Spark Double

Spark Double

Creature — Illusion

You may have Spark Double enter the battlefield as a copy of a creature or planeswalker you control, except it enters with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature, or an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker, and it isn't legendary if that permanent is legendary.

Spark Double Discussion

Boza on Shuffling Spark Double back in ...

2 weeks ago

Whenever a card refers to itself by name, it means "this permanent right here". Spark Double, currently named Etrata, deals combat damage to a player and gets shuffled back into the library. Spark double is only a copy of a card while on the battlefield - in any other zone, it is but a Spark Double.

Magneto81273 on Shuffling Spark Double back in ...

2 weeks ago

I've used Spark Double to copy Etrata, the Silencer. When the copy attacks as per Etrata's rules what gets shuffled into the library?

Is it a copy of Etrata or is it Spark Double?

SpringJoe on Yarokk big love

2 weeks ago

LegendMainsOnly: You could definitely fit it in, although it doesn't double things like landfall triggers and things like Dance of Many, so I decided to use Spark Double instead: you can always make a copy of Yarok, the Desecrated,effectively being a better Panharmonicon or you can even copy another creature to get more etb's. Still, Panharmonicon would make a great addition, I just didn't want to abuse triggers THAt much :)

mgalloro on Theros God Tribal

3 weeks ago

Phule451: I like your suggestion of Chromatic Lantern, I just need to figure out what card to cut for it. I tried to keep the creatures to only the Theros Gods and Demigods, and a few cards that I already had that fit in with them, or were useful, like Spark Double and Clever Impersonator to give me copies of the effects the Gods have that could be useful which is why I didn't add more enchantresses for card draw.

azja on Yuriko...Help!!!

3 weeks ago

Hi, welcome to edh!

First off, I want to say I think the deck looks great so far! I've been playing Yuriko for about 8-9 months now, and here are some things I'd suggest:

  1. Dismember -5/-5 is sometimes not enough to kill the main threat at the table, maybe replace it with Far / Away (less limiting, higher cmc) or Reality Shift (gets around indestructible)

  2. Doom Blade too many people play black, Hero's Downfall is much less narrow

  3. Into the Story not super effective if you're not playing mill, Bident of Thassa synergizes with your deck more

  4. Lightning Greaves is not bad, but Whispersilk Cloak also gives Yuriko unblockable

  5. Mu Yanling I personally don't like planeswalkers in Yuriko decks. Since you won't have very good blockers, it likely won't survive until your next turn. I'd play something like Thassa, God of the Sea instead

  6. Liliana Vess same reason as number 5, maybe play Scheming Symmetry instead

  7. Decree of Pain the cycling mode hurts your creatures much more than the rest of the table since you play lots of 1/1 's and 2/2 's. Commit / Memory has a cmc of 10, and can be a temporary removal spell or counterspell

  8. In Garruk's Wake Yuriko decks are not good at hitting 9 mana. Although not a direct replacement, Consign / Oblivion is a card I think every Yuriko deck can run

  9. Kindred Dominance unless you have an effect like Conspiracy out on the board, this hurts you a lot too. I'd play something like Evacuation instead. It's instant speed, and you can re-play your creatures a lot faster than your opponents can.

  10. Dauthi Embrace using 2 black mana each turn just to make one creature unblockable is hard in most Yuriko decks. Try Aqueous Form instead

  11. Soothsaying also a pretty heavy mana investment for its effect. Although this card is not very budget-friendly, Sensei's Divining Top is much, much better

12-16. Inkfathom Infiltrator, Invisible Stalker, Quickling, Shadowmage Infiltrator, and Spark Double aren't good enough to justify their mana cost in my opinion. Some replacements I would suggest are Changeling Outcast, Dimir Infiltrator, Gudul Lurker, Mist-Cloaked Herald, Tormented Soul, and Baleful Strix

I hope this was helpful! If you want to check out my Yuriko deck, the link is

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Feebs24 on Thassa, Deep-Dwelling Flickering

3 weeks ago

Spark Double is a sweet way to copy commander abilities and still be able to get flickered by the original Thassa, Deep-Dwelling to copy something else. Cloudkin Seer isn’t the best card draw in the deck, but it can be played early and is not a horrible target for Thassa, Deep-Dwelling

gebell on Bounce House Mill - Post Theros

4 weeks ago

I think you will be fine at 23 lands because of the amount of scry you have. I have been trying something like this on arena, but only with mill as a secondary win condition, so it's a bit different. Some thoughts:

You could replace a couple Elite Guardmage with Fblthp, the Lost. The card draw is what you really want, and that four drop spot can get crowded.

For me I couldn't survive without Deputy of Detention. It is powerful removal, and you can use it early and then you can bounce it to hit larger targets later in the game.

Forbidding Spirit is a great card to counter aggro. Stops them from building up, and you can bounce it keep them slow. I run 4 of them, but I would at least put a couple in the sideboard.

I know you took the Spark Double out, but it is a versatile card.

I would take out at least 1 maybe 2 of Thassa, Deep-Dwelling because of the legendary status. Even though it's really powerful.

I'd not that if you add another Lumbering Battlement and Spark Double you have a semi viable infinite combo.

If you get three battlements out (or spark double copies) they can cycle forever and suck in at least one card to bounce infinitely with them. So Charming Prince could be infinite life or Overwhelmed Apprentice would be infinite mill.

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