Patron Wizard


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey Rare

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Patron Wizard

Creature — Human Wizard

Tap an untapped Wizard you control: Counter target spell unless its controller pays (1).

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Patron Wizard Discussion

PartyJ on cEDH Azami, Lady of Scrolls

1 month ago

Hi Aragorn,

reviewing your decklist and it seems pretty solid as it stands.

A few suggestions that haven't been mentioned yet that could be considered:

Hope this helps you. Especially the Bell and Genius help you dig into your maniac more often.

Good luck!

ibstudent2200 on The Trinisphere - Episode 6 ...

1 month ago

@Squire1 UR isn't particularly good at answering threats once they're on the board, and playing draw-go with Jhoira seems fine. You can just suspend your haymakers on an opponent's end step if you didn't need to counter anything, and most of your threats are going to be so powerful that they won't need much to protect them.

@NickyBolas Here's a list of soft counters I think are reasonable in EDH:

My problem with Mental Misstep is that I always feel relieved to see a target for it, which usually indicates that the answer is too narrow.

Tosk on Wizards will control you

1 month ago

On further thought I agree. I'm going to try playing with Muddle the Mixture instead of Vedalken AEthermage because the biggest threat to the player is not having a Patron Wizard

Tosk on Wizards will control you

1 month ago

I have considered Docent of Perfection the problem is that the instants and sorceries in this deck are mainly for if Patron Wizard isn't out yet. Azami, Lady of Scrolls is dangerous because you can lose resources needed to counter with by using her. Vedalken AEthermage looks like it would be a good fit, would make it easier to find the one card I need

JaysomeDecks on Kydele and Silas: Eldrazi Sultai Summoners

3 months ago

I've found that Patron Wizard is also a fantastic card, since both your commanders are wizards. Plus, you can tap him and your commanders even with summoning sickness, due to the wording of the ability.

GoldenDiggle on Azami Paper

6 months ago

Wizards, eh? Well, to start, a Docent of Perfection  Flip is absolutely bonkers in Wizard tribal. (assuming that's what this is)

Patron Wizard offers counterspell power, Sigil Tracer can copy any spell (even an opponent's) pretty easily, Graceful Adept helps with hand size, and Magus of the Future has good utility at the cost of letting your opponents know your next card, if you really wanna be a prick, go for Supreme Inquisitor.

Deck looks good!

Archwizard on Competitive Azami EDH

7 months ago

Before I begin I want you to ask yourself if you want to build this deck more control focused or extra turn focused. Each has their own upside, but in my opinion the control focused build is a lot more competitive and consistent. As a person who has been running Azami, Lady of Scrolls almost exclusively for about 2 years now and has piloted both Temporal Azami and Control Azami, I think I can say I know what I'm talking about. From the looks of this list currently, it looks like you're leaning more towards extra turns. Whatever you do, don't try to make your list into a hard control / extra turn hybrid because it won't work well.

Definite cuts you should make:

Arcanis the Omnipotent

Brine Elemental



Ertai, Wizard Adept

Tidespout Tyrant

Vesuvan Shapeshifter


Boseiju, Who Shelters All



Leyline of Anticipation


Logic Knot

Grip of Amnesia


Cards you may want to consider cutting once you make this list more competitive:

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

Docent of Perfection  Flip

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

Sower of Temptation

Patron Wizard


Time Stretch

Voidmage Prodigy

Crucible of Worlds

Gilded Lotus

Ghost Quarter

Academy Ruins

Riptide Laboratory

Seat of the Synod

Tectonic Edge


Strip Mine

Reliquary Tower

Venser, Shaper Savant(cut this if you decide to go control focused)

Glen Elendra Archmage(cut this if you decide to go control focused)

Your Planeswalkers

Cards mentioned in the comments you should NOT run:

Temple Bell

Gauntlet of Power

Caged Sun


Blue Sun's Zenith (Only run this if you REALLY need an alternative wincon)

Stroke of Genius

Cards mentioned in the comments that you should run.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor (Only if you are going with a hard control build, not extra turn build)

Mental Misstep

Muddle the Mixture

Mana Crypt

Swan Song

Arcane Denial

Dispel (Flusterstorm is better, but still not bad)

Dig Through Time(For control focused list)

Fact or Fiction(For control focused list)

Cards that I think are good that you should run:


Dramatic reversal / Isochron Scepter combo

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip (More of a control based wizard)

Sensei's Divining Top

Scroll Rack

Sage of Epityr

Martyr of Frost


These are my suggestions for now, if you have any questions I'll be happy to explain.

SaberTech on Sigarda Vs. Uril

8 months ago

Uril has access to Aggravated Assault, which gives you a way to take down multiple opponents on the same turn. Just slap a Bear Umbra or Sword of Feast and Famine onto Uril and away you go. Sack effects aren't as rough on Uril if you run mana dorks like Elvish Mystic to help push him out quicker, since they can just be used as sac fodder to shield him.

With red you also gain more ways of dealing with blue if blue is common in the decks you play against. Spellbreaker Behemoth and Vexing Shusher make your commander harder to counter and there are cards like Red Elemental Blast if your meta is really blue heavy. Contested Cliffs worked out great in my old Uril deck. It lets Uril clear out a potential blocker, and I've used it with Spellbreaker Behemoth to deal with annoying creatures like Patron Wizard in Azami.

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