Contagion Clasp


When Contagion Clasp enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

, : Proliferate. (You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there.)

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Contagion Clasp Discussion

Calaway on Superfriends

6 days ago

Pentad Prism Astral Cornucopia Pyramid of the Pantheon Contagion Clasp Coalition Relic As Foretold Luminarch Ascension are all standard Atraxa cards.

Nevinyrral's Disk and Pernicious Deed, Arena Rectorare top level Planeswalker cards.

apex457 on Oloro and Friends

1 week ago

If you're doing superfriends I would suggest something like Contagion Clasp or Contagion Engine for the proliferate, it could be useful

TylerChester92 on Atraxa's Good Ol Kiki

2 weeks ago

For budget color fixing you could run the fetch lands from Mirage: Flood Plain, Bad River, & Grasslands. They come out tapped, but that also makes them affordable. You could also run the Bant Panorama since are your most common colors, but I wouldn't run the other panorama fetch lands. Also, you can add more cards that have Basic Landcycling. You already have Ash Barrens, but you could also run something like Sylvan Reclamation, which could be used for either landcycling or it's normal effect. Wayfarer's Bauble has a similar effect to basic landcycling except it really does ramp you, and Expedition Map can be used to tutor Seaside Citadel. Kodama's Reach would help significantly. Then there are also the staple Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum that can also chump-block on behalf of your planeswalkers. You could also do with 1 less land, 38 is probably good for your Mana curve. When removing lands, first go for lands that don't produce mana on their own like Darkwater Catacombs, and then lands that cost mana to play as if they were a spell, like Rupture Spire, and then start removing ones that come out tapped no matter what you do like Meandering River versus Glacial Fortress. Opal Palace would be a great way to play your commander and imediately have a counter on her.

Also consider Thalia's Lancers since they can now tutor any planeswalker now that all planeswalkers are legendary. As well as Call the Gatewatch, Deploy the Gatewatch, Djeru, With Eyes Open, & Arena Rector.

The same rule change that made planeswalkers legendary also makes Urza's Ruinous Blast & Primevals' Glorious Rebirth super useful for your deck.

Like Contagion Engine, you can also run Contagion Clasp which is like the low-caorie alternative, and Steady Progress.

Consider running Gideon, Ally of Zendikar to protect your planeswalkers like Elspeth, Sun's Champion anf Elspeth, Knight-Errant do.

Woiteck on Artifact Arcum Dagsson Multiplayer #BUDGET

3 weeks ago

What about Thopter Spy Network or Efficient Construction? Very useful in a any artifact deck in my opinion, but especially with Old Man Dagsson.

Other things you could use are Astral Cornucopia, Energy Chamber and Steel Overseer, and if you go that way, Contagion Clasp and/or Contagion Engine.

DrukenReaps on Thoughts on Will & Rowan ...

1 month ago

I don't know if I would include all of these but all of the following are worth thinking about: Viral Drake, Thrummingbird, Inexorable Tide, Deepglow Skate, Contagion Engine, Contagion Clasp.

All of them allow more planeswalker powers and next to The Chain Veil are good includes any time you are looking to abuse walkers.

Pervavita on The Further Proliferation of Terrible Ideas

1 month ago

A few cards I run in my deck Reyhan/Silas Renn Proliferate Artifacts that I think you might like. Viral Drake He has a repeatable proliferate ability and if you need it the infect as a win condition.

Pentavus & Thopter Squadron can give you a ton of 1/1 flyers if you have the mana with all the +1/+1 counters you got going on. With Doubling Season and Astral Cornucopia you ether go wide or huge with ease.

Everflowing Chalice is just a weaker (colorless) version of Astral Cornucopia if you don't mind the colorless but second option.

Magistrate's Scepter; who needs many win cons when you can have infinite turns to find your win con.

Contagion Engine & Contagion Clasp are removal and help with your counters.

Black Sun's Zenith Is if you have enough counters flying around a one sided board wipe that is repeatable. As an added bonus you can do it small to wipe out small stuff that you mostly survive and then proliferate the counters up latter as you see fit as proliferate is "you choose" ability thus can avoid your creatures at this point.

toothlessthedragon on Vile Vials (Proliferate)

1 month ago

i like the inclusion of Winding Constrictor and Walking Ballista. But don't you think that Contagion Clasp is a little slow? At least for what the deck is trying to do. I also find myself with Vial on 4 and then nothing to vial in an uncomfortable amount of times.

Love that I inspired a deck for you!

Daran39 on Slimefoot, Aristocratic Saprolings

2 months ago

Awesome, love the decklist! Have you considered Contagion Clasp or its big brother Contagion Engine for the proliferate effect? It definitely helps the Thallids with their normally slow saproling production though counters every turn.

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