No Mercy

No Mercy


Whenever a creature deals damage to you, destroy it.

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No Mercy Discussion

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

1 day ago

Stax is more of an umbrella term, and is an amalgamation of Sac, Tap and Tax. What you have there is a Tax card, which is an element of Stax, but not the whole deal. Pillow Fort, however, is generally an important element of Stax, but isn't a necessary component like the others I listed. Pillow Fort is a collection of various elements that keep you from taking damage, or otherwise being disrupted. Since a major aspect of Pillow Fort is that it keeps you from being attacked, and a lot of the cards that accomplish that are Tax cards, there is a certain amount of overlap between the two. However, there are subtle differences that make Stax and Pillow Fort distinct.

For example, cards like the aforementioned Propaganda and Ghostly Prison fall into both categories. They are Tax cards that help create a Pillow Fort. So they fit nicely into both archetypes. By the same token, cards like No Mercy also fit both archetypes (It's "destroy," not "sacrifice," but it's close enough to call it a Stax card, while certainly also being Pillow Fort). But cards like Magus of the Moat are strictly Pillow Fort. Sure, that might find its way into a Stax deck, but it has no connection to Sac, Tap or Tax. It just simply straight up stops things from being able to attack.

Does that all make sense?

Now, putting Pillow Fort in Gruul would be tricky, because Gruul wants EVERYTHING to attack. Here's my solution.

Ragnaros, the Maddening Anthem

Legendary Creature - Orc Bard

All creatures have Myriad

Whenever a creature an opponent controls attacks, if it isn't attacking you or a planeswalker you control, it gains Double Strike until end of turn. Its controller sacrifices it at the beginning of their end step.


Probably unrealistic, and certainly overpowered, but that's what you get from me.

Sorry for the thesis. Wildcard next.

Icaruskid on Zombie Lazer | Varina, Lich Queen

2 weeks ago

Thank you Housegheist! I appreciate your input and recommendations!

Yes, Shadowspear, High Market, Disciple of Griselbrand, Bastion of Remembrance, and Blight Mound all add lifelink options. Bastion seems the most organic fit to the deck though I am still unconvinced I need additional lifegain support beyond Varina, Lich Queen, Necromancer's Covenant, and Alhammarret's Archive. Has it been your experience with Varina that lifegain or other protection like Radiant Destiny, Ghostly Prison, No Mercy, or True Conviction among your other suggestions should be included?

This also leads me to the realization that this deck is currently built 40% aristocrats and 60% zombie tribal aggro. I keep getting tempted to lean into one side or the other, either with more lifedrain for aristocrats or more aggro with 1 mana value zombies. I think I would prefer more aggro in the overall build as I only included aristocrat damage as an incidental win condition if aggro is not possible. Also, aggro requiring more cheap zombies in the early turns powers up the Varina activations and mass reanimation spells even more. Maybe the new Innistrad Midnight Hunt set will help settle this a bit.

Epicurus on Piru, Dragonstorm Reanimator

1 month ago

It seems to me, from the outside looking in, that you maybe go a lot of turns setting up the Dragonstorm without much in play. If I'm right, then it would be advisable to run more board wipes. My first obvious choices would be Wrath of God, Damnation and Toxic Deluge. However, being that this is a budget deck, I'll suggest Slaughter the Strong, Nevinyrral's Disk, Heliod's Intervention, Blasphemous Act and Deafening Clarion.

Or else some staxy cards like Ghostly Prison, which there are many iterations of in white (but only because No Mercy and Crawlspace are also pricey).

BPWyndon on Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant 3

1 month ago

I love goad/ forced combat decks!

Maddening Imp and No Mercy are cards to consider.

wereotter on What are the best defensive …

1 month ago

Dread is No Mercy on a body.

Stormtide Leviathan and Blazing Archon simply say "you may not"

Archangel of Tithes and Windborn Muse both have similar effects that make easier to attack someone else, while Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker and Phyrexian Obliterator drive that point home even further.

But if you want the carrot rather than the stick, there's Edric, Spymaster of Trest and Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant to offer up cards for attacking your opponents instead. And related to Karazikar's goading ability Grenzo, Havoc Raiser can help you keep your opponent open if you're going wide, and Marisi, Breaker of the Coil is that same ability but even stronger as you only need to connect with one creatre.

Platinum Angel and Platinum Emperion make attacking you pointless unless you can also deal with them.

Sevinne, the Chronoclasm make an excellent blocker, and both Angus Mackenzie and Lady Evangela offer fog and fog-light effects on your commmander.

Eight-and-a-Half-Tails works similarly to Mother of Runes if you have the mana to pour into it, and Giver of Runes will protect something else in a way similar to mom.

Pairing together first strike with deathtouch is always a good method too, Glissa, the Traitor has this on her own, but it doesn't take much work for Kathril, Aspect Warper to do the same.

Romer on The Ceaseless Eldrazi Horde

1 month ago

Ziabo: Thanks man, glad you like it! It's pretty damn fun to play. Morophon could be a decent commander for 5-colour Eldrazi, too, but I really like Golos . Easy to cast without caring about which colours I have, an ETB effect that helps solve my colour problems and an activated ability to cheat amazing, expensive spells into play. Add Morophon to the 99 instead.

Wicker: If money wasn't a concern, I would immediately add a bunch of fetch lands, Expropriate and Sylvan Library .

DivineKhaos: Artifact ramp is really strong and super fast, so it was tempting. I focused on more land-based ramp to help solve my colour needs, since nearly 40% of my spells require coloured mana, including a number that need or . Omg and I'm running Ruinous Ultimatum ?? What was I thinking! I'm also trying to be more resistant to artifact destruction. This deck scares my playgroup so they toss a lot of removal at it and it can feel pretty bad when all your mana rocks get taken out and you're now behind everyone else at the table.

Hustleberry: Lots of good suggestions, thank you! It's just really hard to make cuts to fit in more at this point. That's the biggest difficulty in 5 colour decks, I could run anything and there are hundreds of amazing cards that could work, but I can only fit 99.

hkhssweiss: Cloud Key and Semblance Anvil are good, but my card types are so spread out that their effect becomes pretty limited and I do already run things like Urza's Incubator and Herald's Horn , the latter of which which does more than just reduce the cost. Don't think I want to invest too much into just reducing creature costs, when that only accounts for 20% of my deck. Having said that, Cloud Key and Semblance Anvil are fantastic in my artifact decks :D

BlackGtitan on Yawgmoth, *Lite*

3 months ago

Nice deck! I'd suggest Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools for Villis,Broker of Blood so as to lower your CMC

As on point Yawgmoth's Vile Offering is for theme, I do believe I'd cut it for No Mercy .

I use Ophiomancer for token generation, as well as Bitterblossom . Sifter of Skulls works well with creatures dying and same with Pawn of Ulamog .

I also built Yawgmoth, Check out The Good Dr. , but did go the way of life loss for creature death. Hope those ideas help!

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