Nimble Obstructionist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Nimble Obstructionist

Creature — Bird Wizard

Cycling 2U (2U, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
When you cycle Nimble Obstructionist, counter target activated or triggered ability you don't control.

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Nimble Obstructionist Discussion

Dorotheus on Bacon LAZERS!!

3 weeks ago

Just need answers for Enchantment AND Artifact hate in the same card or ways to tempo those cards, probably Echoing Truth. I've been looking at Nimble Obstructionist and always have had Trickbind around for Relic of Progenitus and the etb of Rest in Peace, but as I usually don't play hard in blue or green I resort to letting them hit my yard, and just trying to resolve a Through the Breach (clearly that won't work), but maybe it'll give you other ideas for alternate ways to get your fatties into play.

Right now I'm testing Spirit Soul Bomb which goes even deeper on graveyard, maybe in an attempt to just get under the hate, early Obzedat, Ghost Council can do that sometimes alone, but I think Spell Quellers and Mausoleum Wanderers can still be a right pain in the ass.

TKDbeast on im a what

3 weeks ago

Interesting take, yet undeniably competitive.

I'm interested in hearing why you put Nimble Obstructionist in the maindeck, however. It seems more like a SB card to pull out in control matchups. It's sort of a dead card against other decks.

SeekerofSecrets on Izzet My Turn Yet?

3 weeks ago

I really like what you going for but I think that it needs to be refocused, Goblin Guide is really out of place, I think for your creatures I would run 4 titi, 4 peezy and then 2 Nimble Obstructionist or maybe a Crackling Drake as a 1 -1 split with obstructionist! I'm really excited to see it in modern as a izzet finisher!

Pyromancer Ascension is pretty out of place without a solid way to fill your yard, i would just drop it for 2 land

for your spells you should have at least 8-10 cantrips, 4 Serum Visions is a must, and then some combination of Opt, Thought Scour (if you switch to Logic Knot) and then maybe Chart a Course. to make room for this i would drop Deprive to a 2-3 of, Electrolyze to a 1-2, all of Ionize for 2 Logic Knot and then Risk Factor to a 2-3 of.

also i think that Forked Bolt should be Rift Bolt

Good luck! I hope that I was some help!

Advisorofdark on Muldrotha

3 weeks ago

If you want to protect yourself from graveyard hate, Siren Stormtamer and Nimble Obstructionist might do.

Embodiment of Spring is pretty terrible just because it suffers from summoning sickness, so you have to wait until your next turn to sac it and wait another round for the land to untap before you can even use the mana.

Durkle on U-Control

1 month ago

Blue mages unite.

So there's a couple things you should consider when making a list like this. The biggest thing is: Why are we playing mono blue and not splashing a color? What does mono blue let us do that we couldn't otherwise do with a splash? Currently you don't have a very good answer to that question, honestly. You're not actively benefiting from only playing 1 color, you're just nerfing yourself by limiting your options to interact.


There are a couple things you can do to make use of mono blue cards and mono islands. The first is making use of several copies of Disrupting Shoal. HIGHLY recommend this one. Excellent excellent card, but doesn't really have a home in modern. It fits best into this kind of shell naturally. Really catches people off guard.

The second thing is playing a couple copies of Vedalken Shackles. Honestly not the best suited card in modern right now (what with k commands and crazy fast clocks) but still a super solid card, at least deserves a place in the sideboard probably against goyf decks and such.

Tempest Djinn is also kind sweet as a finisher, but it's super unproven and probably too clunky.

..I'm about to just list off a bunch of random suggestions, feel free to ignore whichever ones you don't like.

I think Ancestral Visions is a trap in this deck. At least main. As a 4 of. At the end of the day, this is a tempo deck, and WILL struggle late game against decks that play more inherently powerful cards, so all this card is doing is trying to slow the bleeding. It's a very weak turn 1 play when you could be casting a delver or setting up with a serum visions or holding up spell snare, and it's an absolutely atrocious topdeck. I'd avoid this one in here. Just my own two cents.

Spreading Seas is a good card, but I don't like 4. They makes delvers harder to flip and you usually have to commit to tapping out on turn 2 to make the best use of them, which I personally don't like. Wouldn't be the worst thing ever to keep them, but its not like its filling the same role that it is in merfolk, where it gives your guys evasion and you can still be playing guys with vial while you tap out to cast spreading seas.

Psionic Blast is worth a consideration. Colorshifted Char is pretty sweet, and gives you some good interaction / game-ending potential. Alternatively I think even a Dismember or two would be kinda nice.

Embracing tempo, Vapor Snag is a card you probably want. It's like extra copies of remand but it's 1 mana, only works on creatures, and pings them instead of drawing. Super solid. Can also be used to save your own guys in a pinch.

Every creature you have right now is a wizard. You could consider trying Wizard's Retort and just getting to play the card Counterspell in modern. You might want to play a few more wizards to enable this plan, in which case you could consider playing Mutavault as a manland, and then stuff like maybe Nimble Obstructionist or even Baral, Chief of Compliance to give you a few more wizards. Baral is actually kinda sweet, he lets you cast Cryptic Command on turn 3, and then you even get to loot off of him.

Commandeer is absolutely hilarious in the sideboard. I know it looks like a weird edh staple or something, but try laughing at it when you steal a Karn and then exile their tron land with it. Absolutely silly card, definitely worth a slot or two imo.

Since you're playing fetches and stuff anyway to help enable JtMS, I feel like splashing a single Hallowed Fountain could actually be very nice. Gives you access to things like Stony Silence and Geist of Saint Traft postboard, which can give you a chance in your bad matchups. You could play Rest in Peace over relic as well.

And uh... I think that's all I've got. Hopefully there's some helpful stuff in there. Best of luck my blue brother

PB80 on Surrak test

1 month ago

Latest update.


Rampant Growth needed a test slot and mana curve and base allowed for this card out

Domri Rade just not productive enough

Burning-Tree Emissary again missing productivity

Aid from the Cowl like this card but just a little bit too slow for now

Acidic Slime one turn to slow for this current build

Void Winnower too slow, great card but by the time he is on the field I have either won or lost

Gaea's Blessing kozilek seems a better choice

Rite of Replication very productive but needed a slot for testing


Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Extra heavy hitter and anti deckburn

Vivien Reid nice deck filter, and toolbox, ult helps my smaller creatures a lot

Wheel of Fortune get to my cards and combo’s faster and disrupts my opponents

Windfall get to my cards and combo’s faster and disrupts my opponents

Nimble Obstructionist extra creature, extra draw option and combo counter

Voidslime combo counter

Disallow combo counter

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets extra toolbox and ult helps a lot.

Chainer_the_Dementia_Master on Let's Begin With Control...

1 month ago

Instead of grabbing another Hallowed Fountain, I'd focus on acquiring your Flooded Strands. I know they're more expensive, but personally I think it's the most important 4 of in the deck. Blood Moon is a very scary and relevant card, and one reason to play U/W is that it plays better around that card than Esper or Jeskai.

Would also like to recommend putting back your 4th Path to Exile. Especially in your build since you run Wall of Omens. Secret tech a lot of people forget is that you can path your own creature when you don't have any opposing targets.

Last one, I promise lol. Have you considered running Mana Leak until you get your cryptics over Disallow? I think Disallow is better in standard, but there aren't as many activated/triggered abilities that you want to counter so much as just prevent them from getting to that point in the first place by denying them resources (ex. Storm). It can save you, but I think Mana Leak is just better at preventing your opponents from getting there in the first place. Nimble Obstructionist is also an option, but I don't think it really fits your deck or I would've recommended that instead.

GoblinsBeatElves on Wizards

1 month ago

I would say maybe to take out Spellweaver Eternal. That seems like a bit more of a wizard for Standard, and is a little bit underpowered in Modern. Another suggestion that totally slipped my mind earlier is Stormchaser Mage. Haste, flying and prowess on a decent body make that card one of the best budget wizards.

Here’s the changes I would make:

-4 Spellweaver Eternal -1 Siren Stormtamer -1 Nimble Obstructionist

+3 Stormchaser Mage +2 Sage of Epityr +1 Wee Dragonauts

Then again, I’m a casual player and not that experienced with decks like this, so that’s just what I would do.

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