Nimble Obstructionist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Nimble Obstructionist

Creature — Bird Wizard

Cycling 2U (2U, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
When you cycle Nimble Obstructionist, counter target activated or triggered ability you don't control.

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Nimble Obstructionist Discussion

MrJohny on Bloodwater Entity vs Nimble Obstructionist ...

2 days ago

sylvannos so Monastery Swiftspear was in my original list but with the amount of counters that i play i just don't get the same value out of prowes it in this shell. We play a game more similar to U snapdelverthing than a traditional delver list.

Thanks for showing me Squelch! It's a solid card but at the moment i think i prefer Nimble Obstructionist simply because during my opponents turn we can flash him in and really not hold us back. I also largely play against budget lists so i don't see allot of fetches.But when i actually go to an FNM I'll make a side board and ill have to add Squelch. But i could also see myself switching them out, I'll just have to see how additional testing goes.

Also surprisingly I've never had a problem hitting 4-5 mana. I think this is because of the lack of fetches so we naturally have more mana to hit, but we also have a much stronger draw package than the original delver (in my opinion). Between Serum Visions, Opt, Chart a Course and Bedlam Reveler we can dig VERY deep to find what we need.

sylvannos on Bloodwater Entity vs Nimble Obstructionist ...

2 days ago

Yeah Cryptic Serpent seems sweet. I'm surprised that you're not playing Monastery Swiftspear though? Is this just not good in Delver anymore?

Otherwise, I think I'd rather have Squelch over Bloodwater Entity or Nimble Obstructionist. Nimble Obstructionist, but it's not as good if you're on the play. You go land -> cantrip/Delver of Secrets  Flip, your opponent plays a fetch and passes, you play a land on your turn. At the end of your turn, they try to fetch and you Squelch. Now they're down to 0 lands, your Delver of Secrets  Flip has possibly flipped, and things are looking really bad for the opponent.

Nimble Obstructionist can't cycle until turn 3, and that's a lot of mana for a tempo deck on 20 lands. Your 3-drop slots are better taken up by equipment and Electrolyze.

MrJohny on Delving for umm someTHING

3 days ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd Thanks for all the input! As always you've given me allot to think about. For know i think I'm going to keep delver. The way I've been playing it has to delver turn one and then thing around turn 3/4. I've been using thing as more of a win more or a way to regain control against creature decks so normally once i flip it delver has already done the necessary damage to close the game or more likely already been dealt with. I've also seen some delverthing decks post some decent records according to MTG gold fish so I do have some faith in the strategy.

Now as i get more comfortable with the deck and play some stronger lists there's a solid chance that i could switch delver for swift spear, it really just depends on how i like the feel.

Aslo how to feel about Bloodwater Entity or Nimble Obstructionist in replace of Young Pyromancer? I'm really on the fence about it, i feel like either could add some extra value to the build

MrJohny on Bloodwater Entity vs Nimble Obstructionist ...

3 days ago

I've been playing a budget delver variant (Delving for umm someTHING). I have been running both Thing in the Ice  Flip and Young Pyromancer in same deck just and it just hasn't been working for me.

I feel like thing better fits my shell so i want to replace young pyro. My initial thought was to find something with a good ETB affect so it can gain value with Thing in the Ice  Flip. Of course Snapcaster Mage is the obvious choice, but I just cant afford him,

My next thought was either Bloodwater Entity or Nimble Obstructionist.

entity provides a snap like affect, and as a 2/2 prowes flyer could be a clock.

Nimble Obstructionist on the other hand gives us an additional control affect and another good clock.

I would run either one as a 3 of and up delver back to 4!

Also any advice on my list would be appreciated, i feel like its pretty solid with my budget restraints but it can always be improved

TheAlexGnan on UB Living End (GP Lyon 2018)

6 days ago

i haven't been following the archetype that closely, but this deck looks like it dilutes the archetype's goal a lot.Nimble Obstructionist seems terrible for example. you cant cast it off As Foretold to use its ability because that's only triggered when cycling. you also run less cyclers than other lists which makes your win condition somewhat unreliable.

also in a list that wants to win the turn after it combos off, isn't remand just strictly better than leak?

these are just spobtanous thoughts when looking at you list :)

xyr0s on

1 week ago

Dewdrop Spy seems to be simply too weak - it doesn't generate any card advantage, it just lets you look at one card. How about Nimble Obstructionist instead? The problem about levelling creatures in a tempo deck, is that you have to spend mana in your own turn. Take Transcendent Master as an example - it's going to take a lot of mana (6, to be exact), before that really is anything better than the standard fare for 3/3 creatures in modern. You could also consider Reflector Mage in that slot.

mmmm.... looking a bit longer at it: Levelling is actually almost the greatest anti-tempo you can find. First of all, redundant copies are just that - redundant. You can't level more than one Lighthouse Chronologist or whatever, in the scope of a normal game. Second, removal is a real issue, since you lose quite a bit of tempo if you have to Vapor Snag a creature back to your own hand (against some decks, that happens quite a lot - grixis control, for example). And lose even more, if a creature is levelled, and then removed as you declare the last level-counter on the stack. You need some other kind of protection, and fewer creatures to protect, perhaps. That could be something like Gods Willing.

Time of Heroes is not all that great, either. Due to the cost of both playing AND levelling a creature, before it gets any bonus from Time of Heroes, you will have fewer creatures to receive the bonus... and that reduces the utility of the enchantment.

xyr0s on rogue tribal

2 weeks ago

Yup. 3 cmc counterspells are in general too expensive (Cryptic Command is an exception, along with the budget-version Ojutai's Command, but that's because they provide additional value). Maybe you could play Remand and have Squelch in sideboard? Or Nimble Obstructionist (even though it's horribly lacking in the rogueishness).

I think Despise should be Duress instead, and go up to a full set.

Rabid_Wombat on Ultimate Cycling Zur!

3 weeks ago

Necropotence replaced with Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip...exiling cards screws with the graveyard recursion which is a big part of the deck.

Timetwister replaced with Nimble Obstructionist as it was often helping my opponents more than myself and is simply now too expensive to risk it being stolen at my dodgy LGS. The Nimble Obstructionist has been surprisingly good at countering triggers and has saved the precious Fluctuator on more than one occasion!

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