Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives


If an effect would create one or more tokens under your control, it creates twice that many tokens instead.

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Parallel Lives Discussion

Gidgetimer on Tokens of parallel lives

5 days ago

You would make two tokens. Replacement effects (like on Parallel Lives) must exist when the event they are replacing happens. The tokens are not yet on the board when the event creating them happens, so they can not replace it.

If you again make a token with the three Parallel Lives out, you will create 8 times as many tokens as the effect makes. Each replacement effect can only replace the same event once.

Neotrup on Tokens of parallel lives

5 days ago

You'd get two token Parallel Lives. Parallel Lives ability is a replacement effect, not a triggered ability, so it never triggers. Replacement effects on permanents entering the battlefield only apply if they only effect that permanent (such as Snowfield Sinkhole entering tapped or Kalonian Hydra entering with counters). Replacement effects that apply to a general subset of permanents that include the one it's printed on don't apply to itself entering (Orb of Dreams enters untapped). The token Parallel Lives will attempt to enter, see the original, and two will be created instead. They're created simultaneously, so neither are around to effect the other, nor can they effect themselves.

hiddengibbons on Tokens of parallel lives

5 days ago

A friend of mine and I were discussing what happens when you turn Parallel Lives into a creature through Opalescence or some other means and then make a token copy of it with Cackling Counterpart. I thought that you would just get 2 parallel lives creature tokens. He thought that the tokens entering the battlefield would trigger on themselves to make infinite tokens. Who is correct?

DawnsRayofLight on Bant tokens

1 week ago

With all the instants and sorceries you're running you could use Deekah, Fractal Theorist, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Metallurgic Summonings, and Shark Typhoon

Doubling Season and Parallel Lives will help creating more tokens.

Craterhoof Behemoth and Finale of Devastation should offer some other win cons.

Some honest advice, the list seems like it is trying to do too much, it looks like a tempo build but tokens wants to put out as many tokens as fast as possible, blue offers you some other protection you can use in the form of counterspells and white can give them some protection like Teferi's Protection. You could still make due with some of the above suggestions and add some instant and sorcery token generators like Entreat the Angels, though your general would prefer you to run more creatures that can generate tokens.

Krom3 on [EDH] Volo, Anti-Tribe

1 week ago

Seems fun the only issue is that Guardian Project Parallel Lives and Doubling Season all don't work with Volo so you can save yourself some money on them lol

Mortlocke on I Hope You Like Slivers

3 weeks ago

A "copy legion" themed Sliver deck seems like an awesome idea that I would love to help come into fruition. Copy spells that I think would be all-stars in this deck would be:

  • Reflections of Littjara: This card would likely be the heavy lifter for copy effects. It's a triggered ability that only requires you to cast stuff, which you really want to do in this deck.
  • Rite of Replication: This is a big splashy spell that can really get your army going. A good target for this spell would be Predatory Sliver, and Muscle Sliver.
  • Clone Legion: Seems like a good clone spell
  • Double Major: Seems like a good clone spell
  • Quasiduplicate: Seems like a good clone spell
  • Stolen Identity: Seems like a good clone spell
  • Mystic Reflection: This spell is interesting because when changing a creature an opponent casts to a Sliver (like their commander), you could just outright steal it using your commander's second ability.

Additional cards i'd suggest are:

  • Panharmonicon: Doubling copy triggered abilities always seems like a good idea.

  • Parallel Lives/Anointed Procession: All of the previously suggested copy/clone spells make token creatures. So, why not double the number of tokens made?

That's it off the top of my head. Honestly i've never seen a copy focused Sliver deck. This seems exciting! I'll be watching your list as it grows and changes.

EVENcast on A Monster’s Guide to Volo [Primer]

1 month ago

Thanks mjcurry2! Esix, Fractal Bloom is an awesome card, and an amazing commander too. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Volo for the same reason Doubling Season and Parallel Lives don’t work. Due to the wording of the rules text “a copy of a creature becomes a token”, this doesn’t count as creating a creature token, so it won’t trigger Esix. Thanks for the comment!

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