All creatures get -4/-4 until end of turn.

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Languish Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Reckless Endeavor too reckless?

2 months ago

I've recently added Reckless Endeavor to a deck. I'm trying to properly evaluate if it's worth playing it. I realize it can wiff really hard. 1 damage to each creature for virtually six mana is terrible. But at which values does it start to become good, powerful or even absurd?

I'm presenting my results here, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

If both dice show a 2 or less, the card is basically terrible. Either 1 damage for 5 mana or 2 damage for 6 mana I'd consider an absolute wiff.

Once we get to 2 and 3, it doesn't seem that bad anymore: 3 damage for 5 mana or 2 damage for 4 mana aren't exactly powerful, but it's slightly less terrible than before.

At 3 and 3, it's getting better. You get a Sweltering Suns for 4 mana, which is slightly under average, but ok.

From 3/4 and up is where it's getting powerful. You get either an actual Sweltering Suns or a worse Languish.

As as soon as we reach 4/5, its's getting very good, and everything including at least one 6 and one 5 is starting into ridiculous territory.

The 5 or 6 is also where the second number starts getting less important as long as we choose the bigger number for damage. And as soon as we enter double 7 and up, it becomes a boardwipe with added ritual effect.

There you go. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Did I misinterprete something? I'm looking forwoard to your answers.

kellpiece on Silumgar's Squad

5 months ago

Crux of Fate and Languish are great budget board wipes, but you probably dont need 5, 3 probably would do the trick. Duress and Despise are nice budget control cards too, though Inquisition of Kozilek isnt too expensive either an dis an insanely good card.

Some other great budget cards to consider are Vapor Snag and Unsummon and Spell Snare I personally like Frantic Inventory , Drown in the Loch , and Soul Manipulation as other good decently cheap B/U control cards.

Temple of Deceit and Choked Estuary also make v nice budget lands for a deck like this.

RNR_Gaming on Languish Vs. Ritual of Soot

5 months ago

Meta dependent. They both remove things well but in certain scenarios one out performs the other. In a low to the ground metagame they'll both do well. Languish laughs at cards like Heroic Intervention and Wrap in Vigor ; however it may not be a good match for Doran, the Siege Tower or Arcades, the Strategist - Granted, defender decks are niche but it should be a consideration. Basically, if your meta has a loads of low cmc creatures with high toughness run Ritual and if it's just low to the ground creatures with protection/industructable shenanigans run languish.

Omniscience_is_life on Languish Vs. Ritual of Soot

5 months ago

I think the majority of meaningful creatures in EDH have 4> toughness--they also mostly sit at the 3ish cmc range, but I think the first stat is more prevalent. My vote is Languish

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Languish Vs. Ritual of Soot

5 months ago

Hello all. I want to add Liliana, Waker of the Dead to my Grixis Superfriends deck. I have 6 boardwipes, and I think that is too much. I want to take out one to have 5 boardwipes and be able to include liliana. What should I take out, Languish and Ritual of Soot ?

TheVectornaut on my attemp at a deck..

6 months ago

It can often be bad manners to put silver bullet cards in the mainboard. Usually, you'd put such cards in the side and swap them in for games 2 and 3. I know a lot of casual playgroups don't play best 2 out of 3 though, so if this player is using that deck a lot and consistently winning off of a single card, they can't really be surprised if you include some way to answer it in the 60. That said, Duress and Languish effects are the kinds of answers that are extremely common in black anyway. I personally wouldn't bat an eye at seeing them here. Underworld Dreams and Fate Unraveler , definitely not so much.

What is the card in question, by the way? That will obviously affect what's an appropriate response. When I played modern elves, it was pretty rare to bother with drawing the deck when you could just dump it with Collected Company and Genesis Wave . But, from playing other green decks over the years, cards like Lifecrafter's Bestiary , The Great Henge , Vanquisher's Banner , Beast Whisperer , Soul of the Harvest , Primordial Sage , Zendikar Resurgent , Glimpse of Nature , and Regal Force are what come to mind. For the creatures, they would be easy enough to deal with given enough Murder s. For the artifacts, things are rough. Black really hates destroying artifacts, so the very weak Phyrexian Tribute was the best option I could find. However, there is always the nuclear option of running Extirpate or Surgical Extraction with discard to essentially lock a single card out of the game. These are very much sideboard cards though, so running them main has a good chance of drawing a negative reaction.

Argy on Artificer Control Pioneer

7 months ago

I don't know your local meta but, if Yahenni's Expertise isn't working, you could always try Languish instead.

That's what I use in one of my Control decks.

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