Deep-Sea Kraken


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs Might Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Deep-Sea Kraken

Creature — Kraken

Deep-Sea Kraken can't be blocked.

Suspend 9 - (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and exile it with nine time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast it without paying its mana cost. It has haste.)

Whenever an opponent casts a spell, if Deep-Sea Kraken is suspended, remove a time counter from it.

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Deep-Sea Kraken Discussion

Avulth on Avulth's Jhoira of the Ghitu

2 weeks ago

@CaptSillva Except for Coax from the Blind Eternities (my playgroup uses sideboards for wishes so I just have a sideboard instead), all of these cards used to be in the deck. I took out the time counter removal because I think they fill the same role as tempo control cards, like Cyclonic Rift or Wash Out. Both kinds of cards help you to survive until your wipes drop, but the tempo cards are also good defensive options when you don't have a suspend up. I do have Timecrafting and Fury Charm in the deck, but I think they're just much more efficient and versatile options that the other time counter stuff. The reason I don't run Artisan of Kozilek or It That Betrays is because they are poor bombs to finish the game with alone. With the exception of Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Omniscience, which give huge resource advantages, I think that the best wipes which depend on other cards to set them up are not worth the slot. I have considered adding more eldrazi, and these would be on the top of the list, but it would be because I wanted a higher bomb-to-enabler ratio. Deep-Sea Kraken has the same problem. Yeah, it's value with Jhoira, but it's not going to win me the game alone and I have few other ways to help me win just by dealing damage. None of these are bad suggestions, and I'm glad that you made them. I have noticed that my deck lacks a lot of what seem to be Jhoira staples on Tappedout, and I'm happy to talk about why I chose to diverge.

CaptSillva on Avulth's Jhoira of the Ghitu

2 weeks ago

Deep-Sea Kraken is really good since if you suspend him with your commander your opponents will only need to cast 3 spells for him to come out on your next turn. Jhoira's Timebug, Clockspinning, and Rift Elemental make for good time counter manipulation. You also seem to have minor Eldrazi theme so maybe Artisan of Kozilek, It That Betrays, and if your play group allows wishes Coax from the Blind Eternities.

Airakk on Dark Solemnity

4 weeks ago

okay i try to help you =)

  1. with 4x Idyllic Tutor and 4x Solemnity you have enough to play Solemnity untill turn 3.

  2. i think your problems are the creatures. i would put more creatures in this deck - at least one more playset.

  3. the creatures are... meh... in my opinion you can't win with them against strong decks. you also don't need so much carddraw. you should focus on creatures and cards with suspend to use Solemnitys edge. For example: Lotus Bloom or Deep-Sea Kraken

dzapf2008 on Mind Duel Deck Fix

1 month ago

Thanks mike.manard, I didn't know that Snap was banned. I assumed that any cards that they put into a Duel Deck would be legal. I also couldn't find it on the banned card list on the WOTC website. But Tapped Out has it shown as banned, so I will go with that. I will have to find a replacement card. I will probably add another Deep-Sea Kraken, another The Unspeakable, and max out Empty the Warrens or Grapeshot. What do you think?

Reverie42 on Teferi Big Blue Stasis

1 month ago

I gave it some more thought. I'm thinking of adding Peregrine Drake and/or Great Whale in addition to Paradox Engine. They can generate infinite mana with various combinations of Time Elemental, Capsize, High Tide and Caged Sun, which can bounce all enemy permanents.

Two other possible additional payoff cards might be Whispers of the Muse and Blue Sun's Zenith. Whisper is pretty low opportunity cost and can draw my entire deck when going infinite. Blue Sun's Zenith can mill out at least one opponent.

I also still like Aura Thief and Guile.

This would require a bunch of cuts. Some possible cuts: Ulamog's Crusher, Mulldrifter, Windfall, Sphinx of Uthuun, Deep-Sea Kraken, Recall and something else (maybe Artisan of Kozilek or Aether Gale... or maybe both and add Temporal Adept or Temporal Fissure.

I wonder if Empress Galina is worth it...

Harogi on Flooding Zendikar...with mana and water

1 month ago

No problem, Somberwald Sage might also be good to replace Weaver of Currents, he's a bit expensive but the extra mana and color are worth it. Quest for Ula's Temple could be great if you want to go all out kraken crazy for your bombs. and if you do you could add Deep-Sea Kraken and Nimbus Swimmer. I think it'd be a cool direction for the deck to take.

Reverie42 on Teferi Big Blue Stasis

1 month ago

NV_1980 Thanks so much for the recommendations. Some great options here.

All good calls on the pricier upgrade lists. I'd considered most of them and forgot them in the list of potential higher-budget upgrades. I should fix that, even if I probably won't add most of them to my own list. You're right that Paradox Engine is so strong that it's likely worth it to pick one up (and it would also be great in Kurkesh). Given that I was willing to buy a Contagion Engine, it probably makes sense to grab Paradox too from a cost/power perspective.

Guile and Scourge of Fleets are great options. They seem like solid replacements for Deep-Sea Kraken and one of the sphinxes. I'd considered Shipbreaker Kraken, but 14 mana just seems like too much to invest. Maybe Elder Deep-Fiend fills a similar role at a lower opportunity cost?

I've waffled a bit on adding more tutors to the deck. I usually try to run alternate synergies in place of tutors to prevent decks from getting too linear. Noble Benefactor is a cool card I'd never heard of before. I'll definitely keep that in mind if after more testing I end up needing another tutor.

I also agree that having a little more early game board stall would be good. I actually cut a Fog Bank from the stock list due to how badly it performed in a lot of 1v1 games, but then I remember that we have Atraxa in the group and it suddenly sounds way better again. Aura Thief looks brutal, I'm going to have to make room for that. Jace's Archivist is a good pick too. If the lock is working, opponents should have more cards, and the bounce effects go nicely with wheels (sadly, doesn't work well with Capsize). I'll have to test that. Sphinx of Jwar Isle => Fog Bank and Ulamog's Crusher => Aura Thief seem like the changes there. Not sure what the right cut for Archivist is. Stormsurge Kraken maybe.

NV_1980 on Teferi Big Blue Stasis

1 month ago


First of all many thanks again for helping me earlier with my Daxos deck; I appreciate it! And to show you how much, I thought I'd give you some pointers on this deck, because I think it has great potential.

Your deck has some powerful creatures in it that cost a lot of mana to cast (for the most part), your deck can generate a reasonable amount of mana for sure, but I think it would be nice to replace some of your large creatures with a bit less expensive options that will allow you to be a bit more effective early game. My recommendations would be:

  • Fog Bank/Guard Gomazoa; letting an attacker be completely useless (unless it has trample of course) fits well into your disruption theme. These are great against voltron decks that try to get in some early damage.
  • Noble Benefactor; since blue doesn't have much in the way of tutoring, this can be a great card. I usually only use him to find the last piece in a combo I'm setting up. That way I'll know pretty much for certain that my opponents won't benefit more from tutoring than I will.
  • Trophy Mage; allows you to tutor for Basalt Monolith, Commander's Sphere, Static Orb, Unstable Obelisk and Worn Powerstone.
  • Jace's Archivist; no mono-blue deck should be without this card. First off, if your hand sucks, this is a great way to get a better one. Second, there's nothing more satisfying than to force a player with Reliquary Tower/Spellbook and a large hand of cards to discard everything and draw a new hand.
  • Wall of Frost; fits well with your disruption theme.
  • Aura Thief; this card is a nightmare for people playing combinations of white, green or black, as these decks are often enchantment-heavy. Also fits well with your disruption theme.

There are also some cards I'd recommend instead of some of the bruisers you're using now:

  • Guile; one of the funniest and most useful cards I've ever played in mono-blue disruption decks.
  • Shipbreaker Kraken; fits very well with your theme, better than Deep-Sea Kraken for instance.
  • Scourge of Fleets; another very good disruption creature that fits your theme very well.

Should you ever intend to spend some extra money, I'd also really recommend adding:

  • Paradox Engine; this is basically a must in this deck if you depend on your lock-down cards to win.
  • Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir; one of the best blue creatures ever. Basically stops your opponents from casting instants while at the same time turning all your creature spells into possible instants.
  • Consecrated Sphinx; allows for massive extra card draw on your part.
  • Rhystic Study; a staple in most decks that use blue these days. Either tax your opponents when casting spells, or you get to draw an extra card.
  • Back to Basics; a way to disable most multi-colored decks as well as extremely annoying utility lands.
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