Paradoxical Outcome


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Paradoxical Outcome


Return any number of target nonland, nontoken permanents you control to their owners' hands. Draw a card for each card returned to your hand this way.

Paradoxical Outcome Discussion

Zauztopher on The Man,The Myth,The Mill | Persistent Petitioners

2 weeks ago

You deck has made quite a few changes since the last time I saw it. I must say I like how the deck is coming together.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on replacing one of the signets with a Basalt Monolith . My reasoning is that it by itself allows infinite (albeit colorless) mana with your Dramatic Reversal / Isochron Scepter combo as well as going infinite with the Rings of Brighthearth you already have included.

I would also love to hear your reasoning for including Trusted Advisor . With Damia as your commander, I wonder how often its first ability would be relevant. The second ability seems to me more pertinent, as by recasting one of your cheap advisors you could gain card advantage through cards like Beast Whisperer and Kindred Discovery . Do you think that effect is worth a slot in the deck? If you do, I wonder if Temur Sabertooth could perform that function better. I often include this card in creature-heavy decks as it allows me to return my board in whole or in part to my hand in response to a board wipe being cast. The obvious downsides are that it is not an advisor itself and its ability costs mana to activate as opposed to being a free trigger. Paradoxical Outcome could serve a similar purpose as well as providing additional draw

hkhssweiss on Kess, Storm caller

3 weeks ago

Heya AyePoeTayToe!

For a storm deck, you are running definitely too many big costed spells. You can cut almost more than half of them, especially the extra turn ones. For storm the turn you combo off is the turn you win, so you want to chain everything during that turn. I see only three finishers to end the game, but they require of chain of at minimum 26+ for storm count and that's with Tendrils.

For cards I would consider swapping in you can try add these ones:

These are all great storm cards and will definitely be able to help ya out. If ya have any other questions feel free to ask!

TheRoflCoptr on Progress at any cost

1 month ago

I like the elvish tribal that you're going for and ramping into the hydras/Hangarback Walker which make more tokens + experience counters but I feel like your deck needs more evasion/trample/haste to really hit home or even protect yourself from flying commanders. Maybe Akroma's Memorial? It follows the decentralized power mechanic, and I doubt you'll be short of mana late game.Ezuri, Renegade Leader can give be a finisher and give trample to elves. Herald of Secret Streams is also redonk with this deck.

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard would be great in this low costing deck. Not only he would contribute to Ezuri's experience but he can bring friends. Only thing is he isn't an elf.

Paradoxical Outcome would come in handy if there's a board wipe, your dudes are pretty cheap, so you can get the ETB triggers counted all over again. It's not great with +1/+1 counters but it's better than the creatures dying, and it can also be used on other nonland permanents. Alternatively, Inspiring Call is a less protective Heroic Intervention but the draws can get insane. It's a bit "win-more" though.

Bramble Sovereign looks like it has some potential here, doubling your own dudes (and ETB triggers). Although, he can't copy the X costing creatures successfully.

Bow of Nylea seems like a great choice for connecting with the damage (giving your attackers deathtouch) and can also spread some +1/+1 counters if you have spare mana.

Pelt Collector is a great turn 1 drop. Beast Whisperer does everything you want.

Animation Module is a great accelerator and can be used as a mana sink.

Khalni Garden Path of Ancestry

Shane.Allen on The Inevitable Storm

1 month ago

Soren841 hkhssweiss

Thank you both for your great comments and thoughtful discussion. When looking around, and I spend a lot of time on cEDH Redbit, it seems to me that there are different ideas to how this deck is supposed to be played. Whether it's straight up a storm deck, ignoring Yidris, or a combo based storm deck that takes full advantage of Yidris' cascade ability. Or a combo shell with storm capabilities. I myself have felt right now the build is stable but obviously a card or two could be changed around. Obviously Lion's Eye Diamond is something I want to look into, also Past in Flames. I feel Mind's Desire is an important part of the deck and possible finisher. Paradoxical Outcome on the other hand, while being a monster card in Jhoira storm decks, just doesn't have the same effect in this current build of Yidris. I invite both of you to take a look at my other cEDH decks, they're all very well tested, but could always use a second opinion. Thank you :)

hkhssweiss on The Inevitable Storm

1 month ago


Hmm, it depends. Mind's Desire is good, but sometime it is a feels bad when casting only for 4-5 storm triggers. I just feel that the need for additional value in Paradoxical Outcome is a tad better, especially if you are running the efficient mana rocks. It pairs nicely with a lot of effects in addition it also protects your board as well against mass hate, giving you card draw all along.

It might be different for a Yidris list as I don't play Yidris but I have played against Storm Yidris deck and Paradoxical Outcome is a fairly annoying card.

@ Shane.Allen Also what do you think in running Autumn's Veil also on storm turns? I found it highly useful and worth a slot, but you are already running Defense Grid and City of Solitude which does give better protection at a higher cost.

hkhssweiss on The Inevitable Storm

1 month ago


Have you thought about running Paradoxical Outcome, Carpet of Flowers, and Lion's Eye Diamond?

On going for storm turns, even hitting them off Yidris allows you to add in major storm counts. Especially the synergy with LED and Yawgmoths. I am iffy about Mind's Desire I can see why, but most times it's been meh when I play with that card.

Your thoughts?

Roryrai on Fast Mana is Fair and Balanced - JWC Storm Primer

2 months ago

I'd say it's somewhere in between. We're not all-in on stax since we don't have access to white, and any tax effects or Rule of Law effects are detrimental to the storm win condition. But an all in storm deck is too slow compared to other options, since we lack the unconditional tutors of black, and the critical Ad Nauseam. So we're not as fast or consistent as UBx storm because we're missing black, and we're not as good at stax as a dedicated stax deck because we can't run a lot of the effects, so we play somewhere in between instead. All we're looking to do is slow down the table just enough to win. The best way we can do this without hurting ourselves is mana denial, and that comes from cards like Blood Moon and Cursed Totem, and using Jhoira as a card advantage engine to ensure we continue to have resources. Then you look for cards like Hurkyl's Recall, Retract, Rebuild, Chain of Vapor, or Paradoxical Outcome as a way to initiate a storm line off of your existing mana rocks, or you manage to find Words of Wind (which happens more often than you might think) and loop off of that to either grind out a large board advantage if you're not infinite or win the game outright if you are.

KCI serves as a solid CA engine when paired with Scrap Trawler and is generally just a great mana producer even without that. But it's entirely possible neither of those should really be there, honestly.

WhatevWorks on Initial D Ramos

3 months ago

Hey Openfire, thanks for the feedback. That's a good point, and I do think Final Fortune, Pull from Tomorrow, and Braingeyser could be cut for Ponder, Preordain, and Brainstorm. On the other hand, Silence and Zealous Persecution are decent interaction slots. Silence is , and it forces your opponents to counter it. It also does wonders with Isochron Scepter against a deck like Yidris Melt Banana, Selvala Brostorm, or even Thrasios/Tymna Doomtide a lot of the time. Zealous Persecution is to kill all the good mana dorks in the format, except Selvala. This slows down a lot of decks in the format, as mana dorks are pretty dominant in cEDH. Rebuild and rocks are something I'm not entirely sure about; there are some cute interactions with the rocks (Helm of Awakening, Paradoxical Outcome, Dramatic Reversal), but they don't do much aside from that. I think I'll cut 4 of them for now. Thanks!

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