Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Search target opponent's library for an artifact card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Acquire Discussion

sdh101 on Mishra, fun stuff

4 weeks ago

What do you think of Damping Matrix, Grafdigger's Cage, Acquire, Grinning Totem, Bribery and Eternal Dominionfor this deck.

LeaPlath on Looking for a blue spell ...

1 month ago

Bribery gets a creature. Acquire gets an artifact. Jace, Architect of Thought gets anything.

carpecanum on I only see grey..and that makes me blue

1 month ago

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is easy ramp and more artifacts for you to mess with.

Maybe Acquire. Usually my Thada Adel deck can cast Acquire or turn 4 with the help of some poor saps Sol Ring

GS10 on The BREEya to My SCREEya

2 months ago

I've actually been pretty consistent at outpacing/ignoring Narset, Enlightened Master with my own Breya deck. I didn't really expect this deck to be that powerful, but it is usually!

Narset was my absolute best deck, meant for those revenge kills after a few salty defeats, or to play against more cutthroat playgroups, but Breya has proven just as powerful most of the times, and a lot more fun for everybody, in comparison. I've had people borrow my Narset deck against my Breya deck and I won, whenever I didn't end up mana screwed.

And even if you don't go all in with a big budget for those expensive cards, the deck is actually pretty affordable. I'm shifting my deck a bit more into what yours look like, with less creatures and less token generators, to favor some additional control - if I'm comboing off it doesn't matter if I have 2 Thopters or 20 on the battlefield by that time, it matters if I am still alive. So countermagic, all sorts of removal, Baby Jace, and Torrential Gearhulk, instead of big bombs like Hellkite Tyrant and such. I really wanted to make Blightsteel Colossus work, but then I faced a Sen Triplets deck, filled with Acquire and other theft cards like that. I ended up having to get rid of Blightsteel Colossus 3 times in one game and I still won, but it's more of a liability than a game ender and it's the perfect example of why the more controlling route is probably the best for Breya.

I really liked your list, well deserved upvote ;)

Feel free to check out my own as well, I'm thinking about those changes to my own list so any suggestion is welcome!

Thop Thop Thump [Breya, Etherium Shaper EDH]

Commander / EDH GS10


shadowfrost on The Guildless

2 months ago

Suggestion that you definitely don't have to take, obviously, but I could see Oona, Queen of the Fae being this decks commander, or even just a creature in it. She isn't a rogue, but can make plenty of them. You would have to remove the red, but it might be cool. That's definitely more my opinion though. I am more a rogue wizard player myself. Lol Other cards ideas that wouldn't over haul the deck would be maybe Bribery or Acquire The jester cards and cards like Head Games might also be fun as they feel like something a rogue might do. Anyway, I love the rogue deck idea. Will give you a +1.

Illusificate on Tezzeret's Grand Scheme

3 months ago

In standard now, Acquire is a great card to have on your sideboard in almost any deck with blue.

Zeei on Crime and Punishment - Gwendlyn EDH, Rogue Tribal

4 months ago

Hey, those cards I made proxies of. Without them it still does almost as well.Minamo, School at Water's Edge is hard to replace, but I took out an island for it.Bribery you could do Acquire, before that I had Skull Rend, but was thinking Blightning could be a better option.

Bitterblossom is really good, not sure of any replacements again. Card I cut was Stinkdrinker Bandit.

As for Dack Fayden, I had Goblin Vandal.

Funnily enough, like 2 years ago this deck was ~$120.

ClockworkSwordfish on What's Yours Is Mine

4 months ago

You might as well run Gigantoplasm over Clone.

Also, you should try to get your hands on a copy of Bribery and Treachery - they're two of the best creature-stealing cards in the game. Acquire might be worth running, too.

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