii_Kat No worries, I'm glad someone's getting some use out of it! I wrote it after playing for a while because I really couldn't find too much out there for Toshiro when I was first building my deck... Writing also helps solidify my own knowledge of the deck, lets me hone its mana-curve/card ratios, and identify cards that I thought were good... but really weren't.

I was JUST looking at Doom Whisperer today, thinking about how well it would fit into the deck! I think it would be very good, but it has a lot of competition at the 5CMC Creature slot... at least in my deck. In a deck with less Creatures, and more Instants, I think it would be better. I have 25 Instants, so for every 1 life spent, I'd only have ~1/4 chance to put one into the bin where it almost acts as Drawing it. Now, that's not all that Surveil is good for, it sets up your future draws very well too, but I think it's quite a heavy life cost for that, and I'd rather spend that life just drawing cards. The "failcase" of a 6/6 Flying Trample (Flample?) for 5CMC is also fantastic, so I think if you have one, it would be a great addition to try out in Toshiro!

As for transmute, there really aren't many good ones for Mono-Black. Shred Memory is great because there's plenty of great targets at 2CMC, AND it's ability to be played and/or flashed back as Graveyard Hate by Toshiro is fantastic. The only other Transmute spell I'd really consider is Dimir House Guard. There are a variety of powerful targets at 4CMC (I'm running Lashwrithe, Crypt Ghast, Nightmare Shepherd and some expensive removal spells), and a 2/3 Creature with Fear that has acts as a free Sac outlet is a nice bonus to have in the bin as a backup resurrections target! It's a pretty good budget tutor that works well on-curve, but I'd probably want to try and get some better 4CMC targets (including a good finisher) for it before I considered running it.

I'm just hoping that Vampiric Tutor gets super cheap after everyone busts open a million Commander Legends boxes, because THAT is a fantastic tutor for Toshiro!

grievances on Toshiro, Ghost of Tsushima... or EDH

3 months ago

Made a few edits last night - took out some "Exile" effects from my instants list (Deadly Rollick for example, even though I like the free aspect of it) since they wouldn't trigger Toshiro. I also tried to add a few more things to give me wincons, like Lashwrithe, Hatred, and even other creatures like Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief. Also a couple more pieces to combat hexproof like Detection Tower and Shadowspear to complement Arcane Lighthouse. I will keep play testing this though!

Optimator on Yahenni Aristocrats

4 months ago

Your list is looking really good! You have pretty much most of the classic Aristocrats pieces in. Your creature list is spot-on IMO. I love how much removal you have.

A couple of suggestions here though. I am going to assume you're on at least something of a budget. If you're not, hit up EDHREC for more powerful suggestions, of course.

I would recommend a bit more ramp. You're sitting at four ramp pieces by my count, and Bontu's Monument and Ashnod's Altar are a bit questionable as true ramp. They're definitely good and worth their slots--don't get me wrong. I'd recommend at least eight ramp pieces in almost any deck. Some good includes would be Wayfarer's Bauble, Charcoal Diamond, Star Compass, Myriad Landscape, Prismatic Lens, Mind Stone, Worn Powerstone. With a bit of money you have Arcane Signet, Coldsteel Heart, Jet Medallion, Crypt Ghast, Magus of the Coffers and Sword of the Animist.

I wouldn't really recommend Altar of Dementia unless you can infinitely loop sacrifices and make it a win-con. If you just want free sac outlets; your commander, Ashnod's, Woe Strider, and Carrion Feeder should do the trick and give you value in return that you can actually use. Same with Ayara and stuff. Culling Dais and Spawning Pit are decent. One of Yehenni's biggest strengths is having a free sac outlet in the command zone.

Speaking of your commander, one of the reasons to run Yahenni over other mono-Black aristocrats commanders is the threat he/she turns into. I would recommend a few pieces of equipment to help end the game. Loxodon Warhammer, Blackblade Reforged, Lashwrithe, Trailblazer's Boots, Prowler's Helm, and of course Swiftfoot Boots are all good choices. Lots to choose from here but these are great for their price. Obviously there are all the Swords and Jitte and stuff if you have the cash or have them in your collection.

Snake_Oil on Going about building a RE …

5 months ago

Black also has a lot of disease/plague effects, so along with Zombies you're solid.

Adding Blue opens you up to Laboratory style cards like Arcane Laboratory, Laboratory Maniac and Laboratory Brute.

Blue/Black gives you a few good commander options too, the best to my mind being Gisa and Geralf -- You can cast a zombie from the grave each of your turns and you could say they're like The Ashford Twins (minus the weirdness and plus the good-natured antagonism). Grimgrin, Corpse-Born is also a good card just in the deck, a big Tyrant style zombie albeit with a setback.

You could add mutate creatures in like Dirge Bat and Insatiable Hemophage but it's a really shallow pool and mechanic, you're better off focusing on zombie synergies.

But, for some real fun, look to equipment with Living Weapon like Batterskull, Lashwrithe, Scytheclaw and Skinwing -- Equipments that have that bioweapon vibe on top of creating germ tokens to act as your T/G Virus!

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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