As an additional cost to play Tinker, sacrifice an artifact.

Search your library for an artifact card and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Tinker Discussion

MagicMarc on Colorless/Blue Artifact Final Deck

1 week ago

Now that you have a smaller list you can work on rounding out your deck strategy. As well as making adjustments needed to help your deck win games.

First, the elephant in the room; People are not pleased if If you can create infinite mana in a deck, but then cannot win on the turn you can do it. Or worse, don't even have any direct way of using that mana to win the game.

You need to add at least 1 way to win with infinite mana and you need ways to find it reliably every game you play. Infinite mana by itself cannot win a game. So you need to add cards like any of the following:

Winning with Artifacts you can find with Tinker: cards like Walking Ballista, Rocket Launcher, Goblin Cannon, Whetwheel, or using something like Staff of Domination and a creature that taps to damage or mill.

Winning with Blue you can find with Mystical Tutor: Cards like Stroke of Genius, Blue Sun's Zenith, Prosperity, Braingeyser or similar.

Even Ambassador Laquatus.

Just add a couple copies of any of these chards to the deck so that when you find yourself with infinite mana you can win the game immediately.

Lanzo493 on Colorless/Blue Artifact Deck Help!

1 month ago

ToxicHawk, it does depend on what you want to do. I will say, though, that Unwinding Clock is bad because you lack a way to flash in your creatures, and adding a sufficient infrastructure to do that would dilute the deck and make it less consistent. Paradox Engine has the same issue of getting you mana you can’t necessarily use since it needs card draw to work well.

If you have any Mystical Tutor, they go great with Tinker. As for the rest of the cards, I’d suggest Thoughtcast for draw and Seat of the Synod since it’s an artifact. Even Darksteel Citadel would be good as a playset. Another decent card to run is Ensoul Artifact

MagicMarc on Colorless/Blue Artifact Deck Help!

1 month ago

You need to decide what you want the deck to do before you can start cutting cards. Without knowing your build goal, you will not be able to know where to cut.

What do you wan this deck to do? Examples/ideas:

Is this deck mainly aggro? then keep the big monsters and the ramp. Cut the little creatures that are not mana dorks or cost reduction.
Is this deck mid-range good stuff? then cut creatures until you get 14-18, And add interaction cards to stop or negate your opponent's plays.
Is this a combo deck of some kind? For example; Is it built around Icy Manipulator + Voltaic Key for it's control? then get rid of the other stuff that is not part of that game plan.
Or is it going to cheat stuff out with Amulet and bridge? Then get rid of the icys and keys and focus on cheating big fat bombs out early.
Is it a toolbox deck? then cut your bombs and strong cards to 1 copy each and add more tutors to the deck.
These are just a tiny sample of archetypes, I am just showing how you can decide what kind of deck this is. Once you do, a lot of the cuts may become obvious depending on what you want for the deck.

But there are some cuts you should do no matter what goal you have:

-3 Fabricate (You already have 4 tinkers and 2 tezzerets), -1 Black Vise (Without support for it only 1 copy of this is just an annoyance when it shows up in your hand or is in play), -1 Paradox Engine (This is a freaking amazing card but it does not do a lot for this particular deck) , -1 Winter Orb (Like vise, without support it is not that useful with 1 copy), -1 Colossus of Akros (You have better big bombs already), -4 Etched Champion (this is a vanilla 2/2 most of the time and is probably the worst creature in your list), -4 Ornithopter (These are okay with the other cards in your deck but you will ramp into big stuff so fast they are just not too useful), -4 Welding Jar (at the very least cut it down to 2 since it synergizes with Academy Ruins. But Academy Ruins, Tinker, and Tezzeret the Seeker do the same thing kind of as this already. Id cut all of them to the maybeboard and see how it plays).
In a vacuum, none of these cards are bad by themselves. But none of these cards help you reach your goals for the deck. And only having 1 of something has a very low chance of seeing play. So if it does see play, it needs to do big things for you.

For your lands, they are another resource for the deck. So I would suggest filling in your land base with support cards. Stuff like;

+3 Buried Ruin (if you dont want to get more academy ruins), +2 Rogue's Passage (they don't hurt and can let you win off the back of one of your big creatures), +2 Arch of Orazca (really, slots of any land that gives card advantage), +5 more Islands or so, whatever gets you to 20-22 lands. If you dont want any of the other non-island cards, just add islands.

Your deck has very little interaction and I would suggest adding some to the deck. There are hundreds of options but I would look to add stuff that is similar to any of the following cards:

Spine of Ish Sah, Unstable Obelisk, or Meteor Golem. These cards synergize with academy ruins and buried ruin and can be Tinker targets when you need them. Just 1 or 2 copies of cards like these in the deck you can tutor for. Once you bring one of them online, you can keep bringing them back repeatedly to destroy your opponent's game state.

Then you need instant speed answers you can use to respond to what your opponent's do. Interaction is important and you will lose games just because you didnt have a Disenchant in your hand. Add copies of stuff like Scour from Existence, Titan's Presence, Not of This World or even repeatable stuff like Capsize or similar.

I am not saying you have to do any of the things I suggested. But you do need to decide what you want to do with the deck, cut cards, and add land and add interaction to the deck or it may just stay a hot mess like it is now.

Lanzo493 on Colorless/Blue Artifact Deck Help!

1 month ago

You’ll want about 20 lands for a 60 card deck. If you’re running Sol Ring and Voltaic Key, then I suggest also running 4 Basalt Monolith so you can ramp really hard. Also, Manifold Key is (almost) strictly better than its counterpart.

With all that mana, I’d focus on playing bigger artifacts rather than smaller ones. I’d say focusing at the 6-7 mana area would be best. That’s Wurmcoil Engine, Myr Battlesphere, Steel Hellkite, etc.

The most powerful card you can run is by far Tinker. It’s the best way to get out your huge artifacts like Blightsteel Colossus.

ClockworkSwordfish on FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTS (Blightsteel Combo)

1 month ago

All these years later and we're still just trying to recapture the glory of Tinker decks...

SynergyBuild on My New Custom MTG Format …

1 month ago

These decks are the first batch of Oko testers:

4c Heroic Maverick

Unknown SynergyBuild


Heroic Oko-Tinker

Unknown SynergyBuild


One is based around Green Sun's Zenith for a fair creature strategy, backed up by Force of Will being able to pitch our multiple multi-colored effects like Oko, Uro, or Leovold, while maintaining a powerful selection of creatures to toolbox out while running our Okos.

The Other is a Tinker combo deck, with fast mana, Bolas's Citadel, Sensei's Divining Top, and Aetherflux Reservoir, while Teferi and Oko back it up, and Force as well as additional countermagic.

gerheart on X/X Artifact Creatures

1 month ago

That's very true, and depending on how things go, I'll swap one Skullclamp and a few Tinker out for other things. I think if I still lose a lot, I'll keep them in to keep the speed up but if it gets too unfair and I'm winning constantly, then I'll change it, though keep them as a sideboard for when I want to really beat someone.

Apollo_Paladin on X/X Artifact Creatures

1 month ago

Solemn Simulacrum can definitely go in my opinion. By the time you have 4 mana in play to cast this in your deck build, there's likely little need for an Island (basic land only). That's only 1 slot, but at least it's something (another map would make a much better substitute; cheaper to cast & also less restricting).

Beyond that I'd probably take a look at all of your equipment and see which you cast the least and eliminate that. There's no real weak points that I can see, but it's something you can likely gauge after playing thru the deck a few times. It can be tricky to eliminate "good" cards (which all of them appear to be), but having a much more consistent baseline for your Urza lands will help you more in the long run. If I had to guess I'd say probably Energy Chamber and Spidersilk Net could go. Energy Chamber doesn't seem like it ramps up that fast (and I can't see any uses in your deck for anything except a single +1/+1 counter each turn since I see nothing in your construction that uses Charge Counters. Spidersilk Net looks hard to get rid of being a free artifact, but it's still got an activation cost to be worth anything genuine and even then it's not that stellar. Plus, you need a creature in play to make it worth anything apart from fodder for Tinker (or similar mechanics).

Maybe having 0-mana artifacts suits you, but even if that's the case there's stronger options than that such as Phyrexian Walker, Shield Sphere, and of course the Ornithopter that I see you've already got a copy of. I'd focus on that rather than equipment (especially equipment that doesn't provide any offense at all; unless it's game-endingly good defense...which the Net is not)

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