Time Vault

Time Vault


Time Vault enters the battlefield tapped.

Time Vault doesn't untap during your untap step.

If you would begin your turn while Time Vault is tapped, you may skip that turn instead. If you do, untap Time Vault.

: Take an extra turn after this one.

Time Vault Discussion

AceGamer on List of all infinite combos 2.0

1 month ago

Infinite turns: Time Vault+Kiora's Follower

Infinite tokens with infinite power and toughness: Polyraptor+Bellowing Aegisaur+Forerunner of the Empire+ Either a second Aegisaur or something to give the first Aegisaur indestructible.

Also, for the infinite untap combos, some of them only work if you have infinite mana, does that still count?

Desert_Jackal on Esper vault

3 months ago

Also, if you have a little spare cash, Enlightened Tutor is a great way to find Time Vault or a way to untap it.

Desert_Jackal on Esper vault

3 months ago

Since you're on Time Vault as a win-con I'd suggest playing the other 2 cmc transmute cards (Shred Memory and Dimir Infiltrator) since they find Time Vault if you need to win, and a couple of counter spells and removal spells if you need an answer. Also, Voltaic Servant is an untapper that can sometimes block, and is searchable with all your artifact tutors and your 2 cmc transmute cards.

LeonSpires on Tatyova Fastbond - But Really Quick

8 months ago

Dude if your shop really has no ban list run a deck that can rush out Time Vault + Voltaic Key as quickly as possible and win every game you play... That is until they realize there is a reason for the ban list.

As far as cards I would suggest adding Seedborn Muse to make it so you can tap out and still have mana up on opponent's turns for your instants. Also with access to the ban list I would recommend Prophet of Kruphix for similar reasons to Seedborn. As well as Primeval Titan. I know Titan is high CMC but with Tatyova, Benthic Druid on board you can fetch two fetch lands when Titan ETBs and then fetch two basics. This makes it so you gain 4 life and draw 4 cards with Tatyova.

I run a lands matter deck Kruphix Lands Matter *Primer*. It has a bit of a different direction but it might give you a few ideas. I really wish I could run Fastbond, Prophet of Kruphix, and Primeval Titan. But alas I am not as lucky as you are.

Qolorful on Card creation challenge

8 months ago

Magus of the vault

Creature - Human Wizard

Magus of the Vault does not untap during your untap step.

If you would begin your turn, you may skip that turn to untap magus of the vault.

: take an extra turn after this one.


That was my tribute to Time Vault. Make another tribute to an old card in magus form.

Ndonahue62 on Citadel Storm

10 months ago

My thoughts: Chrome Mox doesn't need to provide colored mana for the cards in your hand all the time. It costs 0 and provides mana, which I think is enough for this deck, as you need to be able to consistently combo off while only having 1 land in the deck. I'll probably take out DC for another PO. I'm not sure how Grim Monolith combos with Time Vault, but if you would explain it to me, I would definitely consider it. I've definitely had some of the same problems with children, but sometimes it's necessary to be able to complete the combo, as if you're unlucky, you can end up too short on life. I'd definitely consider going down for another PO, especially since that makes Force of Will more effective, which would improve the list a lot. Thanks for your input!

Flooremoji on Citadel Storm

10 months ago

I personally don't like DC, and when playtesting, Chrome Mox has really underperformed, I can't get two cards of the same color in my hand fast enough, I would recommend finding a replacement. Maybe Grim Monolith is better? Still won't help with colors though. Could be interesting nonetheless because you could play Time Vault as a combo.

Children is always stuck in my hand, I would try to cut it for something like more POs.

Could be completely wrong though.

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