No Mercy

No Mercy


Whenever a creature deals damage to you, destroy it.

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No Mercy Discussion

MagicMarc on Counteracting large hexproof creatures.

1 week ago

Black has a lot more options. Name Hate removal galore and punishment cards that get rid of creatures for attacking you.

Dread, No Mercy and cards like it destroy creatures without targeting them. Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts will even give you token creatures for killing stuff.

Also limited to black, Name Hate cards like Extirpate which even has split second so it will resolve before your opponent can do something about it. Another good one is Cranial Extraction. It does not target a creature and the creature you name does not need to be in play. If their yard is loaded, then Haunting Echoes will ruin their day. Surgical Extraction can get cast without black mana. The big drawback is you need to know the name, or there needs to be a copy in their yard. There are some that let you look at their hand, like Lobotomy and then get rid of them.

Gleeock on Thantis, The Warweaver: is it …

1 month ago

Probably for true cEDH no... but true cEDH has a pretty limited subset of decks. For high casual, yes: Thantis is viable. I am a Thantis expert & have won a lot of EDHdiscord games that The Brown Spider had no business winning. I will have to update my deck & show you what I have. The best part about it though is that there isn't any true optimum for the deck & it is one of those where every so many new sets there is another card to throw in. Also, I use No Mercy but it is definitely not a neccessity

DeinoStinkus on Thantis, The Warweaver: is it …

1 month ago

Thantis, the Warweaver

Grand Melee

Hornet Nest


Revenge of Ravens

Marchesa's Decree

Beastmaster Ascension

Xantcha, Sleeper Agent

No Mercy

Slumbering Dragon

As it is, I don't think this is cEDH as the community describes it. SynergyBuild is a big player of cEDH, so I'd ask his opinion first, but I think what we're looking at here is an optimized casual deck, probably a 6-8 on the EDH power scale. cEDH falls under 9-10.

zAzen7977 on TINYBONES: TINY PUNISHER (Mono-Black Stax)

1 month ago

Same here RNR_Gaming, my group is very chill and we proxy whatever we like to make the most optimal decks. Also part of the fun for me is starting with a deck of proxies and slowly replacing them with real cards until I complete it!

abby315, thank you for commenting! Great points, I have taken your advice and made room for Noetic Scales and Asylum Visitor. I had missed the interaction between the Scales and opponent upkeep discard effects until you mentioned it! I like Plaguecrafter too, I’ll consider squeezing it in.

I’m glad you picked up No Mercy from my list, it is very effective.

My goal is to make this build as competitive and brutal as possible, so if you have any cEDH specific advice, I would love to hear it!

abby315 on TINYBONES: TINY PUNISHER (Mono-Black Stax)

1 month ago

Aw, thanks for the shout-out! I like your build - if you have access to good tutors, it's definitely more streamlined to go the infinite-mana route. Since you need a good few pieces, though, I would definitely recommend Asylum Visitor as an additional draw engine (plus it's card advantage itself if you play it for Madness).

The other card I 100% recommend for competitive is Noetic Scales. It's a really potent and lopsided effect to keep the board clear and can help remove problematic threats by stacking the triggers so that they bounce a creature before a Bottomless Pit-type trigger.

Also, definitely stealing the idea of No Mercy, thanks! Can't believe I forgot about that card - I pulled an Invocation of it at an HOU draft and it was hilarious to see players try to deal with it in a limited environment. :)

Asgeren on Volrath - There's no School, like Old School.

2 months ago

Thanks king-saproling Very nice suggestions indeed! Koskun Falls and No Mercy would be very good protection for sure. And Strands of Night seems so powerful in this deck - really need to find a spot for that!

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