Creatures you control have hexproof. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

: Regenerate target creature.

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Asceticism Discussion

RiotRunner789 on Tovolar's pack

3 weeks ago

I would cut Tibalt's Trickery and Back to Nature. Unless your meta is really enchantment heavy, it's a big feel bad to have to blow up your own Asceticism. If enchantments are big, try Calming Verse instead.

Your limited creature removal is a bit heavy (too many fight mechanics). Keep the best and cut at least 2.

Also, 31 creatures is a lot. I would trim down to 25-28 personally but you should cut at least 2. Try concentrating more on cards that protect your commander (and thus your main draw engine).


2 months ago

Would recommend Toski, Bearer of Secrets as an indestructible draw engine.

Asceticism for great protection and the ability to regenerate.

And, Branching Evolution because in your deck it acts as a second Unbound Flourishing.

Serriten on Thantis and the Nine Realms

2 months ago

Asceticism, Blinding Fog type of effects to protect your creatures maybe? Definitely Arachnogenesis

Oldbear on Ruric TharrrrRRRRRRHHHHHH!

2 months ago

I've never seen Nullstone Gargoyle, that casting cost is high but you're right it would be cool in this deck. Heartless Hidetsugu is a great idea thank you! Dense Foliage could be good, it's kind of like a pared-back Asceticism. I will consider it. Detritivore, man what a wordy card, is another I'd not seen before. It would be really good if I was playing in a more competitive meta we're all kind of newer players so there aren't many lands people are running that really need to be taken care of (except Field of the Dead).


Yumaddah on Te Mana o te Whenua [The Power of the Land]

2 months ago

brandonplaysmagic Thanks, man!

I have not thought about Tireless Tracker at all, so thanks for pointing that out. I agree with what you have to say here, and this might actually work out better than the Guardian Project I've been thinking about.

I find that Multani's inherent Shroud keeps him out of trouble (except for the likes of Cyclonic Rift/board wipes), so Asceticism wouldn't help (Multani can't even be targeted for regeneration).

I had Horn of Greed on my original setup, which run Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Howling Mine, Temple Bell, Crucible of Worlds, Exploration, Oracle of Mul Daya, etc. but I found that this deck's strength comes from drawing a sick amount of cards in one burst and then having a ton of mana to cast as much as possible. Even without this group-hug drawing package, already in a 3-player table, Multani is drawing a sick amount of cards, so instead I opted for ramp to drop him faster.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Funny you mentioned the card-drawing as this is what I am currently working on .

brandonplaysmagic on Te Mana o te Whenua [The Power of the Land]

2 months ago

Great deck! More mono-green, the better!

I’ve found that I always want to find space for Tireless Tracker in everything I’ve got green in, just because stalling out due to lack of card draw is a huge thing mid game.

Since you’re trying to drop Multani out super early, some protection from Asceticism or Dense Foliage may be super helpful.

Since Multani relies so heavily on everyone’s hand size, something like a Horn of Greed (although benefiting your opponents) helps keep you AND their hands full. Might be interesting if you’re willing to try it out. Again, super cool idea here!

DawnsRayofLight on MONO-BLACK RAMP

2 months ago

I am working on an eldrazi colourless list that may help for some suggestions for tutors and removal: In The House of R'lyeh...

If you are wanting removal and ramp and wanting to stay away from colourless, try going black green then or blue green. I have a blue green list that ramps like crazy, I don't play as many eldrazi cards in it but blue still gives you some removal in bounce spells and counter spells to protect your guys.

Reasons for green:

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Nyxbloom Ancient

Nature's Lore, Three Visits, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach

The Great Henge

all the above are amazing for ramp

you get some fun "tutors" in Tooth and Nail and Finale of Devastation

protection like Asceticism and Heroic Intervention

Whether you go blue or green is up to you

Blue green: counter spells, draw spells, and Cyclonic Rift (this is my Blue green list, I would suggest running Kruphix, God of Horizons as your general over Zegana who I just use to refill my hand around Turn 5-8 to push me over to winning: Nature's Revenge, TO is not recognizing it but it should be on my page)

Green black: kill spells, better tutors, reanimation (go Meren of Clan Nel Toth as your general maybe? I can offer advice on how to build that, my uncle has a pretty good Meren list)

taylaw120 on Thromok, World Eater

3 months ago

Good luck with the fine tuning! I think i'm gonna try to build a similar thromok deck, i love gruul and want another gruul deck that is significantly different than my main deck.

In the maybe board, look at Archetype of Endurance in place of Asceticism . It gives itself hexproof so boardwipes are about the only spells that could kill your creatures, its also a 6/5 that can swing. It is more expensive and doesnt have the regen ability. I haven't played with asceticism so idk how they compare directly.

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