Search target opponent's library for an artifact card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Acquire Discussion

Zimmers_0 on Bolas the Thief ( New Core 19 )

2 days ago

KongMing Bribery is in the deck and I may add the Sphinx but the CMC is to high for these cards. Acquireonly grabs an artifact and that is going to be a hit or miss where Bribery I can take their best creature. Blatant Thievery should go in the side board though, you are right about that.

Darkshadow327 Not a fan of couterspells. But I may add Spelljack

Ashmed on Talrand and His Minions of Flying Doom

1 week ago

Hi Pixi, the primary use of Quicken is just as cheap and easy card draw as I do not run many sorceries in the deck. Sometimes the opportunities come up and I usually use Quicken to cast Talrand's Invocation, Sleep or Acquire in an opponents end step.

ivan22 on Hanna mind's navigator

3 weeks ago

Briber is amazing but expensive in terms of money. Acquire might be a worthwhile inclusion if my meta runs a lot of high CMC artifacts. Mind Control is OK though it is a a lesser Control Magic. Confiscate is worth trying out, thank you.

kamelyan on Hanna mind's navigator

4 weeks ago

When I think of stealing, Bribery and Acquire come to mind.

Wouldn't cards like Confiscate and Mind Control play off of your commander's ability better?

MagicalHacker on The Bloodhall Season 1 - Dragonlord Silumgar

1 month ago

sleeper_agent007, I could actually see Thada and Grasp replacing some mana ramp options because of the fact that they could easily grab Sol Ring. However, Acquire is much better than both of those for this reason: if I wanted to grab a card with the highest impact possible, that is most likely going to be a high cost card, potentially 6 mana or more, so I would rather pay than for X=6. The only exception to that rule is when opponents aren't playing any artifacts worth stealing with either Thada or Acquire, so the point is irrelevant. Fortunately, the "early game" doesn't really matter, as "struggling in the early game" is one of the best strategic choices I have seen if the goal is to be the winner of the game.

I also do see where you are coming from as well, and I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it comes down to card preference. I could definitely see replacing a few of the ramp cards with those cards in the future.

sleeper_agent007 on The Bloodhall Season 1 - Dragonlord Silumgar

1 month ago

I understand. The thing is, assuming no other ramp in both examples, Thada and Grasp could come down on turn 3 and give you access to 5 mana on turn 4. (Or truthfully probably 6+mana depending on your ramp package) this could also potentially get you out of poor draws assuming you don't draw into land 4 or 5 on curve.

Meanwhile Acquire is a turn 5 play that ties up all your land for the turn. It doesn't really help you speed up the early game which is where dimir tends to struggle. By this point your opponents are going to start dropping some threats and effects from cards like Aquire are not worth the higher mana investment imho. You are probably better off playing a Gilded Lotus every time.

Just my two cents though. I feel where ya coming from and sometimes it's a matter of card preference.

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