Paradox Haze


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Uncommon

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Paradox Haze

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant player

At the beginning of enchanted player's first upkeep each turn, that player gets an additional upkeep step after this step.

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Paradox Haze Discussion

canapan69 on The Scarab God Makes His Triumphant Entrance

8 hours ago

looks pretty sweet, if I may I suggest, Exquisite Blood and Paradox Haze?

n0bunga on The Scarab God Zombie Control

1 day ago

Time Stop effects could be useful to force another upkeep?

Or Paradox Haze haha

NicS18 on Rashmi, Eternities Crafter

1 week ago

I like it! Have you considered Laboratory Maniac as an alternate wincon? He would fit in pretty well with your plans to draw massive cards. It may be worth it to drop both Fatespinner and Paradox Haze entirely. It's nice to have a bit of control but those slots could be used for other things.

Overall though you have a solid deck

Odysseus_97 on Commander Chaos

1 week ago

Thanks looks great :) Running Paradox Haze for the same reason, but awesome that that Jhoira's Timebug can put one more on so you have a little more time if you need that :D

Duke.Fleed on The Clock is Ticking

2 weeks ago

You need a lot more ramp if you are gonna run 33 lands. I think the biggest thing people make mistakes with when building Jhoria decks is they put too many finishers in and not enough card draw and mana ramp (Fellwar Stone, Darksteel Ingot, Hedron Archive, Thought Vessel, Thran Dynamo). I think it's much better to ramp Solemn Simulacrum, draw a bunch Pull from Tomorrow, then put a bunch of stuff on suspend than do one or two things at a time. Also, since people will be able to see the threats coming, more low drop blockers or things that deter attacking are necessary: Clever Impersonator, Stunt Double, and other Clone type cards can do great at keeping you alive early and copying your big things late. Reality Shift Chaos Warp and Divergent Transformations are all good removal in blue and red.

Also you are missing: Fury Charm, Paradox Haze, and Timecrafting. these all change the math of when your threats become real, and thus can be used to increase your chance of survival. Quicksilver Amulet is a good way to cheat things in at instant speed.

Isaiah13 on Jhoira, Suspend Your Friendship

2 weeks ago

Damn Worldfire is haha thanks hoardofnotions I would have never guessed. And yes Paradox Haze is a must

Workman4137 on Jhoira, Suspend Your Friendship

2 weeks ago

If you're running suspend, get Paradox Haze that way you won't wait near as long to get those suspend triggers. 83 it will be an easy turn 5-6 Ulamog or Kozilek or both if you're lucky!

Snap157 on Dawn of the Zubera

2 weeks ago

You're running 8 Promise of Bunrei, maybe take out 4 and add 4 Paradox Haze to boost your shrines? Also Pyroclasm can effectivly wipe the board and let you reap the benefits. Looks fun! +1

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