Creatures you control have hexproof. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

: Regenerate target creature.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Asceticism Discussion

taylaw120 on Thromok, World Eater

2 weeks ago

Good luck with the fine tuning! I think i'm gonna try to build a similar thromok deck, i love gruul and want another gruul deck that is significantly different than my main deck.

In the maybe board, look at Archetype of Endurance in place of Asceticism . It gives itself hexproof so boardwipes are about the only spells that could kill your creatures, its also a 6/5 that can swing. It is more expensive and doesnt have the regen ability. I haven't played with asceticism so idk how they compare directly.

Pheardemons on The sea's rage is a mere glimpse of our power

1 month ago

blueiris - Thanks for the comment and compliment. I'm glad I could help you!

I have recently taken out Arcane Adaptation because, before Maskwood Nexus , I was only playing one effect like this and was doing fine. I'm testing Maskwood Nexus over Arcane Adaptation for the effect of making tokens. As of now, I have not missed having both effects, but it has been a recent change so I'm still testing.

The deck can operate just fine without everything being a merfolk. This is an effect to help with tokens from Master of Waves and so Seahunter can tutor out any creature that I need ( Frilled Mystic and Venser, Shaper Savant come to mind here). This kind of effect allows me to use the effects of Lullmage Mentor , draw ability of Kumena , and Merrow Reejerey to a better, more efficient extent. Not required, but helps greatly.

If you don't like Sensei's Divining Top for whatever reason, you don't need to play it. I'm the kind of player who will tell you to play with cards you like than what other people "expect" or "staple" type cards. I like Top because of the utility. This deck's number one goal is to be able to untap on other player's turn. I can draw a card (more likely with Kumena ), activate top to dig one deeper than before, to do it again on everyone's turn to try and ensure I draw what I need. I will agree that taking it out will definitely simplify the deck haha. Because Kumena is a powerful draw engine you don't need it.

I don't have Merrow Harbinger because I am playing Seahunter . He is FAR superior in my opinion. In saying that, a second tutor does become better if you play both Maskwood Nexus and Arcane Adaptation because it could become a Worldly Tutor with a body on the board. I would say playtest with and without it, and see how you like it.

I have gone through multiple iterations of this deck. I have recently left the infinite combo of Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal because I didn't get it often enough to matter. It became a "win more." I will miss putting a Mana Drain on Isochron Scepter turn two haha. I'm trying to go back to one of my earlier iterations with Opposition and I'm REALLY trying to find a way to put Asceticism , Wrap in Vigor , Svyelun of Sea and Sky , and Illusionist's Bracers into the deck. They just seem like slower cards that I don't need, but want. That rant was just to say let me know if you have any other questions or options because I have probably tried a lot of them. If you have a list I'm down to look at it if you tell me what you're trying to do.

KBK7101 on Alena and Halana - Kessig Guardians v1.2

1 month ago

I have an Asceticism in one of the decks I don't use all that much. I might pull it and add it in here the next time I get around to swapping stuff around.

Can't wait to see the video! Hope you win! lol

brandonplaysmagic on Alena and Halana - Kessig Guardians v1.2

1 month ago

Asceticism is great in this deck too - I only have one copy and it's in my Kamahl deck right now, otherwise I'd try to find a spot for it in mine. I was debating Goblin Anarchomancer but haven't gone through with it yet.

Thank you! I actually just filmed another video with MTGMuddstah yesterday with the same deck - I think it played out more in the way I had built the deck, which was fun.

Again, it's so nice to see other people appreciating these commanders.

KBK7101 on Alena and Halana - Kessig Guardians v1.2

1 month ago

Thanks for the advice! Instill Energy seems sweet. I'll have to order one sometime. I actually already have Toralf and Xenagos sitting around, so I'll add them in. Pulled a Timeless Witness and Goblin Anarchomancer from some MH2 stuff I ordered, so I'll add them in and see how they go. Was debating Asceticism as well.

This deck was originally going to be one that I used to introduce my sister to the game, which is why I kinda stuck to a forest monster/beast kind of theme. That kind of theme is why things like Xenagos and Savage Ventmaw weren't in the deck to begin with. More open to upgrading it now, though as she didn't seem too interested. lol

Super cool that you had that Alana/Halena deck on MTGMuddstah! That was one of the videos I watched while doing research for this deck!

TheMeadiator on Enchanted Elf Ball 2.0

2 months ago

For protection, a lot of people would recommend Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots since they are artifacts and can fit in anything! But if you're looking for green protection, I recently discovered the affordable options of Ranger's Guile and Canopy Cover . There's also Asceticism , but people are more likely to target that than to counter Ranger's Guile. Oh Vines of Vastwood is good instant protection too!

There's lots more protection in white, but it's not a colour I'm overly familiar with! Good luck with your build!

kandjar on Lathril Elf Tribal

2 months ago

tribal-kai - Indeed, the deck has a lot of targeting spells/abilities, I did mention that it would required a more serious refocus in order to include Steely Resolve . I did build mine with that in mine as I really like this card. I just wanted to mention just in case it you missed the card. Technically, there's also Asceticism , except it's a 5 CMC cards.

Fallen Ideal is OK; but it suffers the same downside as any aura as it could be a 2 for 1 if your opponent kills your Elf in response for you playing the card. Demonic Embrace is more resilient, but it's still be 2 for 1 (if you count the discarded card to get it back); and, I don't know about you but when I play Lathril I'm often looking into ways to get more cards in my hand as the deck tends to want you to dump it out. Any discard effect is very costly. This is why I love Eldrazi Monument over those 2; not only it protects all your Elves, it's also an anthem for your entire army and give them flying/invasion.

Since you like auras; I was wondering if you also considered Rancor as it's very mana efficient.

Narrash on Storming Legends - The Ur-Dragon

3 months ago

HorseTribalLord Not a fan of Esika, God of the Tree  Flip in that deck. Could be fun but I don't feel like making it fit for now. I might get The World Tree sometime, I just didn't get the chance to make any upgrade to the deck but it does fit.

Stumpy123 that's right, don't feel like dropping +50€ on a single card.

LilMissWiz for the price tag alone, Faeburrow Elder over Bloom Tender any day. Really not a fan of Shalai, Voice of Plenty , especially in this deck. I prefer Asceticism . I love Rhythm of the Wild .

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