Nimble Obstructionist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Nimble Obstructionist

Creature — Bird Wizard

Cycling 2U (2U, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
When you cycle Nimble Obstructionist, counter target activated or triggered ability you don't control.

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Nimble Obstructionist Discussion

SeekerofSecrets on Abnormal Harmony

6 days ago


So with these midrange type lists I tend to drop the 4th Delver of Secrets  Flip, delver is a solid turn 1 play but I hate seeing it late game. I also don't feel that is quite as vital with this set up

I have to agree that this deck is having am identity crisis. I have this unorthodox desire to play both tempo and midrange at the same time....... I love the early pressure of tempo and the grindy long game of midange and I'm trying to find that ballance. I'm not sure if it's possible but I hope I can.

I have to agree about Lingering Souls and Spell Queller. If I continue to try and find that middle ground I think I need to go with queller. I'm not sure what to fill that spot with? maybe 2 Secure the Wastes and possible Nimble Obstructionist? It probably eventually needs to be Vendilion Clique

I actually started testing today and I'm pretty comfortably with running 5 discard in Inquisition of Kozilek and Esper Charm along with sum number of removal and counter package. I think that I am to counter heavy but I don't think that I could bring myself to pull them all out.

for changes I think I'm going to pull 1 Logic Knot, Murderous Cut, 1 Mana Leak, Lingering Souls, Stubborn Denial 1 Drowned Catacomb, 1 Glacial Fortress

for 3 Path to Exile, Spell Snare, 2 Secure the Wastes, 1 Nimble Obstructionist and 2 Field of Ruin

I honestly haven't put much thought into the side, I wanted to buy it in paper and play a few matches at my lgs before making it

I'll test from here see how it feels!

Thanks for the input!

ChaosNomad on Tetsuko Flying Men

1 week ago

Heyo, you made a comment on my iteration of my deck on MTGS, and I thought I could share the kindness. I have a copy of my deck on here, but I'm striving for active feedback, and Tappedout is not always the best place for such things.

I would probably replace something with a Gilded Drake. It comes down earlier than Control Magic. You can bounce Drake with a Mistblade Shinobi, or Cephalid Constable. It's a permanent shift, so they can't use Enchantment removal to retrieve it. Finally, your general helps get around the drake on their end.

Military Intelligence should replace a 2-Drop. It often times works as cheaper and less efficient Coastal Piracy, yet it's a 2 drop that can often draw 5-6 extra cards a game.

Finally, I've noticed you're much heavier in the Counter-suite than me, but you're really lacking in ways to Counter abilities. I would probably drop a card for Stifle, and a creature for Nimble Obstructionist . Both play into your counter heavy strategy. Granted, they can help nullify planeswalker, etb, on cast, etc. You don't seem to have that much to mitigate those effects.

Thanks again for your help, if you want to share ideas feel free to send me a message. I love deck theorizing, but it make take me a bit to get back.

ColFrogfoot on Adeliz Wizard Aggro

1 week ago

@Roy78925 Thanks for the suggestions. I might think of 2 Spellweavers over Crash Through not sure though. I have no real use for Baral since countering and reducing spell costs is not in the plan really. Chandra's Defeat is a pretty good SB card though I agree. I dont know what I want to be countering with Nimble Obstructionist as I already am bringing in 4 Spell Pierce against God-Pharaoh's Gift

Roy78925 on Adeliz Wizard Aggro

1 week ago

This looks like a pretty solid list. I don't have insult on mine, but definitely going to try it.

One card I have really liked in my list that you don't run is Spellweaver Eternal. I originally didn't have it, but through testing, made t a a 4 of. I think you should at least consider it.

In terms of sideboard, I have been having similar issues. Any changes you make just slow the deck down pretty much so it's really hard to have a sideboard for this. I do really like Nimble Obstructionist. Wizard's retort and baral probably aren't bad in the sideboard either, but I agree definitely not mainboard, and I can easily see it not in the sideboard either.


3 weeks ago

Merfolk Trickster could probably be cut down to 2 copies; I might cut both copies of Nimble Obstructionist . Maybe take out one of Siren Stormtamer and/or Soul-Scar Mage because the ability doesn't stack (I think.) I would add Baral, Chief of Compliance while you're at it. Keep in mind, I haven't playtested this, but at a glance, that's what I'd do.

xyr0s on Bystander Mode Activate

3 weeks ago

Isn't it simpler to play Curse of Exhaustion, than the jace + eidolon combo? The combo is too slow for modern, definitely. And I haven't seen Curse of Exhaustion played, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Most likely, though, is that the decks that play a bunch of things in the same turn, all do so very early - before you can get any lock on them.

There's a somewhat similar synergy, just with drawing cards. Mikokoro, Center of the Sea or Temple Bell and Spirit of the Labyrinth - activate mikokoro/bell in your opponents turn, and watch them not draw a card while you fill your hand turn after turn. Again, I haven't seen this played, but then, I haven't looked for it either.

The creature emphasis in modern is largely due to a change in the way creatures are made now, versus 15 or 20 years ago: They do a whole lot more. Almost all the things you'd earlier get in a spell, now can be done with a creature (I still remember seeing Man-o'-War out of a visions-booster and thinking that it looked... oddly strong): Ramp a land - Sakura-Tribe Elder. Draw a card - Elvish Visionary. Counter a spell - Cursecatcher or Judge's Familiar. Counter an activated ability - Nimble Obstructionist. And so on and on. Much of this was played similar in effect, but as spells back in the pre-modern days, and if you got stuck with a Stifle in your hand, you had to wait for something to use it on, where its modern counterpart (Nimble Obstructionist) also can be used as a beatstick. It keeps the game flowing, because you have more options. This is exactly what you've hit with Spell Queller - as you said, worst case, it's still a 2/3 creature. It takes a bit of getting used to this new style, particularly when you run into a deck like death & taxes, which is capable of playing a pretty controlling game, but is almost only creatures, since back in the day, control meant bunches of spells and perhaps some prison pieces and almost no creatures at all.

You'll most likely end up with a more tempo-oriented UW deck, since the UW control builds are horribly expensive (you could try to build a budget version, but that is really bad), but there's plenty of cards and strategies to choose from even so. Also, there's also a funny, slightly more budget-friendly deck that feels more controlling - UW emeria: I've played against it quite a few times, and it's a blast both for the pilot and opponent.

beakedbard on Wizards' Bargain Basement (DOM)

1 month ago

My creature decklist is very similar to yours except i have no Enigma Drake and i have Merfolk Trickster instead of Slither Blade i mean we even have the same number of Adeliz and Baral oh and i'm in and out with Nimble Obstructionist he's in the side atm. There is still half a set to come out yet so hopefully something better fits in the two drop slot i don't like the double U in the merfolks cost. I was looking at Naban myself but unfortunately nothing really works with him that well in this kind of deck unless you change the deck quite a lot. I was half tempted to add him as a 1x so i could justify running Jaya's Immolating Inferno as an end game plan. It really just depends on what else we get to support wizards really.

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