Diminishing Returns


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Rare
Masters Edition Common
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Alliances Rare

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Diminishing Returns


Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library. You exil the top ten cards of your library. Then each player draws up to seven cards.

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Diminishing Returns Discussion

Fresh303 on Thrasios and Kydele: Eldrazi Envoys

5 days ago

MegaMatt13, the biggest downside I see with Diminishing Returns is exiling critical cards in your deck. You won't always hurt yourself that much, but there is always the chance you exile away the majority of your remaining win conditions. As a replacement, Frantic Search seems like a pretty good card, actually netting positive mana when Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix is in play and giving you some card selection. A more costly replacement but a great card for the deck would be Time Spiral as it removes the drawback and gives you the land untaps, making it a free spell. Similar to Search, with Kydele in play, this will net lots of mana. If you did use this as a substitute, you cast Spiral, get the Timetwister effect, untap six lands, then tap Kydele and some lands to cast an eldrazi you drew into.

The Spellbook from my point of view, takes up a slot and has very little to offer. The reason cards like Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower are played and quite good at that is because they serve another purpose and come with an upside. You could really replace this with anything, but it's your deck so play what you enjoy.

MegaMatt13 on Thrasios and Kydele: Eldrazi Envoys

6 days ago

Hi Fresh303, thanks for the suggestions!

Only reason Cyclonic Rift isn't in here is because it's banned in my playgroup. You won't see it in any of my blue decks. Cards like Evacuation, Whelming Wave, Aetherize, and Aetherspouts are used in its place.

I see how Seedborn Muse would be great in here. My only copy of it is in my Rhys deck where I think it's more needed. It's kinda pricy so I don't want to buy a second copy.

Of your other suggestions, Teferi interests me the most! Untapping 4 permanents, including Kydele would be huge.

I'm curious what downsides you see with Spellbook and Diminishing Returns. The 10 cards exiled by Diminishing Returns is a small price to pay for a Timetwister effect. It powers Kydele really well. Spellbook I'll grant is fairly low impact. I just like being able to hold on to all the cards I draw. What are your thoughts?

Fresh303 on Thrasios and Kydele: Eldrazi Envoys

6 days ago

This deck is sweet! I love the combination of card draw and ramp in the command zone. I would definitely replace Whelming Wave with Cyclonic Rift, you shouldn't have any problems getting to 7 mana and the card is so much more powerful. I would recommend replacing the Serum Visions with Sensei's Divining Top for the repeatable library manipulation. I know many people have said this before, but in multiplayer games, Seedborn Muse can get out of control when you are activating Thrasios, Triton Hero on every turn. I'm not sure Spellbook or Diminishing Returns are cards you necessarily want to be playing even though they have synergy because they both have major drawbacks. Budget allowing, you could replace those two with any of the following: Garruk Wildspeaker, Teferi, Temporal Archmage or Tezzeret the Seeker . All of them are individually powerful cards with ramp capability and additional synergy with other parts of your deck.

MagicalHacker on Nekusar infect

1 month ago


Okay so if we are going to aim to win with Nekusar dealing lethal infect to each opponent, we obviously need ways to give Nekusar infect, and like we mentioned before, there are only five ways to do that, so we will make due with what we got. That's six cards done, but what about the rest of the deck?

Well, if we think about Nekusar getting infect, we can guarantee that our opponents will try everything in their power to kill Infeckusar as fast as possible, so based on that, Howling Mine effects are basically worthless. What we need are wheels. Play Tainted Strike and follow it up with a Wheel of Fortune and a Burning Inquiry.

The wheels we can add include Burning Inquiry, Commit / Memory, Dark Deal, Diminishing Returns, Incendiary Command, Jace's Archivist, Magus of the Jar, Magus of the Wheel, Memory Jar, Molten Psyche, Reforge the Soul, Runehorn Hellkite, Standstill, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Time Reversal, Time Spiral, Timetwister, Wheel of Fortune, Whirlpool Warrior, Whispering Madness, Windfall, and Winds of Change. That gives us 22 wheels, which I will recommend each one being used here. (Many of these are very expensive, so if you aim to build a budget deck, I completely understand dropping some of them, and that's rings true for all of my suggestions actually.)

So infect and wheels gets you about 1/3 through the deck, so what do we do about the rest of the deck? A small portion of the deck should be devoted to protecting the commander, and those are best done with counterspells, because they double as ways to shut down massive plays by opponents. Based off of MagicalHacker - List of All Counterspell Cards, I think the best 7 counterspells for this deck are Swan Song, Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Countersquall, Mana Drain, Memory Lapse, and Negate.

Next, we can definitely get use of a couple tutors to really make sure the deck fires off consistently. We have both wheels and infect pieces, that can be found with a various array of tutors. The seven I am going to recommend are Dizzy Spell, Demonic Tutor, Dimir Infiltrator, Muddle the Mixture, Shred Memory, Dimir House Guard, and Clutch of the Undercity.

That puts us 42 cards into the deck, and just 21 cards away from the 63 nonlands I want to see for the deck. These cards can be whatever you think is necessary, such as maybe 7 ramp cards, 7 draw cards, and 7 ways to destroy permanents, like board wipes and spot removal. As for draw, I highly suggested perusing through MagicalHacker - List of All Draw Cards (Burst) for cards like Treasure Cruise and Ancestral Vision.

As xander11 suggested, I think that proliferate would be a fantastic inclusion.

I do want to mention one last option. If you build just right, you can basically use rituals like Desperate Ritual and Dark Ritual to play your hand to make lots of mana, then spam out wheels and more rituals. It's a very risky play, but if you can get it to work, it can be brutal. In terms of low risk, going with wheels, tutors, infect, and counterspells is going to be your best bet an effective build of Infeckusar.

What are your thoughts?

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Omni-Baral

1 month ago

How about a Diminishing Returns? It's downside means pretty much nothing in Commander.

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Kefnet Contron

1 month ago

Diminishing Returns has a negligible downside in Commander, and puts you right to 7.

Looks pretty awesome, +1.

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Card Draw/Ramp good stuff

1 month ago

How about a Diminishing Returns to fuel your draw?

MegaMatt13 on Thrasios and Kydele: Eldrazi Envoys

1 month ago

VesuvanDoppelbanger, do you think Diminishing Returns is better than Time Reversal which is on my maybe list? It's one mana cheaper but requires me to exile 20 cards. Having a hard time deciding which i like better.

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