Mindbreak Trap

Mindbreak Trap

Instant — Trap

If an opponent cast three or more spells this turn, you may pay {{0}} rather than pay Mindbreak Trap's mana cost.

Exile any number of target spells.

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Mindbreak Trap Discussion

MagicMarc on Blue players

3 months ago

This might be a lock:

How about I have Arcane Lighthouse , Omniscience and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage 's emblem in play.

I have Wipe Away and Mindbreak Trap in hand.

I have 1 copy of Storm Crow in play.

Before your end of turn, I use Wipe Away to put all of your permanents in your hand. I then let you end your turn. As it also happens, I can do this to an infinite number of permanents and opponents in the same turn. It's free to cast and when it hits the yard I get it back to my hand. I can do this forever.

On my turn, I hit you for 1 with my Storm Crow and end my turn.

For the rest of the game I exile anything you cast from the game with Mindbreak Trap . I can also cast this for free and forever. This even stops spells that cant be countered. And they don't go to your graveyard so you never see them again. And before your turn ends I return to your hand any lands you managed to put on the table with Wipe Away .

At some point, my Storm Crow will kill you.

Oof_Magic on A Quest for Power: Unrestricting …

6 months ago

Mindbreak Trap is proving to be a really solid maindeck contributor to keeping slower decks alive. Decks with top end card engines like Yawgmoth's Bargain , and Bolas's Citadel make great use of a heavier density of counters by having a few big draw engines to give it all the gas at once rather than sequentially. Could slow and resilient be the way forward over speed and consistency? I’ve been eating more Ls from this stupid card. But I find this is probably a good thing. While I have no barrier between myself and the ‘best deck’ with Restrictions lifted. That said, to make a legitimate case for a format takes some level of diversity in the meta to attract a player base. I don’t want a deck that beats everyone all the time. I’m fine with deck winning on turn 1. But we all want a format where there is more than mirror matches. I continue to see promising signs that diversity is possible. Whether there’s enough diversity is a whole other matter. I’d like to get more stories, data, and records from the community.

Devouver on Rayami, First to Fall

1 year ago

You are too dependent on your commander. Once it's is cared of, you have no way to win. Controls, decks with lots of responses will deal with this easily. If you want to play this successfully, you should consider to throw in some kind of slow downs like:

To be able to protect you commander against uncounterable spells:

Spells to change:

Try a way to throw in a Ashnod's Altar. It will speed you up.

Oof_Magic on

1 year ago

I encountered a Squirrel Nest deck of all things. It had a bunch of other enchantments including Worship, Mirri's Guile, and Beastmaster Ascension. True jank. But we split games though. Jank sometimes plays on a different axis. I said to someone “A Standard deck is going to shrug off your Chalices and Null Rods.” That isn’t to demean or diminish the deck. Hey! Whatever wins wins and I’m on a quest to find the winningest winner. You get tunnel vision on the format and eventually someone’s gonna come right up to your face, look at it, and give it a solid whack. So I’m sitting on Mindbreak Trap and Misdirection while he’s being me with his 5/6 Birds of Paradise. But it was a split so I got my scalp too.

Oof_Magic on

1 year ago

Lost a Bo1 to a Paradoxical Outcome Vault/Key deck with Goblin Charbelcher as a finisher. For a control deck I did not make a good keep with Mental Misstep and Mindbreak Trap on the draw. I got through an initial Belcher on turn 1 and followed up with a Tinkered Blightsteel Colossus, leaving only my Misstep left to protect the turn. The opponent was able to Outcome the following turn into mana, Time Vault and Tinker for Voltaic Key. Bad keep on my part but a fun game for what it was. I didn’t get to asking why he had a 72 card deck.

Oof_Magic on

1 year ago

I can see a case for it. Idea. A dedicated control shell with Tinker and Show and Tell backed by all the best counters? Then you can control you way to combat rather than combo. Pack the deck with Commandeer, Misdirection, Forces, Mindbreak Trap, Leylines, etc.

Oof_Magic on A Quest for Power: Unrestricting …

1 year ago


In defense on the consistency of +7 Storm, there is quite incredible consistency in the sheer redundancy of the effect. If we’re just looking at goldfishing consistency, it’s actually pretty impressive how smooth it keeps the wheels spinning. That doesn’t discount the argument of giving counters to your opponent. Just to say that it doesn’t stumble over itself that frequently. Echo of Eons is a fantastic spinner that is best pals with LED and thrives off being discarded by earlier wheels. The deck can fizzle in goldfishing but that’s really rare. Like exiling three named Demonic Consultation targets in your top six and finding the last on the bottom kind of rare.

Just pray your opponent doesn’t have Mindbreak Trap!

I’m not a Vintage officionado but I do think there’s space for a format over Vintage. I certainly hope I’m not conveying advocacy for removing the Restricted List. I think there’s space for safe Vintage (Legacy), Vintage, and unsafe Vintage (UV).

Keep on the mill out idea. I know there’s Paradigm Shift as well and plenty of ways to get the mill. Are there enough redundant mill out conditions (Oracle, Maniac, Jace)? I don’t know. So far, I’m having trouble assembling traditional one-meets-two combo with consistency. I think Doomsday sets up Oracle to win independently which is likely better than trying to get two separate pieces together.

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