Insidious Dreams


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Torment (TOR) Rare

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Insidious Dreams


As an additional cost to play Insidious Dreams, discard X cards.

Search your library for X cards. Then shuffle your library and put those cards on top of it in any order.

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Insidious Dreams Discussion

mmlgamer on This deck plays all the EPIC spells.

1 month ago

Library of Leng does not actually combo with Insidious Dreams, because discarding via costs and discarding via effects are two different things.

majorappliance on This deck plays all the EPIC spells.

1 month ago

well, what i do with mine is a Library of Leng with a Insidious Dreams, so if i have any of the epics in hand i can return them to the deck. When you rearrange your deck and hellcarver demon, consider Praetor's Counsel to be one of the 6, since you can return all the permanents and cards in hand now in graveyard due to the demon, add em up in your hand for the green and black epic effects, plus no hand size helps when you cant play play spells.

chadsansing on Garna the Heartless Sneakflame

1 month ago

Very cool list. Maybe an Insidious Dreams or Restless Dreams would work well here, or a Tortured Existence to swap out creature cards from past turns in the graveyard for fresh ones that got there this turn.

Have fun brewing!

chadsansing on Razaketh, the Tutor on a Stick

1 month ago

Razaketh is awesome.

Maybe also Viscera Seer, Harvester of Souls, Black Sun's Zenith, and Toxic Deluge? Greed + Insidious Dreams might also be fun.

Happy playing!

pummelhuff on One By One We All Fall Down

1 month ago

My recommendations are probably not the best, but i tried to suggest cards which are cheap, because it looks like, you try not to waste.

I'd suggest a little bit more variety on the land base. Opal Palace, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion or Flamekin Village should be pretty decent in Zurgo - even if the village does not do much for zurgo himself. Have you ever had issues with the mana base?

Not quite sure what Insidious Dreams does in your deck. I can remember i wanted to play it together with Moonlight Bargain but it was a very different deck. What is the main purpose of the dreams?

Rhet-Crop Spearmaster < Porcelain Legionnaire - some cards like the spearmaster seem like a filler card to me.Pyreheart Wolf does not seem too strong but he is in my opinion a very underated card in aggressive decks.

Additional cards which come to my mind: In the Web of War or even Hazoret's Favor - both have a similiar effect or some aggressive token generators like Tilonalli's Summoner

chadsansing on Not sure what to call it, so I'll take suggestions

1 month ago

Maybe more tutors + Angel's Grace to combo off of Near-Death experience.

You can also do something like Solemnity + Force Bubble in these colors. Phyrexian Unlife is good with Solemnity, too, especially with something like Karmic Justice or Greater Auramancy on the field.

Insidious Dreams might be a great set-up card for you if you can protect your top deck from manipulation. The usual tutors (expensive and inexpensive alike) might all have a role to play, too.

If you want to play pillow-fort or "Abzan Prison" (or "Junk Prison"), which might also be a good name for the deck, you really want to assemble your defense as quickly as possible, so the more prison effects and tutors the better. You might be able to cut down on some creatures that don't advance your plan. That is to say, play creatures that tax like either Thalia, or provide a Banisher Priest or Shriekmaw effect).

I love the white counter-spells, but you're not really sitting in the control seat in this deck because you want people to be unable to interact with you, so trim everything that doesn't make you invincible or remove a threat. Think cards like Anguished Unmaking and Hero's Downfall.

Finally consider a few wipes, especially tricky ones like Black Sun's Zenith, Settle the Wreckage, Rout, and Comeuppance. See also Arena of the Ancients, Crackdown, and Juntu Stakes.

Have fun brewing!

pawrenn on Tasigur Stealing from the Grave

1 month ago

chadsansing I will definitely add some more if need be after some play testing with my play group. I find tutors to be super powerful, but that's probably because my other decks are more combo-based, so fetching combo pieces feels OP. In this deck they would probably be nice for finding the random answers I need since this deck is more of a toolbox than anything. In particular, I already own a Sidisi, Undead Vizier, so I may add that. Insidious Dreams is super interesting, I hadn't seen that one before!

chadsansing on Tasigur Stealing from the Grave

1 month ago

Would you play more tutors like Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Rune-Scarred Demon, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, or any of the non-creature spells? Insidious Dreams in particular might be fun and on-flavor here.

Happy brewing!

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