Deep-Sea Kraken


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Might vs Mind Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Deep-Sea Kraken

Creature — Kraken

Deep-Sea Kraken can't be blocked.

Suspend 9 - (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and exile it with nine time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast it without paying its mana cost. It has haste.)

Whenever an opponent casts a spell, if Deep-Sea Kraken is suspended, remove a time counter from it.

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Deep-Sea Kraken Discussion

Welch on Mono Blue Draw (help needed)

3 weeks ago

Three comments: First, i don't see what Gudul Lurker and Deep-Sea Kraken are doing for this deck. Second, Chasm Skulker seems to be the only win condition, which is insufficient. What do you want to do with all these cards? How do you win and how do you stop your opponent from winning? Third, i think you need more interaction, which would probably be bounce- and counterspells.

As an alternate win condition, you might add Sphinx's Tutelage.

Baral, Chief of Compliance could fit in nicely if you add some more counterspells.

moonknights01 on Kraken Quest 8: Journey to Ula's Temple

3 weeks ago

Benzilla11 I see your point and I stand corrected. Ive updated my description to fix this error as well as switched out Sage Owl. Although it hasn't happened to me yet there's always the risk that 4 lands/noncreature cards would appear and so Augury Owl does mitigate this. Thank you!

Deep-Sea Kraken is actually my Plan B if I can't get Ula online. For every card my opponent casts 1 time counter gets removed & combo with clockspinning. I never had the need to suspend it though.

I've looked at the creature selection again and these are the ones I would consider:

Aethersquall Ancient Mass creature removal but it will take awhile & could back fire

Benthic Behemoth Islandwalk, 7/6 & no negative abilities :D

Alternatively, I could add another Stormtide Leviathan, Simic Sky Swallower, and/or Scourge of Fleets. I do understand that having a playset allows for better consistency.

BlackjackHD on Burnie Vial Smasher

1 month ago

Drop: Price of Progress, Spin into Myth, Delver of Secrets, Talrand, Young Pyromancer, Portent. Price is OK, but low CMC. Spin isn't worth playing without Tunnel Vision. Delver is useless in commander. Talrand doesn't fit your strategy very well, same as Pyromancer. Portent is considerably weaker than other 1-drop blue draw fixers.

Consider adding: Preordain, Force of Will, Archive Trap, Curse of the Cabal, Deep-Sea Kraken, Fireblast, Mistvein Borderpost, Needlebite Trap, Phthisis, Pyrokinesis, Veinfire Borderpost, Whiplash Trap

dylanyad on The Infection Will Rise

4 months ago

Maybe try out Deep-Sea Kraken in The mainboard to Make It legacy legal!?!

teodorofelipe on Extreme Budget Ezuri, Claw of Progress $21

5 months ago

Really liked this deck, only think i don't think is cool is the fact it uses "infect" mechanic, it is kinda silly in commander, you could trade infect cards for blue shadows to keep the "unblockable" archetype and good budget cards that trigger ezure and some protection for him , here are some budget sugestions:

Deep-Sea Kraken => Zameck Guildmage

Hunted Phantasm => Elgaud Shieldmate

Talrand's Invocation => Patagia Viper

Wild Beastmaster => Cultivator of Blades

Blight Mamba => Coiling Oracle

Blighted Agent => Trygon Predator

Cystbearer => Mystic Snake

Glistener Elf => Swiftfoot Boots

Putrefax => Vorel of the Hull Clade

Rot Wolf => Thalakos Dreamsower

Spinebiter => Simic Manipulator

Viridian Corrupter => Reclamation Sage

Fruit of the First Tree => Bident of Thassa

Hunter's Insight => Bred for the Hunt

Life's Legacy => Coastal Piracy

Protective Bubble => Canopy Cover

Red_X on Absolute and total chaos (at 6 mana)

5 months ago

The biggest problems are that you just aren't going to survive long enough to play anything, and you don't get enough payoff when you finally reach the point where you can play spells. Aggro, which is pretty much half of modern currently, will kill you before you get a creature down, midrange will destroy your hand and your creatures before you can make a reasonable impact, and control will stop your 1 spell a turn until it wins. You either need to be able to have an extortionate amount of ramp, a way to survive for a really long time (control or turbo fog), or a combination of the two. Now let's evaluate big mana spells.

Artisan of Kozilek: You have no discard or other ways to drop creatures into the grave, so the reanimation isn't relevant. Not enough impact when it hits the board.

Deep-Sea Kraken: Okay for what it does. This is okay if you are on a budget.

Galvanoth: High variance, and you don't even have any instants or sorceries. Even if you loaded up on them, you'd have to run a ton of high cmc spells to make it useful, which is not where you want to be.

Invader Parasite: A 5 cmc spell that dies to bolt is not playable.

Stormtide Leviathan: Actual good card. Keeps you alive once it hits the board, and allow you to swing with impunity. Good contender.

Ulamog's Crusher: Good budget option, it's what pauper tron decks use.

Knowledge Pool: The only time I've seen this work well as a sideboard card against decks that have one giant haymaker, because it means they have to cast it, have it exiled, and then you can cast an instant to steal it. As it stands, it blanks half your deck once it hits the field. Not good for this deck.

Omen Machine High variance. If there was ever a deck for this card, it would be this one, but after the rebuild you most likely are going to have a lot more ramp that you don't want to flip off this, and it helps your opponent out, especially if they have cards like Serum Visions and Viscera Seer.

Possibility Storm: This is the Polymorph of spells. Most decks that run it run a bunch of instants, a serum visions or Gitaxian probe, and 2ish Enter the Infinite or a similar great sorcery. This is not the deck for that.

Wild Evocation: Once again, if there was a deck for this card, it'd be this one, but it has too high of variance, helps your opponent, and can screw you over by playing spells you didn't want to.

Ballzanya on krak

6 months ago

Lastly, it does seem like you have a few too many creatures with such a high converted mana cost. Having too many 7-9 drop creatures could mean you just get those in your hand and can't play them until later in the game, by which time you could just be dead already by faster, more aggressive decks. This still applies even if you intend to keep this as a casual/kitchen table magic type of deck, as even other decks that fit that description can often have cheaper, more efficient, and deadly creatures. So, my advice is to pick a good handful of bigger creatures, and scrap the rest in favor of cards I mentioned.

I like the two copies of Simic Sky Swallower and Inkwell Leviathan since they have trample and shroud, so they're doing something for all that mana that's somewhat worth it. But having four copies of Deep-Sea Kraken, the Sealock Monster and Shipbreaker Kraken, doesn't seem necessary.

GregorinWoefin on Sky Summoning (Talrand)

6 months ago

Hey Leserrya000! So the Hunted Phantasm is actually already on the way out actually for Deadeye Navigator funny enough lol. Just waiting for it in the mail. And yeah, I already know about that combo and the card I am actually going to use for the infi mana is actually going to be Peregrine Drake. Just for economic reasons. I would love Palinchron I just can't afford that right now, on a similar note with Omniscience which I plan to pick up.... Eventually lol.

This deck actually actually started as a budget deck which is why the most expensive card in it is Gilded Lotus but I am slowly making it better. However I actually do really like the Deep-Sea Kraken it's a 6/6 Unblockable for 3. I am cool with that.

Thanks for the advice!

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