Erratic Portal

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Erratic Portal


, : Return target creature to its owner's hand unless its controller pays .

dnthymamai on Oketra's Eternal Creatures

2 weeks ago

You are correct NV_1980 ! I think I had some of these cards in earlier versions of the deck (added 4 years ago!) . But thank you for reminding me about Erratic Portal! It seems really good here, I will definitely give it a thought!

NV_1980 on Oketra's Eternal Creatures

2 weeks ago

This looks pretty awesome. I'd recommend Erratic Portal. It helps you blink your own stuff and can also be used to blink your opponents' creatures in some cases. Recruiter of the Guard could also be interesting in a deck like this. Maybe also consider Cathars' Crusade; that way ETB's strengthen your entire force.

TheBestMagicCard on Emrakul, the Promised End

3 months ago

So, after all that conversation and consideration, I did end up putting Temple of the False God in a special land slot, which I think rebalanced the land base to like 38 technical lands, but 4 of them being "special" because they are conditional and/or don't always produce land.

Also, I ended up deciding to put The One Ring in, because it's busted, and the deck wanted more card-draw anyways.

Now, I had always wanted a way to recur Eldrazi triggered abilities, and had considered cards like Strionic Resonator, or Abstruse Archaic, but I never felt like they really quite cut it...

Another option would be to return Eldrazi to my hand and re-cast them with bounce effects, but in colorless that's a little bit limited. Erratic Portal has been in and out of this deck a lot through the years, sometimes I thought it was worth the condition and mana price, and sometimes I didn't... but it always kind of seemed like the best option even if not great... I had also always cosidered Umbilicus and Blood Clock, but never really thought they'd be good enough to include.

But once I decided to put The One Ring in, it made a little more sense to put Umbilicus and Blood Clock in, even though I think this is a little janky, the fact that it also synergizes with Eldrazi was a bonus... so then I decided to put the original Ulamog and Kozilek in too, which I had previously excluded, just because I thought the new ones were a little more versatile, and I thought that Annihilator is a cheap and OP mechanic... but now with 3 ways to bounce Eldrazi back to re-cast, as well as The One Ring synergy, it seemed like a more viable strat...

And then they printed Roaming Throne. I've included this in the decklist as an Eldrazi, even though it isn't actually Eldrazi, so doesn't get noticed by Eye of Ugin or Eldrazi Temple, but you choose Eldrazi type as it enters, so it is an Eldrazi on the battlefield, even thought there is currently nothing that really synergizes with Eldrazi creature type on the battlefield, except this card. This is the ideal copy-an-effect card for Eldrazi! All the titans have triggered abilities, and this just automatically copies them if you choose Eldrazi as it's type, for free, whenever an ability triggers! It's so good, and makes the other janky bounce cards even more worth including. Imagine Emrakul's cast trigger copied, or Annihilator triggers... It's so much better then Abstruse Archaic or Strionic Resonator ultimately, because it's free, and happens every time instead of having to tap for just one ability once...

So now, yeah, I'm bouncing Eldrazi to recast and get triggers, and copying those triggers, and I think it works... I like it!

Ultimately, I added Temple of the False God, The One Ring, Umbilicus, Bloodclock, Roaming Throne, and oh yeah, Collector's Vault, because it's card draw, and discard, and makes treasures... Still trying it out, but it seems p versitile...

ClockworkSwordfish on Mind Over Matter

6 months ago

Sen Triplets is a lot of fun, and it's always good to see the gals still kicking in a world where some might argue better alternatives might exist to fit the same niche.

The control shell definitely fits the Triplets well, but I feel like a good chunk of your deck is gummed up with giant creatures who maybe don't play too well with your strategy! Sure, a number of them can bring home the bacon, but... what's Nemesis of Reason doing? You'll never mill your opponent out, and a number of decks would actually benefit from having ten cards placed in the bin more often than not. Thistledown Liege and Glen Elendra Liege are best in an aggressive deck with lots of cheap multicoloured creatures, not a slower control deck that aims to take its time. Archon of the Triumvirate and Drogskol Reaver have fine abilities, but how often will they be stuck in your hand while you're struggling to hit seven mana? I think cheaper cards that support your main strategy might be wiser in their place.

One thing that's easy to miss about the Triplets is that they stop your opponent from activating any abilities - even mana abilities, so that means your chosen patsy is prevented from tapping lands on your turn! An easy way to capitalize on that is with cheap taxing effects on your own turn, such as Crystal Shard or Erratic Portal - your foe won't be able to resist your cheap bounce effects, and hey presto, the Triplets mean you can play whatever creature you returned to his hand. Nice! Fade Away can be another real killer, ensuring your opponent is ditching a ton of permanents if he has a sizable number of creatures.

Some more classic pairings I think you left out are Exotic Orchard/Fellwar Stone - it's easy to forget that you need to actually be able to pay for the cards you steal from your opponent, including off-colour mana. Taking his lands is definitely a possibility, but the Orchard/Stone guarantees you'll have your opponent's colours on hand (and will more often than not give you a colour you can use anyway since you're running three colours!)

The last wicked piece of tech I had success with was Jester's Mask/Head Games. You can hand-pick a custom shopping list of whatever you like from your opponent's deck to play - or at the very least, pick out some stuff that won't come back to haunt you when their turn rolls around.

Good luck and hope this helps!

SufferFromEDHD on The Little Brother of Eldrazi Titans

8 months ago

I know you already have the Plate... Hence why I said it was neat tech! I will be adding it to my future colorless commanders.

Erratic Portal won't set you behind? 1/4 of your deck is colorless creatures. That's a potential double cascade trigger once per turn. I misremembered the Eldrazi. They aren't ETB, they are "when cast".

Meteor Golem yes it is lackluster in stats but it offers precious removal to the colorless strategy. You are already running the few colorless removal spells. The double cascade trigger doesn't tip the scales in its favor?

Vedalken Orrery won't get the Zhulodok cascade trigger like the other Orrery but it is the OG flash speed.

SufferFromEDHD on The Little Brother of Eldrazi Titans

8 months ago

Deserted Temple!!!

Erratic Portal you are running some epic ETB, another Zhulodok cascade trigger and it can remove potential threats depending on opponents mana situation.

Meteor Golem speaking of good ETB. Worth a spot.

Defense Grid since you won't be interacting on opponents turns make it difficult for them to interact on yours.

Commander's Plate very neat tech!

mlequesne on Big Sneaky Red

2 years ago

Erratic Portal seems like a great card for your deck :)

KayneMarco on Kardur - Three goaded players with fingerguns

2 years ago

Only have one suggestion for you but it’s a doozy: Erratic Portal to bounce and recast Kardur every turn to never miss goading opponents until you only have one weak one left to kill.

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