No Mercy

No Mercy


Whenever a creature deals damage to you, destroy it.

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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No Mercy Discussion

Pellaeon on Kathril

1 hour ago

Hi bushido_man96

thanks for the hints. The first four cards you mentioed sounds very intersting. I think about adding two of them into my deck: No Mercy and Ghostly Prison.

To include The Great Henge I removed one plain resulting in 36 lands. I think this is still ok. To insert Carnage Tyrant I removed Sunblast Angel. There are enough creatures with flying and the ability to remove tapped creatures didn't worked very well in my games. So I think no great loss. At last, I removed Selective Adaptation to add Rise of the Dark Realms as an additional win condition if Kathril is blocked by opponents actions.

I looked on your deck Kathril Voltron Reanimator and noticed that you have much less creatures than me. How hard is it for you to get the keywords in the graveyard? A lot of Kathril decks include around 36 creatures. I reduced it to 32 to add some sourceries and enchanment. But you 25 feels very less (therefore my question). So perhaps that would be an option: remove 2-3 creatures to add some of the cards you suggested.

bushido_man96 on Kathril

17 hours ago

No Mercy, Dread, and Ghostly Prison, and Koskun Falls can help from getting attacked.

I added some sac outlets to my version. I still need an early board state, and the sac outlets help me set up for when I cast Kathril. Greater Good is great for drawing and filling the yard.

I think you could cut Kaya's Wrath for The Great Henge, and pick a less good creature to cut for Carnage Tyrant.

KibaAlpha on Liesa's L.E.G.S

1 month ago

[email protected]_only

Erebos, God of the Dead is a solid recommendation especially now that I've removed Tainted Remedy.

Bloodchief Ascension would be a good consideration if I had ways to force discard and a lot of destroy effects. As it is the only ones I have are No Mercy and Vault of the Archangel.

I'd put in Oath of Kaya if I had more than just the one Planeswalker.

abby315 on Tuvasa, War’s Attrition

1 month ago

Aurification is a nice pillowfort piece, like No Mercy for non-black decks. Also, the new Court of Grace might function as a second Luminarch Ascension. Cool build!

Goblin_Guide on Morph-Kido

1 month ago

Ok so one more aikido thing: don't add straight up pillowforts, but maybe consider some cards that are onboard and will punish people for going your way, like No Mercy. Might be nice.

Now, for cuts:

Azusa: I’m not sure why you added this? She’s good ramp but you’re not really a lands deck so she might not be as useful as often as you want, especially with only 31 lands.

Broodhatch: useful card and can have some funny game states set up, but against anything with trample it’s bad, and it just isn’t a great card.

Chromeshell: don’t actually cut this, I just want to talk about it. It actually says you can exchange control of target creature you don’t control and target creature you control. This means it doesn’t always have to be the creature you give. Just to clarify.

Great Oak: seems kind of weird in this deck? I’m not sure why it’s here.

Ixidor: it is an anthem, but the second ability seems virtually worthless to me; if you had more stuff like Heartstone or Training Grounds or Biomancer's Familiar I would be ok with it, but otherwise I don’t really see it being useful. Just think about it replacing all morph costs with .

Spellsnatcher: very good effect, but that morph cost is reaaally up there. The more ways you add to the deck to turn things up for free, the better this will get, but until then I don’t think it’s enough.

Entrancer: similar to broodhatch, I think this card has a really high ceiling and a really low floor. Depending on how varied of a gameplay experience you have this might not be best.

Sakura-Tribe: I’ve played against the deck, and you don’t need the ramp.

Conscription, Hex, Amalgam, etc: Just keep these really high CMC cards in mind, they might need to be cut at some point.

Salvage: there are better recursion spells; I might just replace this with Eternal Witness if you want to go one-for-one.

Ethereal Ambush: this seems less than ideal, I think it should be cut for something of a lower CMC (ideally a morph).

Let me know if this isn’t enough cards, I can think harder.

KibaAlpha on Liesa's L.E.G.S

1 month ago


I've ended up removing Ob Nixilis, Unshackled. A good card but not enough value as I don't have ways to force my opponents to search.

Aurification is great against creatures that are indestructible and so much cheaper than No Mercy for anyone on a budget.

channelfireball12345 on Liesa's L.E.G.S

2 months ago

Wow Aurification is a really sweet card I've never heard of before. Like a more budget-friendly, colorshifted No Mercy. Nice.

abby315 on Liesa's L.E.G.S

2 months ago

No Mercy is a great enchantment tax piece :)

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