If two heads are better than one, what about 2 billion heads?

Okay, I have a confession to make.

...I'm a Timmy . I like winning big. Burn? Not for me. Aggro? Too small. Infinite Combos? That's cheating. I want huge, Near-infinite numbers and the ability to do whatever I want without those nasty Spikes saying No .

To that end, I built this deck. It has a control shell to shut down any infinite combos/disruption my opponents might be planning while slowly setting up combos that seem durdly and innocent but only need a little bit of "Oomph" to get very very deadly. To showcase the deck and what it can do, let's look at our game plan throughout various parts of the game.

Our goal at first is to get as much mana in play as quickly as possible. Ideally, we play Thrasios, Triton Hero on turn two, spending our other turns either casting mana rocks or dudes, or holding up mana to counter our opponent/use Thrasios's ability. When deciding whether or not to counter a spell, use this litmus test: Does the spell my opponent is casting interfere with my plans in any way? If not, don't bother countering it. Yes, a huge 12/12 trampler is scary. But unless you're at 12, it's not lethal. Make a big political show out of "letting the spell resolve" as long as your opponent does something else nice for you, like swinging it at each opponent once before they swing at you. This should buy you enough time to make it to the midgame. When does our midgame start? Typically, I consider the deck to have reached the midgame when you have enough mana to cast Ravos, Soultender AND still have enough mana left over to use Thrasios at least once.
Okay, we have both commanders in play now. Having Ravos allows us to be a little more politically aggressive. cards like Nimble Obstructionist and Voidmage Prodigy are good, but they're outright ridiculous when Ravos's upkeep trigger keeps returning them to your hand. Spore Frog and Forbid are equally amazing at protecting you from retribution. Ideally, you are digging for Sidisi, Undead Vizier : Her tutor effect after exploiting herself and then returning to your hand at the next upkeep should let the table know you are ready to be the archenemy for the rest of the game, so make sure you are ready to answer that level of focus from the rest of the table. How do we answer it? Let's look at some of the things we can have ready for the endgame...
Okay, so we're looking to move towards the part of the game where we just win overwhelmingly, but we don't want anyone to be able to stop our armies once we get started. To that end, we have several synergies in this deck that will give us a lot of protection. I highly recommend having at least one of these in play before painting a target on your head.

Voidmage Prodigy + Vitu-ghazi Guildmage + Token Copy card Show

Voidmage Prodigy + Leyline of Anticipation + Havengul Lich Show

Mana-Exodia Mana Reflection + Training Grounds + Seedborn Muse + Lotus Cobra + Amulet of Vigor + Illusionist's Bracers + Biomancer's Familiar Show

Note: These aren't the only possible protection packages we have, but most of the others are variations on these themes. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But MagmaArmor0, all we've done is protect ourselves! We haven't done that huge, overpowering win you mentioned earlier!" Patience, my friend. Once your protection package has weathered whatever your opponents throw at it after the first few turns of it existing, you're probably clear to move on to the big finish.
Okay, thanks to Sidisi, Undead Vizier (whom we can find off of Diabolic Intent , Demonic Tutor , Eladamri's Call or Chord of Calling ...or by scrying into her with Thrasios), we can search our deck one piece at a time to find the pieces we need to assemble this monster. Several of them overlap with cards already in the protection packages, which helps. As soon as your mana allows it, you'll want to find Havengul Lich to replay Sidisi, Undead Vizier from the graveyard without waiting for your next upkeep. (don't forget to leave mana open for counterspells! ALWAYS HAVE PROTECTION!)

Step One: Assemble the mana

We need a ton of mana to set up this boardstate. Find Mana Reflection This will make your lands tap for at least 1 extra mana each--some will tap for a lot more: Ancient Tomb , Sol Ring , and Phyrexian Tower can each tap for 4 mana, and Filter lands (like Flooded Grove ) will be worth a net 3 mana. Find Seedborn Muse . Now we have all of that mana, on each player's turn! Our last step is to get Leyline of Anticipation , so we can use all player's turns like they were ours.

Step Two: Ignite the Cloneforge

We need token copies of things. Which things? Everything. Start by finding Clever Impersonator , and either Arcane Artisan or Bramble Sovereign . Play them, choosing to copy nothing with BOTH the Clever Impersonator AND its token. They will survive thanks to Ravos, Soultender giving them +1/+1. So you have a very stupid looking token in play now-- a 1/1 shapeshifter that is not copying anything. However, if we get more copies of this token, then they could enter as copies of any nonland permanent.

Step Three: Aligning the Mirrors

With that token in play, we can search up Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage , Training Grounds , and Parallel Lives . Play them all. It now costs us to populate that Clever Impersonator token and have it enter as any two nonland permanents (thanks to parallel lives), like Mana Reflection and Parallel Lives . Each of our lands now tap for at least 4 mana. It is now more efficient to leave Sidisi in play and just have some of our Clever Impersonator tokens copy her instead. In order for us to have token copies of her, we'll need Spark Double , so that the tokens survive the legend rule long enough to exploit themselves. Tapping a forest and a plains lets us populate 4 times. The first one will produce 4 token copies of Clever Impersonator, entering as Parallel lives. The second one will produce 64 tokens, which will also all be Parallel Lives. The third one will produce 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 tokens, which should all come in as parallel lives. The fourth one will produce 2^1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 tokens, which should come in as half Mana Reflections, and half parallel lives.

Step Four: Firing Archimedes' Death Ray

Phew. Here we go. You have about 2^1,180,591,620,717,411,303,423 Mana Reflections, so your mana is doubled 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,423 times. Your lands now tap for roughly 4,406,214,265,135,478,321,418,518,549,750,351,933,048,927,667,995,808,882,548,922,825,716,383,784,606,843,670,631,041,287,059,207,982,807,121,019,424,412,296,746,657,381,184,492,889,202,486,042,334,139,516,708,351,838,358,845,658,988,457,025,705,752,326,046,248,194,840,158,458,790,217,378,992,329,229,160,236,149,077,519,803,316,475,865,393,029,908,715,859,549,993,995,148,997,543,502,911,462,934,038,220,472,801,299,323,719,866,823,203,888,884,765,054,412,879,086,102,343,930,804,411,421,419,646,469,454,096,920,366,586,849,384,539,179,585,933,704,750,540,961,173,780,841,915,231,978,826,357,108,240,614,220,103,345,472,000,408,231,464,569,666,776,330,284,667,934,469,724,972,562,377,694,977,801,554,284,385,885,539,661,681,891,196,300,838,448,750,258,963,084,141,940,941,692,902,169,498,446,013,462,197,243,348,224,551,557,006,045,009,120,702,108,878,108,280,581,260,132,383,522,879,766,814,814,277,873,398,354,674,324,752,482,439,124,200,047,404,523,774,697,104,863,135,091,669,998,636,835,876,124,927,030,965,252,507,749,069,991,425,234,044,672,463,561,073,125,458,370,741,326,216,303,846,763,425,936,752,258,170,730,634,636,790,066,837,586,544,300,021,228,016,447,298,644,207,114,594,335,281,553,195,342,861,878,352,760,764,029,523,221,116,492,554,165,509,836,548,307,955,297,253,661,447,798,068,863,001,535,533,159,640,583,431,602,123,207,417,187,197,623,949,063,775,184,970,812,609,678,479,320,827,394,539,298,513,448,217,943,286,133,443,881,554,259,459,774,418,171,670,489,946,415,401,264,202,826,938,970,641,791,203,400,994,474,200,672,111,609,492,294,709,108,860,163,209,913,190,161,669,996,928,475,240,249,691,861,434,261,358,514,183,419,723,044,972,922,886,385,714,637,600,903,553,128,903,347,123,149,670,544,925,585,380,188,326,742,955,833,274,931,862,420,460,725,231,097,091,210,729,725,403,527,014,229,231,842,805,426,152,685,056,279,070,391,302,213,703,165,099,371,459,092,217,173,247,996,940,005,967,497,270,640,613,364,607,241,495,112,800,924,730,192,082,206,297,344,751,551,144,650,742,439,135,665,535,304,911,263,613,633,629,564,428,836,294,995,394,123,323,468,741,314,610,083,790,768,129,623,450,881,620,212,097,694,552,318,870,775,227,852,732,247,252,507,817,103,001,962,202,619,652,842,258,192,354,023,387,176,232,437,833,649,573,628,245,149,931,094,874,671,724,121,648,965,416,943,721,549,359,859,256,356,816,598,240,309,477,854,550,474,248,327,899,146,752,616,429,047,677,304,627,845,051,585,284,547,873,669,354,953,181,655,161,225,888,532,613,141,779,334,891,369,358,446,305,919,318,720,021,836,375,884,816,056,593,128,499,367,981,653,685,068,064,046,103,922,345,139,960,202,089,915,954,663,517,789,388,140,066,088,085,439,397,754,790,028,134,833,164,238,966,468,670,531,952,660,554,288,118,179,651,826,175,751,080,065,121,503,688,744,429,446,011,861,101,962,683,802,426,361,144,565,496,397,771,601,802,909,267,619,428,508,824,291,047,708,381,035,846,496,607,212,929,440,725,443,088,479,320,971,753,400,826,767,927,497,801,263,657,741,337,288,876,357,234,358,355,092,981,434,107,205,666,366,146,193,550,468,885,561,840,736,716,169,431,309,221,382,498,350,132,292,752,737,841,920,953,487,621,859,046,017,229,874,549,672,487,270,181,853,246,363,841,607,275,347,660,371,742,205,355,996,672,729,834,122,586,674,879,928,667,826,625,199,393,621,010,251,252,007,627,789,530,355,295,959,092,658,175,679,319,138,412,077,944,950,551,665,794,017,566,202,271,396,931,332,235,531,887,416,827,340,341,462,240,023,197,804,647,798,924,709,162,646,020,085,314,579,901,838,320,872,683,245,216,421,851,118,641,467,795,594,124,134,790,795,964,264,625,175,526,366,281,442,266,555,277,416,884,084,012,108,148,086,412,878,394,620,304,972,131,713,410,822,993,720,506,893,911,477,050,318,307,806,589,891,849,647,387,401,279,197,199,534,740,705,753,978,021,534,359,260,570,264,180,005,424,674,398,883,184,202,589,638,031,335,755,112,072,616,087,605,324,239,896,660,480,566,433,869,025,700,109,310,287,811,065,483,384,316,613,472,658,123,858,168,980,585,600,876,526,004,888,535,945,566,856,812,560,798,942,359,507,951,434,583,202,528,786,851,433,543,979,421,759,007,566,276,988,488,663,910,227,016,492,777,472 times as much mana as normal (That's roughly 4 Millillion (not a typo) in case your calculator needs help). We'll call that number FLN, for Freakishly Large Number. Use Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage to populate a token copy of your favorite Clever Impersonator. By tapping just two lands, we can populate FLN times. If we have Illusionist's Bracers equipped to the guildmage, we can populate 2xFLN times. The cool thing that happens here as we dump all of our FLN mana into the guildmage is that each activation resolves separately. That means that each batch of Clever Impersonators can become Parallel lives BEFORE the next activation resolves. We have 2xFLN effects on the stack from just using a singular basic forest and a basic plains for mana. How many tokens do we get? Well, after the first one resolves, we have a number of tokens that is roughly one millillion digits long. The FLN was a resounding 3083 digits long. For comparison's sake, the estimated number of atoms in the universe is 82 digits long. The volume of the observable universe in cubic nanometers is about 107 digits long. The number of possible games of chess is 123 digits long. Our number after the first effect is 1 Millillion digits long. If you want help visualizing this, here's a 30,103 digit number (you may need to scroll right a bit):

A tiny number, compared to what we're doing Show

(Incidentally, I put this number into a text-to-speech generator and the resulting mp3 file takes 4 hours, 39 minutes, and 55 seconds to read out) That number above was 2 raised to the 100,000 power (100,000 is a 6 digit number) . We just raised 2 to the FLN (4 Millillion!--a 3,083 digit number) power. Just in case that wasn't enough, we can gain at least twice that much life from Trostani triggers. Each of those tokens can enter as a different nonland permanent. Copy all of em at least one centillion times. Use Havengul Lich to cast every creature card out of every graveyard. Populate the Clever Impersonator again. Get that absurd number of tokens again (or bigger, if any of the latest batch came in as Parallel Lives). Get back every card in your graveyard, thanks to Eternal witness. Make more tokens or whatever your heart desires. At this stage of the game, you can win however you want to. I personally like not attacking and waiting for how long it takes my opponents to scoop once they realize that I can pay Symbol:GSymbol:W to make a number of tokens that is so big, that no modern calculator will be able to output the number of tokens you make. Seriously, look up arrow notation. They had to invent an entirely new system of notation for how fast our numbers are growing. Welcome to living the Timmy dream.
Now, This isn't technically part of the super-huge nonsense thing. I know some people don't like cherries on their sundaes/milkshakes/steak, so this part is skippable. However, I personally find it to be hilarious, and wanted to point it out to all of you.

So, the big problem with the super-win is that we don't have haste. This is actually very, very necessary to prevent multiple cards in the deck from going infinite, but it makes us feel a little awkward while our opponents are taking their turns. Here's a little something to justify that last turn cycle's completion--let your friends know that you still have one thing left to show off, as soon as your creatures are no longer summoning sick.

To start, make sure you have at least 20 billion Mangara of Corondor s, and 20 billion Arcane Artisan s. You'll also want a couple million Bloom Tender s, just to make sure you have enough mana for the nonsense you're about to pull off (a million probably won't be necessary, thanks to all your Mana Reflection s, but it never hurts to be prepared.) You'll want all of your permanents in the deck in play, and all the nonpermanents in hand. (Yes, even the Street Wraith and Nimble Obstructionist should be in play. Trust me.) All of these need to be in place before your last opponent's turn ends, so that summoning sickness won't be a problem for any of them.

At your upkeep: Your deck is probably empty at this point, which could cause you to accidentally lose before you kill your opponents. Let's fix that. Tap a hundred of your Mangaras to exile every card (not tokens!) you currently have in play. (Including your lands!--make sure to tap them for mana first!) Then, populate at least a hundred Riftsweeper s, shuffling all of those exiled cards into your library. Use your Arcane Artisans to exile all the instants and sorceries (and extra lands) in your hand, then shuffle them back in with Riftsweepers. Play out any permanent spells that you can with your massive pool of floating mana, then exile the rest with Arcane Artisans, and shuffle them back in with Riftsweepers. Exile all the new permanent cards to Mangaras, and shuffle them back in with Riftsweepers as well. Repeat this process until your hand is empty. There! Now you have a 98 card deck (your commanders should be in the command zone) to draw from at your draw step! Draw for the turn, and either play a permanent, or pitch it to arcane artisans until you find one. Exile it, and shuffle it back in with a Riftsweeper token. You now have no cards in hand, in grave, in play, or in exile--but you do have at least a million tokens of every permanent in the deck. Use them to kill your opponents, then ask if they would like to play again. After all, your deck is already shuffled up and ready to go.

In-Depth Spreadsheet: This is a spreadsheet I've been working on that goes into detail on each individual card. It should be set for anyone to view it, but no editing. Maybe, in the future, I'll add the option for comments, but I'll leave it as is for now. If you're wondering about why a card is in the deck, or some tips/tricks to use with it.

So, that's the deck! I've tried hard to balance the absurd win that I want with enough control to make it a competitive kitchen table deck. I'm open to any suggestions that could make the deck better, though: please suggest any improvements you can think of, just please tell me what you would cut if you're going to suggest adding a card. Thanks for reading, and give me a +1 if you enjoyed the deck!

This is an ongoing list of cards that were either cut from the deck, because they caused us to go infinite, cloned from an opponent and caused us to go infinite, or were pointed out to me as potential infinite combos. Please do not suggest adding any of these, since I refuse to include them in the deck. If your opponents play them, well... it's up to your own judgment whether to courteously refrain or to give them a taste of their own potentially-infinite medicine.
  • Mirage Mirror can turn into lands, which tap for more mana than it costs to make extra mirrors.
  • Dryad Arbor can be cloned by Rite of Replication , which triggers our armies of Lotus Cobra once the combo is set up.
  • Rewind : it's great in the deck, but we can counter our own spells to get more mana, then get the rewind back with Eternal Witness
  • Any artifact that produces . (Including Gold or Treasure tokens!): they can be copied by the Clever Impersonator tokens to go infinite, by spending the green mana as blue mana, thanks to Vizier of the Menagerie , and creating a loop where we bounce and replay Clever Impersonator with Venser, Shaper Savant to use Bramble Sovereign to get infinite tokens.
  • Any haste effect can cause our Bloom Tender tokens to tap for mana immediately, going infinite.
  • Any effect that untaps lands that ISN'T tied to a specific phase of the turn. (untap everything at upkeep, end step, combat, etc. are fine. Enter the battlefield, on cast, etc. are not.) See Rewind for why.
  • Oracle of Mul Daya and any other " play an additional land each turn " cards. We play bouncelands, so we can play them an infinite number of times while gaining mana from Lotus Cobra s
  • Any card that takes an extra turn, even if it exiles itself. ( Riftsweeper is a silly card.) EXCEPTIONS: Lighthouse Chronologist , while potentially-obscene, does not go infinite in this deck.
  • Scroll Rack . Oh boy, buckle up for this one. So, after we've gotten 20 bajillion copies of everything, we can Venser, Shaper Savant , targeting one of our own lands, then activate one of our ninety billion scroll racks to put the land on top of our library, then activate Thrasios to put it into play from the top of our library, triggering five hundred bazillion Lotus Cobra s, generating more than enough Mana to populate another batch of tokens and repeat the process. So, sadly, no Scroll Rack.
  • Any effect that can exile cards from our own graveyard. This works similarly to the Scroll Rack line, where we blow up our own lands with Beast Within , then exile them with Offalsnout or Tormod's Crypt or whatever, then populate a token copy of Riftsweeper to shuffle it into our empty library, then activate Thrasios to put it into play, triggering enough Lotus Cobra s to populate an Eternal witness, returning the Beast Within to our hand, starting the cycle over again.


Updates Add

With another set comes another update! War of the Spark is a planeswalker-focused set, so it's not really something that our planeswalkerless deck cared too mu---




Spark Double .

Whoever at WotC got this card into print, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Now, we can cut the otherwise-dead Mirror Gallery from the deck, since we can just use Spark Double in the same way that we use Clever Impersonator, to make our legendary stuff nonlegendary, which will allow us to get copies of them. Hooray! This card is easily the one I'm most excited about, since it improves the worst card in the deck, while still maintaining its original purpose.

Selesnya Sanctuary --> Underground Sea

We completed our set of Revised duals with this and the next card; they're expensive, but still very powerful.

Simic Growth Chamber --> Bayou

This gives us the consistency to find enemy colors when we need them.

Bountiful Promenade --> Tarnished Citadel

This land actually ends up being better than City of Brass or Mana Confluence a lot of the time, because with all the untapping of our lands that we do, and as often as we sink that mana into Thrasios, City of Brass and and Mana confluence can easily end up dealing 3-4 damage to us each round, whereas Tarnished Citadel can be used for colored mana in emergencies, and as a regular source of mana otherwise. I played a little too much 1 on 1 with this for the Promenade to be worth it.

Deputy of Detention --> Teferi, Time Raveler

Deputy is more useful against token decks, but Teferi draws a card to replace himself, even while bouncing a problematic permanent, and, most importantly, lets us tap out at our opponents' end steps with impunitfy, while also protecting us from counterspells. His + also lets us boardwipe or tutor at instant speed cool, I guess?

Mishra's Bauble --> Eladamri's Call

More tutors give us more ways to find high-value creatures like Seedborn Muse , Biomancer's Familiar , or Lotus Cobra . Bauble was only a small speed bump, but it was noticeable a few too many times for my tastes.

Rite of Replication --> Ancient Tomb

A land that pays for half of a Thrasios activation by itself is nice, even if it's colorless and hurts us. Rite was redundant too many times; Repudiate does basically the same thing while also looking like a counterspell, and the difference between 5 tokens and 1 token when you have 4 millillion Parallel Lives is largely academic.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid --> Ashiok, Dream Render

Tatyova cost 5 and didn't immediately affect the board on the turn it came down. Ashiok shuts down all of the graveyard decks in my local meta, while also preventing tutoring by higher-power opponents. I'm not certain this card is the best option for this slot, but it can't hurt to find out!



90% Competitive